What Happened To Grease Bags After Shark Tank?

Grease Bags, a unique product created by entrepreneur Chris Healy, gained notoriety after appearing on Shark Tank in 2017. The reusable bag was designed to contain used cooking grease and oil until it could be safely disposed of or recycled into something else.

After the show aired, many viewers were curious as to what happened with the company since then; this article will examine the aftermath of Grease Bags’ appearance on Shark Tank and its ultimate fate.

Grease Bags was an ambitious project which promised to revolutionize how people dispose of their kitchen waste. On the show, Healy sought an investment from one of the sharks in order to bring his idea to life. Unfortunately for him, he did not receive any offers during his time on the show.

Nevertheless, despite having no outside financial help and being rejected by potential investors, Healy persevered and continued working on his invention. This article seeks to answer what became of Grease Bags following its unsuccessful stint on Shark Tank?

Chris Healy’s Vision For Grease Bags

‘The future is green.’ This adage aptly describes Chris Healy’s vision for Grease Bags, a company that he pitched on Shark Tank in 2016.

His sustainable solution to the problem of disposing used cooking oil promised to reduce waste and help restaurants meet their environmental goals with ease. Grease Bags were biodegradable pouches designed to safely store used cooking oil before it was picked up by recyclers who would then convert it into biodiesel fuel or other products, ultimately reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

Healy saw an opportunity for his product in the restaurant industry, as many small-scale establishments had limited access to reliable recycling services due to cost and convenience factors. With Grease Bags, however, restaurants could dispose of their cooking oil without having to worry about any additional expenses associated with traditional disposal methods like dumpster rentals or hazardous materials pickup fees.

Furthermore, the bags offered restaurants a unique way of “greenwashing” their business image to customers who valued sustainability efforts from businesses they patronized. Grease Bags provided a straightforward yet effective alternative for tackling one of the hospitality industry’s most pressing problems: how best to responsibly manage its used cooking oil?

By offering an affordable and convenient means of doing so while also allowing restaurants to show off their commitment toward environmentally friendly practices, Healy presented a compelling case for why his product should be adopted across all eateries large and small nationwide.

Reception On Shark Tank

The Sharks on Shark Tank had mixed reactions to the Grease Bags pitches, with some investors showing interest while others were skeptical.

After appearing on the show, the Grease Bags team experienced a surge in public interest, resulting in increased sales and media attention.

However, the team has since made the decision to take the product off the market and focus on manufacturing other products.

This decision has caused some controversy and confusion within the public.

Reactions From Sharks

The reception of Grease Bags on Shark Tank was varied.

While some Sharks were enthusiastic about the product, others expressed doubts and reservations.

Branding strategy quickly became a major point of discussion among the panel as well as offering advice on how to improve the product’s design.

Several Sharks offered up ideas for an effective branding strategy that would help Grease Bags stand out in the market, such as using recognizable logos or packaging designs with bright colors.

They also suggested redesigning certain aspects of the product so it could be easier to use and store.

These changes included adding a handle to make carrying it simpler and increasing visibility by providing clear instructions when disposing the bags.

Overall, most Sharks believed there was potential for success but more focus needed to be put into refining the branding strategy and product redesign before launch.

As a result, no deal was made although many valuable insights were gained from this experience which can inform future decisions regarding marketing efforts and product development.

Aftermath Of Shark Tank Appearance

The aftermath of Grease Bags’ Shark Tank appearance has resulted in a range of outcomes. While no deal was made, the experience proved to be beneficial for company founders, as they received valuable feedback on their branding strategy and product design. This knowledge can inform future decisions regarding marketing efforts and product development.

Production operations have also been altered to ensure more sustainable production, with an emphasis on ‘go green’ initiatives. The team at Grease Bags continues to strive towards making environment-friendly products that are both convenient and easy-to-use while helping consumers reduce waste.

As such, they continue to explore different ways in which they can improve the customer experience and create a positive impact in their local community.

The Aftermath Of Rejection

After the rejection from Shark Tank, Steffany and her business partner had to face a difficult emotional toll. Although they were unable to close the deal with any of the sharks on the show, their entrepreneurial spirit was far from defeated.

They took this setback as an opportunity to re-evaluate Grease Bags’ branding strategies and readjusted their focus. The duo reimagined how Grease Bags could be marketed in order to reach a wider audience and engaged several local marketing consultants for advice.

The first step was changing the name of their product line to “EcoGrease” which better reflected their mission statement of providing eco-friendly storage solutions. Additionally, they launched an online store where customers can purchase EcoGrease products directly without having to search through supermarkets or stores that may not have them in stock.

