What Happened To Grinds Coffee Pouches After Shark Tank?

Grinds Coffee Pouches was a product that appeared on the popular television show Shark Tank in February of 2012. The company’s owners pitched their idea, which was essentially packaged coffee for people who chew tobacco as an alternative to smokeless tobacco products.

Despite the skepticism from some of the Sharks, Grinds was able to close a deal with Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec for $100,000 for 20% equity.

This article will explore what happened to Grinds after appearing on Shark Tank and how it has impacted the industry since its appearance eight years ago. The impact of appearances on reality shows such as Shark Tank can be significant; particularly when it comes to consumer-facing companies like Grinds.

Since airing, many people have been left wondering how much success Grinds had due to its exposure on the show. In addition, this article will address questions around whether or not other similar products have come onto the scene and if there is evidence of any long term impacts of having appeared on Shark Tank.

The Business Before Shark Tank

Grinds Coffee Pouches was founded in 2014 by two friends, Derek and Kyle. The company specialized in producing coffee pouches that could be used to make a single cup of iced coffee with just hot water or cold milk added. Their product quickly gained traction due to its convenience and unique flavor profile.

After successfully raising capital through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, the pair appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015, seeking $300K for 10% equity in their business. The sharks were initially skeptical about Grinds’ production costs and marketing strategy but eventually offered an investment of $300k for 20% equity along with additional royalties from sales.

Following their appearance on the show, Grinds experienced massive growth, eventually providing up to 50 million packets per month across all major retail chains including Walmart and Target. As part of the deal struck with the investors on Shark Tank, they also increased their staffing significantly thus enabling them to handle this rapid expansion.

In addition to expanding their reach nationwide, Grinds diversified into other products such as energy drinks and protein bars. They also started offering subscription services which enabled customers to get their favorite flavors delivered directly to their doorsteps every month at a discounted price.

In 2018, after 4 years of impressive growth since appearing on Shark Tank, the company was acquired by Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) for an undisclosed amount.

The Shark Tank Pitch

The Shark Tank pitch for Grinds Coffee Pouches was as smooth and strong like a freshly brewed espresso.

Founded in 2010, the company has become one of the leaders in coffee trends with its innovative product which is designed to appeal to busy professionals who have no time to brew their own cup of joe.

Branding strategies included creating an online presence that showcased testimonials from satisfied customers along with humorous videos featuring different scenarios where Grinds Coffee pouches could be used.

While there were mixed reviews among Sharks on the panel, grinds coffee pouches secured a deal with investor Barbara Corcoran resulting in more than $100,000 in funding and resources needed to continue expanding their business.

The long-term success of this venture remains uncertain yet based on current growth trajectory, it appears that Grinds Coffee Pouches will remain competitive within the market for years to come.

The Deal With The Sharks

Grinds Coffee Pouches pitched to the Sharks in hopes of obtaining an investment in their product. After a heated discussion between co-founders and the Sharks, a deal was struck. The founders agreed to give 20% equity for 500k dollars invested. This money would be used for marketing, advertising, and product diversification.

In exchange for this risk capital, the Sharks sought out a partnership with Grinds that included various forms of co-marketing within their respective networks. Moreover, they requested that the company expand its offerings into other areas such as energy teas and protein snacks. These new products could capitalize on the success of their flagship coffee pouch while providing more diverse options to customers.

The Shark Tank pitch proved successful for Grinds Coffee Pouches as they were able to secure an investment from two of the five investors present at the show’s taping. With these funds secured, Grinds is now looking ahead towards future growth through increased marketing efforts and product diversification.

The Aftermath Of The Show

Grinds Coffee Pouch saw tremendous growth after the Shark Tank episode aired. The product was praised by the Sharks and the show’s viewership, leading to a significant surge in sales.

Furthermore, the product received a lot of attention on social media and was even featured on various other media outlets. This increased exposure further amplified the sales of Grinds Coffee Pouch and helped it become a top selling product in its market segment.

Grinds Coffee Pouch Growth

The innovative flavors and customer feedback of Grinds Coffee Pouches gained the attention of audiences from Shark Tank. After appearing on the show, the company experienced a surge in popularity. The exposure to millions of viewers led to an increase for Grinds Coffee Pouches products being sold through retail outlets as well as major online retailers such Amazon, Target and Walmart.

This growth was also seen with their coffee pouches subscription service, which saw significant growth after their appearance on Shark Tank. Customers were able to enjoy premium coffee blends delivered directly to their doorsteps every month. These innovative flavors combined with positive customer feedback helped propel Grinds Coffee Pouches into becoming one of the most popular coffee pouch brands in the US market.

Additionally, they have been featured by media outlets including CNBC, ABC News and Fox Business Network due to their success. It is clear that grinds coffee pouches has had great success since its appearance on Shark Tank, leading to increased sales and brand awareness throughout the country.

