What Happened To Flipoutz After Shark Tank?

Flipoutz was a company founded in 2010 with the goal of helping children learn about money management.

The founders pitched their idea on Shark Tank, where they received an investment from Mark Cuban to help grow the business.

Since then, the question has been raised: what happened to Flipoutz after Shark Tank?

This article will explore this topic and discuss how this product evolved over time.

Flipoutz was designed as a wearable technology device that monitored spending habits and provided rewards for positive behaviors.

It also sought to encourage healthy financial behavior by allowing parents to track their child’s progress through a mobile application.

With its unique approach to teaching finance, it quickly gained traction among tech-savvy families who wanted an easier way to keep tabs on their kids’ finances.

Through extensive marketing campaigns and partnerships, Flipoutz became well known in the United States and abroad.

The Shark Tank Investment

In 2013, Flipoutz was featured on the ABC television show Shark Tank. The company had developed a product which used custom coins to track user goals and achievements in a social media setting. Their goal was to increase brand awareness and introduce their unique concept of reward tracking for children.

On the show, they received an offer from investors Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec; however, no deal was ultimately made as both parties could not agree on financial terms. Despite not receiving an investment from the Sharks, Flipoutz still benefitted greatly from its appearance on the show.

Immediately following their episode airing, Flipoutz saw dramatic increases in website visits and overall brand awareness. Reports indicated that traffic surged by over 500%, with more than 35 million hits resulting within one day of broadcast. Additionally, new customers flocked to purchase custom Flipoutz coins and merchandise at unprecedented levels.

The exposure provided by Shark Tank gave Flipoutz invaluable resources that would have otherwise been unavailable if it were not for the program’s platform. This surge in attention allowed them to focus more intently on increasing production capabilities while also expanding their presence across multiple digital channels such as email marketing campaigns and working with influencers within the industry.

Flipoutz’s Unique Selling Point

  1. Flipoutz was a unique technology platform developed to encourage children to stay active and healthy by rewarding them with badges and points.

  2. The innovative rewards system used by Flipoutz was designed to make physical activity fun and educational for children.

  3. The interactive technology platform allowed users to track their progress, set goals, and interact with other users.

  4. Flipoutz had a lot of success after appearing on Shark Tank, with sales steadily increasing and the company expanding internationally.

  5. The company was eventually sold to a private equity firm in 2013, but the innovative rewards system and interactive technology platform remain popular with children today.

  6. Flipoutz’s unique selling point was the way it combined fun and educational activities with the use of an interactive technology platform.

Innovative Rewards System

Flipoutz, a company which had previously appeared on Shark Tank and was subsequently acquired by Mindspark Interactive Network in 2012, uniquely marketed itself through its innovative rewards system.

This system allowed users to collect different points or coins while engaging with their social network and playing online games, making it attractive for children. Through gamification tactics that encouraged social engagement, Flipoutz provided an enjoyable platform for children to interact with family and friends as well as compete for rewards.

The strategy proved successful initially, resulting in substantial growth following the acquisition from Mindspark Interactive Network. However over time, despite the introduction of new features such as tracking progress towards goals, this success began to wane due mainly to increased competition from other players in the industry.

As a result the popularity of Flipoutz has declined since its appearance on Shark Tank; however some loyal customers remain committed to collecting and redeeming coins via the app.

In today’s market there is no shortage of reward-based apps vying for attention. Despite being among one of the first companies offering such services, Flipoutz has been unable to maintain its competitive edge leading to decreased user loyalty and interest overall.

Fun And Educational

Flipoutz’s unique selling point is their fun and educational offerings. The company has combined the use of rewards systems with interactive games to create a learning experience that not only entertains but educates as well.

Their app includes educational games such as trivia, math, language, and science which are designed to help children learn in an engaging way while also earning rewards for completing each level.

Furthermore, users can track their progress towards goals set within the app, providing additional motivation to continue playing and learning. By incorporating elements of competition and reward into their platform, Flipoutz creates an enjoyable yet educational platform for kids.

This combination of entertainment and education makes it one of the most sought-after apps amongst parents looking for ways to keep their kids engaged without sacrificing on quality or engagement.

Interactive Technology Platform

Flipoutz’s unique selling point is further enhanced by its interactive technology platform, which provides users with a variety of options to engage and interact.

Not only does the app offer educational games such as trivia, math, language, and science for entertainment purposes; but it also allows users to access branded merchandise, join online communities and track their progress towards goals set within the app.

This combination of features encourages active involvement in both learning and interacting while providing rewards when goals are achieved.

Additionally, Flipoutz’s platform offers an engaging environment where children can learn without sacrificing on quality or engagement while having fun at the same time.

Expansion Into International Markets

Flipoutz had a unique selling point that made it stand out in the Shark Tank, and this uniqueness also extended to its potential for expansion into international markets.

With an innovative product idea that could be easily adapted around the world, Flipoutz was well positioned to become a global brand.

The company leveraged social media to help build their brand recognition and create awareness about their products on an international scale.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms were used to post creative content featuring the various bracelets offered by Flipoutz.