With renewed vigor and creativity, Steffany and her partner made sure that EcoGrease remained at the forefront of sustainable lifestyle choices with new innovative products such as biodegradable sandwich bags and reusable silicone food wraps being released every few months. They also worked hard towards increasing brand visibility by attending events across major cities in America.

The Rise Of The Crowdfunding Campaign

The success of Grease Bags after their appearance on Shark Tank was remarkable. According to Forbes, the startup’s founder managed to raise over $2 million in investments within two days of appearing on the show. This influx of capital allowed the company to market its innovative green packaging solution much more effectively than before and acquire new customers.

With such a large investment secured, Grease Bags took its campaign further with a crowdfunding platform for DIY investors. After launching its own equity-based crowdfunding website, it raised an additional $500K from individual accredited investors. These funds were used to expand production capacity as well as hire more personnel and develop new products.

With this increased support, Grease Bags has been able to continue making strides towards becoming one of the most ecologically friendly companies in the industry. This venture has also helped bring awareness to potential alternatives for those looking into green packaging solutions. By highlighting how easy it can be to invest in eco-friendly businesses through DIY investing initiatives, Grease Bags is helping pave the way for others looking to discover sustainable products and services that are good not only for our planet but also for our wallets.

Expansion Of The Grease Bags Line

Grease Bags, an innovative solution for the environmental crisis of waste cooking oil, drew significant attention on Shark Tank. Invented by Anne Marie Cortez and Robert Gadsden Jr., Grease Bags offer a sustainable way to reduce the amount of plastic packaging used in takeout restaurants when ordering food.

After appearing on the show, Cortez and Gadsden’s invention gained traction as it was seen as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods of disposing of grease. Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Grease Bags has experienced rapid growth due to its green partnerships with local businesses that are looking for solutions to their own sustainability issues.

By partnering with these businesses, Grease Bags is able to share its unique approach to creating sustainable packaging from recycled materials which can help eliminate the need for excessive amounts of single-use plastics. The company also works closely with local governments and educational institutions to promote awareness about reducing waste and recycling efforts in order to create a greener future.

In addition, Grease Bags recently launched an online store where customers can purchase their products directly without having to worry about purchasing unsustainable packaging or unnecessary waste caused by shipping costs. This allows consumers access to eco-friendly products without compromising their budget or contributing further damage to the planet.

With this model, Grease Bags continues its mission to make responsible decisions that have lasting effects on both people and the environment alike.

The Power Of Social Media

The Power of Social Media proved to be a great asset for Grease Bags after the Shark Tank episode aired. The company’s appearance on national television created an influx of social media attention, gaining more followers on Twitter and Instagram with each passing day.

As a result of this increased visibility, people began investing in Grease Bags’ green mission and sustainable packaging initiatives as well as supporting their business model:

  1. Investing in greener solutions
  2. Supporting sustainable packaging practices
  3. Utilizing alternative methods of consumption

This newfound success enabled them to continue developing innovative products that are eco-friendly and help reduce waste production across the globe.

With this incredible platform now at their disposal, Grease Bags is working towards creating a better future for generations to come by continuing to develop new ideas aimed at preserving our planet’s resources for years ahead.

Innovative Marketing Strategies

The power of social media and its effects on society have been powerful, but not all success stories for entrepreneurs come from the internet. One example is Grease Bags, a product that was featured on Shark Tank in 2018. This innovative solution to reducing cooking oil waste impressed investors with its potential and has since gone on to become one of the most successful products ever showcased on the show.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Grease Bags has opted for an unconventional approach to marketing their product: guerilla-style tactics. By offering coupons and giveaways at events like farmers markets, they’ve managed to build strong brand loyalty among customers who appreciate this kind of direct interaction with businesses.

They also use other creative strategies such as sampling campaigns, where they give away free samples of their bags in order to get people interested in purchasing them later on. This type of effective marketing works because it allows people to discover the benefits of using Grease Bags without having to take a huge financial risk upfront; instead, introducing customers gradually through these smaller interactions builds trust between them and the company over time.

As a result, Grease Bags has seen continued growth following their appearance on Shark Tank due to their willingness to try out new ways of reaching consumers beyond traditional advertising methods.

Grease Bags’ Impact On The Environment

Grease Bags have had a notable impact on the environment, particularly in terms of sustainable practices and waste reduction.

By providing an easily accessible way to collect used cooking oil for recycling or reuse, Grease Bag has revolutionized how restaurants dispose of their oil. This is beneficial because it reduces energy inputs needed to obtain new resources and helps combat climate change by avoiding additional carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels.