Grinds Coffee Pouch Reception

Grinds Coffee Pouches achieved a large amount of buzzworthy marketing after appearing on Shark Tank. This helped propel the company to become one of the most popular coffee pouch brands in the US market, with increased sales and brand awareness throughout the country.

It was able to gain exposure from media outlets such as CNBC, ABC News and Fox Business Network due to its success, showing just how much hype has been generated by Grinds Coffee Pouches’ appearance on Shark Tank.

The company also experienced an increase in their subscription service which delivers premium coffee blends directly to customers every month, indicating that future trends may continue for this innovative product line.

As Grinds Coffee Pouches continues to expand across the nation, its popularity is sure to rise even further.

The Impact On The Coffee Pouch Industry

The impact of the Shark Tank appearance on Grinds Coffee Pouches was immediate and far-reaching. As soon as it aired, coffee consumption skyrocketed for a product that had been in obscurity only days earlier.

Market share for the company quickly expanded into new territories, with customers rushing to try out the sugar-free energy pouches. The creativity behind the packaging design also earned glowing reviews from industry experts, who praised its convenience and portability.

Grinds Coffee Pouches saw tremendous success following their time on Shark Tank. They reached an estimated $2 million in sales within two years of their episode’s airing date, leading them to become one of Shark Tank’s most successful investments ever made.

It even spurred other companies to create similar products in order to capitalize on this newfound market opportunity. With more investors willing to put money into coffee pouch production, such products have gained considerable traction over the past few years as viable alternatives to traditional cup-based brews.

Today, Grinds Coffee Pouches are available nationwide and continue to be popular choices among busy consumers looking for convenient caffeine solutions throughout their day. Their widespread availability has led many people realize just how useful these sugar free pouches can be when combined with healthy lifestyle habits — making it clear why they’ve grown so much since appearing on Shark Tank all those years ago.

The Increase In Popularity Of Coffee Pouches

The appearance of grinds coffee pouches on Shark Tank has helped to increase the popularity of caffeine consumption in recent years. Grinds is a company that markets and sells flavored caffeinated products, such as chewable energy pouches, which contain 100 milligrams of caffeine each.

The concept was featured on the television show “Shark Tank” where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to potential investors. After appearing on the show, grinds saw an immediate surge in sales and recognition from customers.

Grinds offers several different flavors of pouch including mint mojito, strawberry watermelon, and sour apple. This helps cater to a wide range of tastes while still providing users with the desired effect of increased focus and alertness.

The product also contains B-vitamins and other natural ingredients designed to improve cognitive function and mental clarity. All this makes it easier for people who are looking for an alternative way to consume caffeine without having to drink many cups of coffee or energy drinks throughout the day.

Coffee trends have been shifting towards more convenient forms of consumption like single-serve pods, flavored beverages, and now caffeinated pouches that are easy to carry around with you wherever you go. It’s clear that there is growing demand for new ways to get your daily dose of caffeine – especially among younger consumers who prefer convenience over traditional methods like brewing ground beans at home or buying pre-made drinks from cafes.

With its increasing popularity, grinds coffee pouches offer a unique option when it comes to getting your daily fix quickly and easily.

•Flavors ranging from Mint Mojito, Strawberry Watermelon & Sour Apple

•100 Milligrams Caffeine per Pouch

•Natural Ingredients Designed To Improve Cognitive Function and Provide a Delicious Coffee Experience.

The Role Of Social Media In The Company’s Success

Grinds Coffee Pouches, an energy supplement company, experienced an upsurge in sales and brand awareness after their appearance on Shark Tank.

Social media played a major role in this success, as customer engagement increased, influencers shared the product, and brand awareness skyrocketed.

Customers used social media to connect with the brand and engage with the product, leading to a strong customer base.

Influencers also shared their experience with the product, which helped promote the product and create more interest.

This helped to create a strong brand presence and reach a wider audience. Finally, the company was able to capitalize on the increased brand awareness and reach more potential customers.

This illustrates the role of social media in a company’s success.

Customer Engagement

Grinds Coffee Pouches, the innovative coffee pouch company that appeared on Shark Tank in 2018 has seen unprecedented success since their appearance. After receiving an investment from one of the Sharks, they have been able to leverage social media to reach new markets and engage with customers worldwide.

Grinds Coffee made sure to use innovative ideas when it came to presenting their product through social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Through these platforms, customer engagement was at its highest due to the direct response of Grinds Coffee’s customer service team and other strategies like giveaways, campaigns and discounts which kept people’s interests alive.

With this strategy Grinds were able to tap into different demographics not only in America but also around the world including countries like China where coffee pouches are a relatively new concept. As a result, Grinds saw tremendous success in both retail sales across multiple channels as well as online subscriptions for their monthly packages.

Clearly, leveraging social media proved to be key for Grinds’ success after Shark Tank.

Brand Awareness

The success of Grinds Coffee Pouches after Shark Tank was largely attributed to their efficient and strategic marketing tactics, particularly their use of social media. Through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the company increased its brand awareness by engaging with customers all over the world.

