What Happened To Fort Magic After Shark Tank?

Fort Magic was a building system for children that had been featured on the popular television show Shark Tank.

After appearing on the show, Fort Magic experienced strong growth in sales and became one of the most successful products from the show.

Despite this success, however, there has been little information about what happened to Fort Magic after its appearance on Shark Tank.

This article seeks to explore what followed after Fort Magic’s debut on Shark Tank and how it has fared since then.

Through an examination of reports by various media outlets as well as interviews with company representatives, this article will provide insight into the current status of Fort Magic.

Overview Of Fort Magic

Fort Magic is an award-winning educational toy company that designs and produces DIY kits to encourage creative play among all age groups. The team behind the brand has been praised for its commitment to producing age appropriate toys without sacrificing creativity or imagination.

Fort Magic’s products are designed to inspire children’s minds while encouraging them to use their imaginations in a fun, engaging way. The flagship product of the company is the Fort Magic Building Kit, which comes complete with over 500 pieces including sticks, poles, connectors, flags and more. With this kit, kids can build their own fort from scratch regardless of their age group; whether they are five years old or fifteen!

Additionally, Fort Magic also offers downloadable plans so families can construct buildings larger than what the box itself provides. Through its unique offerings and innovative design process, Fort Magic has developed a solid reputation as a leader in the industry. After appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2018, sales rapidly increased and generated significant interest from parents across America looking for imaginative ways to engage their children in learning activities at home.

Appearing On Shark Tank

Fort Magic, a craft and construction building toy set for children, appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank in 2018. The company had been struggling to build an online presence prior to their appearance on the show. While they pitched the idea of creating a new Fort Magic website that would offer video tutorials as well as other features, none of the Sharks were interested in investing in the business.

In response to their unsuccessful pitch, the founders of Fort Magic decided to focus more heavily on viral marketing by utilizing social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. This strategy proved successful for them; within one year, Fort Magic achieved over 250 thousand followers across all its social media accounts.

In addition, numerous influencers began promoting their product through videos and pictures posted online, helping to boost sales significantly. Fort Magic also partnered with several educational organizations which enabled them to have access to valuable resources and markets across various states in America and around the world.

Additionally, this partnership allowed them to create programs focusing on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education which promoted further interest among parents and children alike. As a result of these strategies, Fort Magic has seen continuous growth since appearing on Shark Tank thanks largely due to its strong online presence and effective viral marketing campaigns.

Post-Shark Tank Success

Since appearing on the hit show Shark Tank, Fort Magic has seen tremendous financial growth. The company has been able to expand its product offerings and reach a much wider customer base.

The company’s website now features additional products such as the Fort Magic Castle, Fort Magic Castle Expansion Pack, and the Fort Magic Connector Set.

Thanks to its appearance on Shark Tank and its post-show successes, Fort Magic has become a leader in the construction toy industry.

Financial Growth

Fort Magic, a play-fort building set for children, was featured on Shark Tank in August of 2013. The company’s founders pitched the product to the sharks and received an investment offer from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

After appearing on the show, Fort Magic experienced financial growth due to their strategic investments and pricing models. To ensure continued success, they implemented an online marketing campaign that allowed customers to purchase the sets directly through their website. This provided them with more control over their pricing model while also expanding their reach into new markets.

In addition, they began focusing on rebranding efforts which lead to increased exposure and awareness of their products. Following these steps has enabled Fort Magic to remain competitive in today’s market and continue its path towards profitability.

Product Expansion

In order to continue its success and profitability, Fort Magic needed to expand the reach of their product.

To do this, they began exploring new toy trends and marketing strategies.

By taking advantage of current market trends, such as online shopping, Fort Magic was able to increase sales by offering customers an easier way to purchase their products directly from the website.

They also increased exposure through rebranding efforts which allowed them to tap into different markets that may have not been aware of the product before.

Through these tactics, Fort Magic has been able to maintain a competitive edge in today’s market while continuing on its path towards long-term growth and sustainability.

Expansion Of The Product Line

Fort Magic, the innovative toy building set that encourages creativity and imagination in children, made its Shark Tank debut following a successful crowdfunding campaign. After appearing on the show, Fort Magic was able to expand their product line:

  1. They released new sets that included additional pieces to create larger structures.

  2. A junior builder series was also launched with smaller pieces for younger children.

  3. The brand also expanded into accessories such as flags and LED lights to add more fun elements to playtime.

  4. An extensive marketing strategy was implemented targeting both parents and kids alike via digital advertisement campaigns, online influencers, and social media outreach initiatives.

The success of these efforts helped broaden the customer base for Fort Magic; however, it is the company’s commitment towards diversifying their products that has enabled them to remain competitive in the market today.

As parents are looking for ways to keep up with modern trends while still providing educational toys for their kids, Fort Magic stands out from other brands by providing an ever-evolving selection of items designed specifically for children who enjoy creative playtime activities indoors or outdoors at home or school settings.

