What Happened To Freshly Picked After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Freshly Picked has become an internationally recognized brand. Founded in 2009 by Susan Petersen, the company began as a small operation with minimal resources and limited capital.

It was not until 2014 that Petersen appeared on ABC’s popular reality show, where she received an offer of $200,000 from investor Robert Herjavec for a 25% stake in the company. Since then, Freshly Picked has grown exponentially and revolutionized the baby moccasin industry.

This article will discuss what happened to Freshly Picked after its appearance on Shark Tank and explore how this Utah-based business achieved such remarkable success.

The Shark Tank Offer

Freshly Picked, a footwear and apparel company started by two Utah-based entrepreneurs in 2009, made its Shark Tank debut in 2014.

The founders’ pitch to the Sharks was for an investment of $150,000 for 10% equity.

With their unique style and creative campaigns driving success within their niche market, Freshly Picked had gained immense recognition without any outside help or branding strategies.

The founders proposed that with additional capital from the Sharks, they would be able to expand production capacity and use more aggressive marketing tactics to drive sales even higher.

Their confidence paid off as all five investors got involved – Barbara Corcoran offered them $200k for 15%, while Lori Greiner invested $200k for 20%.

After receiving the investments, Freshly Picked went on to become one of the most successful companies featured in Shark Tank history; it has grown into a multi-million dollar business shipping products across the globe and establishing itself as a major player in their industry.

Rapid Expansion

After seeing the potential of Freshly Picked, Robert Herjavec offered a deal to the company owners.

Immediately after Shark Tank aired, demand for Freshly Picked’s baby moccasins skyrocketed and sales increased exponentially.

The explosive growth propelled the small business into a major lifestyle brand with national recognition in no time.

The quick organic growth allowed them to expand their product line and increase brand awareness through strategic partnerships and sponsored events.

The owner, Susan Petersen, became an advocate for working mothers everywhere by publicly talking about her experience starting a successful business while raising two young children.

She was featured on popular talk shows and garnered even more attention from celebrities who began wearing Freshly Picked’s products.

The once local business quickly transformed into a multi-million dollar operation that has helped millions of parents around the world dress their babies comfortably yet fashionably – all thanks to one appearance on Shark Tank.

Thanks to being able to leverage the platform, Freshly Picked continues to thrive today with its ever-growing collection of stylish infant shoes and accessories.

Investment In Technology

Freshly Picked, which made an appearance on the popular reality show Shark Tank in 2014, has seen a lot of success since then.

The company’s innovative product – soft-soled baby shoes that are designed to stay on little feet – immediately caught the attention of viewers and investors alike.

Freshly Picked took advantage of its newfound fame by seeking alternative funding sources and investing heavily in automated systems for production and distribution.

These investments allowed the company to build a resilient business model capable of handling large orders with ease.

Thanks to this infusion of technology, Freshly Picked was able to expand from their original location in Utah into other markets across the United States and around the world.

They also saw growth in their customer base as well as their product line, adding more sizes and styles over time.

As each new collection came out, so did more demand.

To keep up with it all, they leaned heavily on automated processes such as analytics software programs to track sales data and optimize operations accordingly.

The long-term impact these investments had on Freshly Picked is remarkable; they have grown substantially over the years while simultaneously streamlining processes, reducing costs, and providing customers with unparalleled service throughout the entire purchase experience.

With continued focus on technology solutions going forward, there is no doubt that Freshly Picked will continue to be one of the most successful companies featured on Shark Tank.

Expansion Of Product Lines

After their appearance on Shark Tank, Freshly Picked was able to rapidly expand its product line. The company began focusing heavily on retail partnerships as a way of diversifying the products they carried and increasing customer access. These new partners included high-end retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, as well as mass market stores including Target and BuyBuy Baby.

The company also focused on expanding its product offerings beyond just leather moccasins. With the help of their growing team, Freshly Picked was able to develop other items such as clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers, young children, and adults. This allowed them to appeal to a wider range of customers than before, furthering the reach of their brand.

For those who wanted even more customization options, Freshly Picked launched an online design platform that enabled customers to customize any product with a variety of colors and patterns in order to create unique designs.

As part of this effort, they also made sure that all materials used were ethically sourced from sustainable suppliers around the world.

Through these initiatives, Freshly Picked has been able to grow significantly since appearing on Shark Tank and become a major player in the baby gear industry.

International Success

Freshly Picked, a company that specializes in stylish baby shoes and moccasins, has seen tremendous success since appearing on the hit show Shark Tank.

After receiving an investment from Robert Herjavec, Freshly Picked went global and now ships to over 100 countries worldwide.

The company’s international reach is just part of their sustainable growth story.

Since being featured on Shark Tank, Freshly Picked saw sales increase by 80%, opened 11 stores around the United States (including one flagship store in Salt Lake City) and raised $5 million dollars in venture capital funding.

Furthermore, they have also created hundreds of jobs for local communities across the country.

From humble beginnings as a home-based business to becoming a major player in the fashion industry, Freshly Picked is well positioned to continue its successful trajectory.

By leveraging their current momentum and expanding into new markets worldwide, this small business continues to expand while staying true to its original mission of producing high quality products at affordable prices.

Strategic Partnerships

The air seemed to be filled with a sense of promise as Freshly Picked entered the Shark Tank. The company’s innovative approach to their curated collaborations and partnering programs had created an opportunity for them to reach new heights, potentially taking their business ventures even further than they could have imagined possible.

As investors took notice, this buzz began to spread like wildfire across the city, sparking both intrigue and interest in what was being offered by the small startup.