This included short videos of customers wearing their customized bracelets as well as promotional campaigns encouraging people to share photos and stories about their experiences with Flipoutz products.

Additionally, strategic collaborations with influencers from different countries helped spread the word further and gave credibility to Flipoutz’s mission of inspiring children all over the world through meaningful rewards.

By creating engaging digital content tailored specifically for each market they entered, Flipoutz built strong relationships with new consumers while establishing themselves as a trusted name in reward-based learning systems.

The Move To Wearable Technology

Smartwatches have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many tech companies leading the way in the development of these devices.

Fitness trackers, which are used to measure physical activity and monitor fitness goals, have also seen a surge in demand.

Wearable devices, such as augmented reality glasses and smart clothing, are also beginning to come onto the market.

The move towards wearable technology is a growing trend, with many companies investing in research and development in this area.

Flipoutz, a startup that appeared on Shark Tank in 2013, was a pioneer in the wearable technology trend.

However, the company experienced financial difficulties and eventually closed in 2016.


The rise of wearable technology has created a new market for small, interactive devices. One particular type of device that is gaining popularity with consumers is smartwatches. Smart watches are wrist-worn devices that allow users to interact and collect data without the use of their hands. Smartwatches can be used to track fitness goals, provide notifications on incoming calls or messages, and even access social media apps.

In addition to smartwatches, manufacturers have also developed “smart jewelry” such as interactive badges which provide additional functionality in terms of fashion and convenience.

FlipOutz was one company that sought to capitalize on this trend when it appeared on Shark Tank in 2011. FlipOutz were colorful plastic charms designed to connect to an online account where they could save money coins earned while tracking physical activities like walking or running. Initially, FlipOutz was seen as promising product but its app struggled with user engagement due largely to technical issues preventing customers from accessing their accounts. Eventually these difficulties led investors away from FlipOutz and the company ceased operations shortly thereafter.

Although FlipOutz ultimately failed, its introduction into the market helped pave the way for other types of wearables including more advanced versions of smartwatch accessories such as activity tracker bands and smart jewelry items like interactive badges with embedded sensors capable of measuring various biometrics like heart rate and blood oxygen levels. As consumer demand continues to increase for more sophisticated wearables, companies will continue developing products that offer enhanced performance and features at competitive prices.

Fitness Trackers

As the market for wearable technology has become increasingly popular with consumers, fitness trackers have emerged as a key product.

Fitness trackers are devices that can measure and analyze data collected from physical activities such as walking or running.

These small electronic gadgets provide users with an easy way to monitor their progress and set goals while providing real-time feedback through visualizations of their performance data.

With features like step tracking, calorie counting, sleep monitoring, and heart rate analysis, these devices help users gain insights into how they are performing in terms of health and exercise.

The user experience is one of the most important aspects in determining whether a device is successful or not.

In order to ensure success, companies must create products that deliver on customer expectations from both a design standpoint and in terms of functionality.

This includes ensuring the device provides accurate readings when collecting activity data as well as making sure it is intuitive and visually appealing to use.

Additionally, manufacturers should strive to develop software platforms with powerful analytics capabilities which enable customers to better interpret the data being captured by their device so that meaningful decisions can be made based upon this information.

Overall, fitness trackers represent a growing segment within the wearables market due largely to its appeal among those looking for an effective way to keep tabs on their health and wellness.

As companies continue to refine existing designs while introducing new models capable of measuring more sophisticated biometric metrics, this field looks poised for further growth moving forward.

Wearable Devices

The transition to wearable technology is an important development in the technology industry as it provides consumers with unprecedented access to data about their physical activities.

While fitness trackers emerged as one of its most popular products, other types of wearables have also come into play such as remote tracking devices and smart watches which can be used for a variety of different purposes.

Furthermore, companies are exploring ways to integrate social media platforms into these devices so that users can easily share their experiences with friends and family members.

By doing this, manufacturers hope to expand the reach of these gadgets beyond just health-related applications by giving their customers more options when it comes to staying connected.

With further innovation in terms of both hardware and software capabilities, wearable devices will continue to become increasingly sophisticated tools for monitoring our lives.

Growth Through Partnerships

Flipoutz, the wearable rewards system designed to encourage and reward positive behavior in children, had a successful Shark Tank appearance in 2012. After appearing on the show, Flipoutz received an investment from Kevin O’Leary for $200,000.

With this additional funding, Flipoutz was able to expand its reach through strategic partnerships with corporations like Sony Pictures Entertainment, NFL teams such as The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers, and even celebrities like Justin Bieber.

As part of these collaborations, they were also able to leverage their partners’ networks to gain access to new customers. This gave them increased exposure while providing networking opportunities that enabled them to further develop key relationships within the industry.

By leveraging tactical collaboration through strategic partnerships and utilizing networking opportunities provided by larger brands, Flipoutz was able to increase brand recognition and provide greater value for their customers. These initiatives allowed Flipoutz to make great strides towards achieving success following their time on Shark Tank.