Award-Winning Recognition

After appearing on Shark Tank, Fort Magic saw a huge surge in sales and media attention. The company received immense positive feedback from viewers and became an award-winning toy due to its innovative patent protection technology.

As the demand for their product grew, so did the number of people discovering it through word of mouth and media coverage. This resulted in more children around the world being able to enjoy this amazing magnetic building set.

Fort Magic was featured as one of Amazon’s Top Toys & Games picks for multiple years in a row, earning them even more recognition among parents and kids alike. Additionally, they were mentioned by some of today’s most popular TV shows such as Good Morning America, Today Show with Hoda & Jenna, Ellen Degeneres Show, CNN Headline News, Fox Business News and countless other news outlets — all driving further awareness about the brand.

The high level of success that followed their appearance on Shark Tank allowed Fort Magic to continue making strides in developing unique toys and inspiring children worldwide to be creative thinkers. Their products have been used in classrooms across North America as well as winning numerous awards at industry tradeshows year after year – including several Toy Awards from Parent’s Choice Magazine.

The Launch Of Fort Magic

Fort Magic, an innovative construction toy that enables children to build elaborate structures with its easy-to-connect parts and panels, has been making waves since its appearance on Shark Tank.

Immediately after the show aired, demand for Fort Magic surged leading to a significant increase in sales.

The popularity of Fort Magic has allowed it to expand beyond just being a fun building set.

It is now being used as an educational tool in many classrooms around the world due to its ability to foster creativity and collaboration among students while teaching STEM principles such as engineering design process and problem solving.

In addition, the company’s commitment to sustainability makes it even more attractive because all their products are made from recycled materials like plastic milk jugs and cardboard boxes.

Due to constant innovation and increasing demand, Fort Magic continues to be one of the top names in the construction play industry today.

The brand’s success story serves as a testament that investing in something you believe can truly pay off regardless of external circumstances.


  1. Fort Magic, a building toy for children, was featured on the television show Shark Tank in 2013.

  2. On the show, the company was offered a deal from both Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary, but they chose to not accept either offer.

  3. Despite not accepting the offers, Fort Magic was still able to see a significant increase in sales following their appearance on the show.

  4. Fort Magic also experienced an increase in brand recognition and popularity, leading to additional growth opportunities for the company.

  5. After their appearance on Shark Tank, Fort Magic launched a new product line and implemented a new marketing strategy, allowing the company to continue to grow.

  6. Fort Magic has seen steady growth in the years since their appearance on Shark Tank, proving that the company was able to capitalize on the opportunities presented to them by the show.

Fort Magic’s Journey On Shark Tank

In November 2016, Fort Magic caught the attention of Shark Tank and founder Heather Sikes was invited to present her product in front of a panel of investors.

After an impressive pitch, Fort Magic made a deal with one of the Sharks, Lori Greiner.

The investment from Greiner allowed Fort Magic to reach more customers through improved marketing efforts on social media platforms as well as traditional advertising and fundraising campaigns.

This strategy enabled them to grow their sales and expand their presence throughout the United States.

As a result, Fort Magic has become an internationally recognized brand for children’s toys that encourages creativity and problem solving skills.

Despite some struggles over the years due to competition in the toy industry, Fort Magic continues to remain successful thanks largely in part to its appearance on Shark Tank.

Impact Of Shark Tank On Fort Magic

Since appearing on Shark Tank in November 2016, Fort Magic has been able to take advantage of the investment structure offered by Lori Greiner. This allowed them to implement a comprehensive business strategy which included improved marketing efforts across social media platforms and traditional advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, the company was able to increase their reach throughout the United States, thus increasing sales and recognition as an internationally recognized brand for children’s toys that encourages creativity and problem solving skills.

Despite some struggles due to competition in the toy industry, Fort Magic continues to remain successful largely thanks to its appearance on Shark Tank, proving itself as a great example of how effective investments can help bring success.

Post-Shark Tank Changes For Fort Magic

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Fort Magic saw a significant increase in visibility. This allowed the company to capitalize on game-based learning and virtual classes as an effective way of engaging children with its innovative construction toys. As part of this strategy, they also implemented more comprehensive marketing efforts across multiple platforms including social media and traditional advertising campaigns.

In addition to raising brand awareness, these initiatives have enabled them to expand their reach both domestically and internationally while continuing to provide children with educationally stimulating play experiences that promote creativity, problem solving skills, and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) concepts.

This has led to a steady growth in sales for the company over the last few years despite competition from other toy manufacturers.

It is clear that Fort Magic’s successful transition post-Shark Tank has had an overall positive impact on their business operations, solidifying it as one of the premier brands for educational toys.

Challenges In The Digital Age

The rise of digital transformation has seen a dramatic shift in the way businesses operate and compete. With technology disruption at an all-time high, companies must stay ahead of the curve or risk being left behind.

Fort Magic is no exception to this trend; after appearing on Shark Tank, they had to quickly adapt their business model to capitalize on the opportunities presented by tech advances.