It wasn’t long before word got out that Freshly Picked had secured two offers from two Sharks: Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. With these strategic partnerships now firmly in place, the stage was set for unprecedented growth within the company’s product lines and services.

Freshly Picked saw its sales skyrocket after appearing on Shark Tank and has since gone on to become one of the most successful companies featured on the show–establishing itself as a leader in footwear design for children all over world. Their commitment to creating quality products along with leveraging their partnerships has allowed them to continue innovating while staying ahead of industry trends.

Creative Marketing Strategies

Freshly Picked, a baby moccasin brand, was featured on Shark Tank in 2013. Since then, their creative marketing strategies have helped to increase the company’s visibility and gain customer loyalty.

While other companies may rely heavily on traditional forms of marketing such as television commercials or print advertisements, Freshly Picked has opted for an unconventional approach that emphasizes increased brand awareness through social media outreach. The unique combination of colorful visuals and engaging content helps to create positive associations with the product among both existing customers and potential buyers.

The company also capitalizes on user-generated content by featuring customer photos taken using the products across various social media platforms. This further strengthens relationships between consumers and the brand while boosting its popularity among new audiences.

In addition to these tactics, Freshly Picked regularly hosts giveaways and contests which encourages more people to try their product and keeps current customers engaged. By utilizing digital marketing techniques like these, they have been able to grow quickly and steadily since appearing on Shark Tank eight years ago.

Such efforts continue to garner attention from both long-time fans of the brand as well as those who are just being introduced to it – all thanks to creative yet effective marketing strategies employed by Freshly Picked.

Innovative Distribution Models

Online retail has become an increasingly popular distribution model for businesses of all sizes, offering customers the convenience of purchasing goods and services from the comfort of their own home.

Direct-to-consumer delivery, meanwhile, has gained traction in recent years with the rise of subscription services and on-demand food delivery companies.

Freshly Picked, an online retailer of baby moccasins featured on Shark Tank, has seen success by leveraging both of these distribution models, though the company has encountered some difficulty in expanding their reach.

In order to succeed in the future, Freshly Picked must continue to innovate their distribution models.

Online Retail

The innovative distribution model of the online retail business, Freshly Picked, has been an area of interest since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2013. Founded by husband-wife team Susan and Steve Pieper, this Salt Lake City based company has experienced a significant amount of success due to their focus on product quality, brand loyalty, and market segmentation.

Using digital marketing strategies such as email campaigns and social media platforms to reach their target audience, Freshly Picked increased sales exponentially after appearing on the show. This allowed them to increase production and eventually expand into different markets around the world.

Their unique approach towards creating high quality products that are both stylish and durable have enabled customers to build an emotional connection with their brand which has led to higher conversion rates and greater customer retention. As a result, Freshly Picked continues to be one of the most successful online retailers today; proving that innovation can lead to immense growth within any industry.

Direct-To-Consumer Delivery

Direct-to-Consumer Delivery is a relatively new concept in the world of online retail that enables companies to bypass traditional distribution channels and ship their products directly to customers.

This type of delivery system has been adopted by many successful retailers, such as Freshly Picked, due to its potential for cost savings and increased customer convenience.

By utilizing this model, businesses are able to save on inventory costs while also increasing their reach through targeted online advertising campaigns.

Additionally, product diversification can be achieved quickly since there is no need for middlemen or distributors who could slow down the process.

Furthermore, customers benefit from direct-to-consumer deliveries because they receive their items faster than with other shipping methods.

Direct-to-consumer delivery provides an effective solution for both businesses and consumers alike; allowing them to reap the rewards of timely service and quality products with minimal effort involved.

Social Media Presence

After the appearance of Freshly Picked on Shark Tank, their innovative distribution models have been put to work. This was a great opportunity for the brand to showcase its unique approach and gain more recognition in the market. The show also exposed them to investors who showed interest in investing in the business.

Following this, Freshly Picked has turned towards social media presence as part of their branding efforts. They have leveraged influencer marketing by partnering with many different celebrities such as Busy Philipps, Molly Sims, and Tony Hawk who were willing to promote their products on their personal platforms.

In addition, they’ve developed an effective content strategy which includes creating video tutorials and informative blogs that draw attention from customers interested in learning about shoe care tips or general styling advice. The company’s dynamic approach to advertising is allowing it to reach new audiences through creative strategies like these while still maintaining a strong customer base among existing followers.

As a result, Freshly Picked has achieved considerable success since appearing on Shark Tank and continues to see positive growth within the industry.

A Bright Future Ahead

Freshly Picked, the innovative shoe company featured on Shark Tank in June of 2013, has become a leader in the industry since their appearance.

After securing an investment from Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, Freshly Picked have expanded their product range to include baby shoes, moccasins for kids, as well as other accessories related to parenting. They have also put significant effort into community engagement by donating funds to charities such as The Human Rights Campaign and UNICEF that help children around the world.

In addition to providing quality products at competitive prices, Freshly Picked’s success is largely due to its unique approach towards marketing and promotion.

With creative ideas like celebrity partnerships with parents like Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and a strong presence on social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, they’ve been able to reach larger audiences than ever before.

The future looks bright for Freshly Picked; they are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow their business while still remaining true to their mission of creating high-quality products that enhance family life.

Their long-term goal is to continue delivering superior customer service while inspiring families around the world.


Freshly Picked has enjoyed tremendous success since their appearance on Shark Tank.

Through strategic investments in technology and innovative distribution models, the company has seen rapid expansion both domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, they have implemented creative marketing strategies as well as a strong presence on social media to further bolster their brand.

As Freshly Picked continues its amazing journey of growth, it is sure to make waves with its commitment to “bringing joy one step at a time” – like an unstoppable storm that can never be contained!

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