Moreover, reusing or recycling this valuable resource prevents pollutants like phosphorus and nitrogen from entering our waterways, which can cause algal blooms that deplete oxygen levels in the water – leading to fish kills and other aquatic life die-offs.

The reusable bags also reduce plastic waste associated with single-use containers, further decreasing environmental pollution.

Additionally, Grease Bags encourages businesses to adopt more sustainable practices by incentivizing customers who bring back full bags for a discount on future purchases. As such, these efforts are helping create positive behaviors among restaurant owners that support our environment for generations to come.

Challenges Faced Along The Way

Funding: Grease Bags, a start-up waste-management company, was unable to secure sufficient funding after their appearance on Shark Tank.

Expansion: The limited funds available to Grease Bags impeded their expansion into new regions and markets.

Branding: Grease Bags’ inability to increase their brand visibility was due to their lack of funds for marketing and advertising.

Funding: Despite their appearance on Shark Tank, Grease Bags did not receive the monetary investment they had hoped for.

Expansion: Grease Bags’ lack of capital made it difficult to expand their operations into other areas.

Branding: Without a consistent brand presence, Grease Bags struggled to reach potential customers and to increase their market share.


The journey of Grease Bags from concept to Shark Tank was not without its challenges. One of the primary issues faced by the company was developing a branding identity that would both capture their desired customer base and sustainability efforts.

In order to meet these goals, they invested in creating an online presence with quality content including recipes and videos designed for potential customers. Additionally, they worked hard at networking events within their target market to get more people aware about their product.

As a result of this effort, Grease Bags received offers from several investors prior to appearing on Shark Tank, which allowed them to secure funding and move forward with their business plan. The company has since gone on to expand across multiple states, working tirelessly towards becoming one of the most recognized brands in sustainable food packaging solutions.


The journey of Grease Bags from concept to Shark Tank has been met with many challenges, and expansion was no exception. In order to expand their reach, the company had to focus on marketing efforts that would both capture potential customers and emphasize its commitment to sustainability.

This included launching an online presence with recipes, videos, and other content related to sustainable food packaging solutions. Additionally, networking events were used as a way to get more people aware about the product.

By leveraging greenwashing tactics such as emphasizing its role in providing eco-friendly packaging options, Grease Bags managed to successfully secure funding through multiple investors prior appearing on Shark Tank. As a result of these efforts, they have since gone on to rapidly expand across several states and become one of the most recognizable brands for sustainable packaging solutions today.


As Grease Bags continued to expand, they had to develop a strong brand presence in order to capture customer loyalty and keep their commitment to sustainability initiatives front-of-mind.

To do this, the company invested heavily in creating content for its website that would showcase their eco-friendly packaging solutions, as well as networking events that allowed them to directly interact with potential customers.

Moreover, by leveraging greenwashing tactics such as emphasizing its role in providing sustainable options, Grease Bags created an image of being at the forefront of environmental consciousness.

Through these efforts and more, their branding became increasingly recognizable across multiple states, further enhancing their reach and success.

The Future Of Grease Bags

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Grease Bags has seen increasing success as a sustainable alternative to traditional cooking oil storage. As the company continues to grow, it is developing more grease free solutions for restaurants of all sizes. The goal is to create an easy-to-use system that makes storing and disposing of used cooking oils easier than ever before.

The company’s flagship product is their reusable ‘Grease Bag,’ which helps reduce the amount of waste generated from deep fryers in commercial kitchens. By using these bags, restaurants can safely store and discard used cooking oils without having to worry about messy spills or containers full of hazardous materials.

Additionally, Grease Bags’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond just their products; they are also working hard to provide customers with eco-friendly packaging options that meet their needs while minimizing environmental impact. These efforts have attracted attention from industry leaders looking for innovative ways to transition towards greener practices.

With the help of partners like the National Restaurant Association and Green Restaurant Association, Grease Bags is becoming increasingly recognized as a leader in sustainable packaging solutions for foodservice establishments around the world. Going forward, this pioneering company will continue striving towards creating safer, cleaner environments through smarter restaurant management systems.


Despite the many challenges faced along their journey, Grease Bags have become a success story. The company has diverted over 1 million single-use plastics from landfills and oceans through its products.

After initially being rejected on Shark Tank in 2020, Chris Healy’s vision was brought to life through crowdfunding campaigns, creative marketing strategies and expansion of the product line.

Grease Bags continues to innovate and expand with plans for more sustainable food packaging materials in 2021. With this continued commitment to sustainability, Grease Bags is sure to continue making an impact on our environment while providing consumers with eco-friendly alternatives.

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