To remain competitive, Fort Magic implemented new technologies that allowed them to better serve their customer base. This included introducing online ordering capabilities and creating interactive learning experiences for customers who purchase their product. Additionally, they have used various analytics tools to gain insights into user behavior so that they can tailor marketing strategies accordingly.

These changes enabled Fort Magic to keep up with trends in the market and expand its reach beyond what was possible before appearing on Shark Tank. The company has also been able to take advantage of global markets, allowing them to tap into previously untapped potentials from around the world.

As a result, Fort Magic continues to grow as it meets customer needs through innovative solutions made available thanks to modern technology advancements.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

The post-Shark Tank fate of Fort Magic was far from magical. After the show, the company had to face a lot of criticism and negative customer feedback due to their discounting strategies.

Customers expressed dissatisfaction with how prices were raised after appearing on Shark Tank, claiming that they felt cheated out of what they thought was going to be a great deal. In addition, customers voiced concern over why there wasn’t any disclosure regarding changes in pricing ahead of time or even an explanation as to why it happened. This left many feeling frustrated and confused about the whole situation.

Despite trying to explain themselves through social media platforms such as Twitter, Fort Magic still received lots of backlash and damaging reviews online. As expected, this led to further issues for the brand including losing potential customers who could have been interested in purchasing but didn’t want to take part in something that seemed unfair or unethical.

All these factors combined created a significant amount of pressure for Fort Magic which ultimately caused them to struggle financially leading up until today when their presence is almost non-existent within the toy industry market.

Innovations And Improvements

Fort Magic, a toy building kit, was featured on Shark Tank in 2013. Since then, the company has seen a surge in business and has sought to expand its operations.

Expansion into international markets has allowed Fort Magic to reach a larger customer base. Additionally, the company has sought to improve its product design and quality to ensure customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Fort Magic has also expanded its product line to include new and innovative building kits that appeal to a wider range of children.

These changes have enabled Fort Magic to remain competitive in the market and increase its profits. Overall, the company has seen a remarkable improvement in its operations since appearing on Shark Tank.

Expansion Into International Markets

Fort Magic, the imaginative engineering toy company that was featured on Shark Tank in 2013, has made significant strides since its appearance. One of the most exciting developments for Fort Magic is their expansion into international markets. Through global outreach and a clear understanding of their target audience, Fort Magic has been able to capitalize on the success they have achieved domestically and reach new customers abroad.

The first country outside of North America where Fort Magic products were sold was China, which launched in 2015 as part of an exclusive collaboration with Alibaba’s Tmall Global platform. This allowed thousands of families in China to access these unique toys without any additional shipping costs or delays typically associated with overseas orders.

Since then, Fort Magic has expanded its presence beyond Chinese borders and now sells through distributors across Europe and Asia Pacific regions. To successfully launch into each market, Fort Magic takes the time to understand what makes each culture distinct so they can develop strategies tailored to appeal to their new customer base. In addition, they also make sure to provide localized support services such as local language websites and customer service teams who are familiar with cultural preferences within specific countries.

As the company continues to grow globally, it looks forward to introducing even more innovative ways for children around the world explore their creativity through playtime activities.

Improved Design And Quality

In the pursuit of product excellence, Fort Magic has invested in rigorous product testing and improved their design and quality. The company works to ensure that each item meets strict safety standards for children and is made with high-quality materials.

Additionally, they have also worked to increase brand awareness through strategic partnerships and marketing campaigns that target both existing customers as well as potential new ones. As a result, parents are more confident when purchasing these toys knowing that it won’t be easily damaged or wear out quickly.

This increased consumer confidence has helped create an even bigger demand for Fort Magic products worldwide. With its commitment to quality assurance, the company remains dedicated to providing families across the globe with safe, entertaining playtime activities that will last them years into the future.

Expansion Of Product Line

Fort Magic has recently announced the expansion of its product line, introducing DIY kits to encourage children to explore their creativity and engage in imaginative play.

The newest selection includes a variety of items that allow kids to build projects such as dollhouses, castles or robots with easy-to-follow instructions.

In addition to providing an opportunity for creative expression, these activities also help foster problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

Furthermore, each kit contains ideas for various levels of difficulty, making them perfect for all ages from toddlers to adults who want something challenging yet fun.

With this new range of products Fort Magic aims to provide families around the world with unique playtime experiences they can enjoy together.


Fort Magic has enjoyed a long and successful post-Shark Tank journey, building on its initial success with an ever expanding product line, award-winning recognition and innovations.

Despite the challenges of operating in the digital age, Fort Magic continues to receive high customer reviews and ratings while staying on top of improvements to their products.

What does the future hold for this beloved toy brand? With dedicated customers across generations who have grown up playing with Fort Magic sets, it is clear that this company will remain a household name for years to come.

Will they continue to innovate or will they rely on tried-and-true methods? Only time will tell.

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