The Launch Of The Flipoutz Mobile App

Flipoutz, the startup that appeared on Shark Tank in 2011 and was funded by Mark Cuban, had a unique concept of creating wristbands with embedded chips to award gamified rewards and allow peer to peer transactions. Despite its initial success, Flipoutz ceased operations in 2014 due to several factors.

However, the company found new life when it relaunched as a mobile app in 2017. The aim of this application was to bring back the original concept of awarding points for completing tasks, but also introduce additional benefits such as motivation tracking and social networking. In addition, users were able to earn real-world rewards through accomplishments tracked within the app.

The launch of the Flipoutz mobile app provided many advantages compared to its previous version:

  • User Experience:

  • Intuitive navigation between menus and functions

  • Engaging graphics with colorful designs

  • Accessibility:

  • Available on both Android & iOS devices

  • Free download from App Store & Google Play store

The use of sophisticated programming combined with enhanced user experience enabled more people around the world access Flipoutz’s services without any restrictions or barriers. This ensured Flipoutz remains one of the top apps offering gamified rewards and peer-to-peer transactions even today.

The Increase In Popularity

After appearing on Shark Tank, Flipoutz saw a great increase in popularity. The brand gained more exposure from the millions of viewers that tuned in to watch their episode when it aired in 2013.

This newfound attention translated into an uptick in sales and brand loyalty within the target demographic – primarily youth ages 8-14. Flipoutz also benefited from increased social media presence as users posted pictures of their collections online.

As the company became better known, its products were featured in magazines and news outlets around the world. Many celebrities even got involved by wearing or promoting them publicly. The success of Flipoutz was short-lived however; due to changes in technology and competition with similar apps, the company went out of business shortly after appearing on Shark Tank.

Despite this setback, many fans still fondly remember the product and value the memories it created for them growing up.

The Challenges Faced By Flipoutz

The meteoric rise of Flipoutz, from a simple idea to one of the most talked about companies on Shark Tank was nothing short of remarkable. It seemed as if their success would be unstoppable, but what followed was a cautionary tale that highlighted the challenging landscape in which businesses must navigate.

It started with an unexpected drop in sales and overall brand loyalty. Despite aggressive marketing efforts, including expanding product lines and offering discounts, customers just weren’t buying it anymore. The company’s failure to recognize changing consumer trends had left them behind the competition in terms of innovation and market share.

This led to further losses and eventually forced them out of business. Flipoutz may have failed to reach its full potential due to these challenges, yet there is no denying the massive impact they made during their short time in operation. They showed that with proper planning and attention to detail, even small startups can make a name for themselves within a competitive industry.

The Future Of Flipoutz

Flipoutz, Inc. is a social media platform that focuses on encouraging positive peer influence and creating an environment for users to share their experiences with their peers.

After appearing on the ABC show Shark Tank in 2013, Flipoutz experienced a rapid growth in its user base. The company was able to capitalize off of this surge in popularity by utilizing popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote their brand and products.

The founders of Flipoutz were able to use the boost they received from the show to create partnerships with major corporations including Coca-Cola, Toys ‘R’ Us, Target, JCPenney and many others. These deals allowed them to place their product in stores across the United States and increased brand recognition among younger consumers who had seen them on television or through online advertisements.

In addition, they also developed several mobile applications which could be used both online and offline depending upon what type of device the customer owned.

Despite these successes however, Flipoutz ultimately failed due to lack of capital investment and bad timing when it came to entering into new markets. With competition from other companies providing similar services flooding the market at around the same time as well as changing consumer tastes moving away from physical merchandise towards digital goods meant that Flipoutz’s business model became increasingly unsustainable over time.

As a result, in 2019 it was announced that Flipoutz would cease operations after six years since its founding date.


The future of Flipoutz was uncertain after the Shark Tank appearance. Despite failing to make a deal, they were determined to continue on with their mission and find success in the market.

The founders set off with an ambitious plan to take advantage of modern digital marketing techniques such as social media. Flipoutz invested heavily into their online presence and found immediate success when they made it onto Yahoo’s homepage and gained traction from thereon out.

Through creative use of hashtags and other content creation strategies, the company managed to capture more eyeballs than ever before. With viral videos, clever tweets, and engaging posts, Flipoutz began seeing tremendous growth across all platforms.

By utilizing modern tactics for digital marketing, Flipoutz has been able to increase its visibility significantly over time. Although starting small, this company has grown exponentially since appearing on Shark Tank and is now considered one of the leading innovators in youth education technology. Their unique approach towards marketing has allowed them to maintain a steady upward trajectory which shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.


In conclusion, Flipoutz had a unique concept that attracted the attention of Shark Tank investors and allowed them to expand into international markets. Despite their successes in global expansion, wearables technology and partnerships, troubles arose for the company when attempting to increase its popularity.

Though there have been some challenges faced by Flipoutz over time, it appears that the company is still going strong with plans for continued growth. It remains an example of how a new idea can take off even after facing setbacks along the way – something all entrepreneurs should strive for.

Ultimately, this proves that passion and tenacity are key elements required to make dreams come true regardless of market trends or investor expectations.

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