The customer service team provided direct responses to customers’ queries while giveaways, campaigns and discounts kept consumers loyal to the product. Additionally, they were able to tap into markets outside of America which had yet to be exposed to coffee pouches. As a result, retail sales across multiple channels grew significantly and online subscriptions for monthly packages saw an increase in demand.

This highlights how essential it is for any business that wants to succeed in today’s market to have a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategies and consumer loyalty. It is evident that leveraging social media played a crucial role in Grinds Coffee’s success; strategically pushing their product out onto the global stage helped them gain recognition from potential buyers beyond just those on Shark Tank.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing was also an integral part of Grinds Coffee Pouches’ success after Shark Tank. This strategy involves partnering with influential figures in the industry to endorse and promote a product, which can lead to increased brand recognition and sales.

Leveraging influencers on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter allowed them to reach out to new audiences and expand their customer base. Brands have been utilizing this tactic for years due to its effective targeting capabilities; it allows companies to target specific demographics that are likely interested in their product or service.

For example, through targeted advertising campaigns, they were able to focus on those who had already expressed an interest in coffee pouches by liking related posts or following relevant accounts. By focusing on these potential customers, the company generated more organic traffic from qualified leads than ever before.

Additionally, influencer-led content helped create hype around the product, leading consumers to become further invested in purchasing and using Grinds Coffee Pouches. Overall, influencer marketing played a crucial role in bringing awareness of the product to millions of people around the world and boosting sales for the company significantly.

In conclusion, leveraging both social media platforms and influencer marketing proved essential for Grinds Coffee’s success post-Shark Tank. Through strategic branding strategies and savvy target marketing techniques based off consumer behavior patterns, they carved out a niche market for themselves internationally while keeping current customers engaged with giveaways and discounts.

As a result of all these efforts combined, the company enjoyed considerable growth across multiple channels worldwide thanks largely in part to successful digital marketing tactics employed during their time on TV show.

The Expansion Of The Grinds Brand

The Grinds brand enjoyed an exciting expansion after their successful appearance on Shark Tank. With a $250,000 investment from Mark Cuban, the company was able to invest in product diversification and marketing strategies that extended its reach beyond coffee pouches.

Their newfound success seemed almost destined for greatness as they soared through the ranks of entrepreneurs with determination and focus. Taking advantage of their newfound fame, The Grinds established multiple partnerships in the industry which allowed them to build upon existing resources and create new ones.

This included collaborations ranging from retailers to beverage companies who could help promote their products and further expand their customer base. They also created a website where customers could purchase goods directly from the company itself, allowing them more control over how their products were distributed.

The company has since seen great success due to these efforts; it now offers a wide selection of flavors and sizes of coffee pouches along with other items such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, and even bags to carry your grinds around in style. Through this expanded range of products, The Grinds have been able to continue spreading its popularity far beyond just Shark Tank viewers – becoming one of today’s most recognizable brands within specialty coffee circles.

The Impact On Other Companies

The appearance of Grinds Coffee Pouches on Shark Tank had an undeniable impact on the industry. The response to their product was overwhelmingly positive, with investors expressing enthusiasm for its potential. This prompted other coffee companies to take notice and begin exploring similar sustainable packaging solutions in order to keep up with current trends.

Several competitors have since launched products that echo the concept pioneered by Grinds. These offerings use a variety of materials including compostable films derived from renewable sources such as sugarcane-based polylactic acid (PLA). Additionally, some brands are using recycled paperboard containers instead of traditional plastic pouches or bags for single-serve servings.

With more consumers seeking out eco-friendly options, it is clear that businesses must continue striving towards innovative approaches to reduce waste while still providing quality goods and services. As this effort gains momentum, many hope that the shift towards sustainability will become even more widespread throughout the industry in years to come.

The Future Of Grinds Coffee Pouches

The future of Grinds Coffee Pouches is a story that has been brewing since their appearance on the season finale of Shark Tank. The brand, and its patented product, have become synonymous with innovation in the coffee culture landscape.

Not only does it offer convenience for users but also provides an increased financial success to those who take advantage of its cost-saving features. Symbolically speaking, this venture represents new beginnings; where entrepreneurship meets sustainability as individuals strive to create better products through modern technological advancements.

For example, Grinds’ patent brings together all natural ingredients with recyclable packaging materials which can be reused over and over again. This combination creates a positive environmental impact while simultaneously allowing more people to access organic and healthy coffees at a fraction of the cost.

This forward-thinking approach has led to major successes by way of distribution deals across North America and Europe, further solidifying Grinds’ place within the global coffee culture market. Consequently, what started out as an idea born from necessity has now transformed into something much larger: a platform that encourages entrepreneurs to make meaningful contributions towards society without sacrificing quality or profits.


Grinds Coffee Pouches had a significant impact on the industry after they appeared on Shark Tank. Their innovative packaging and unique product quickly gained traction through social media, leading to an increase in sales and brand recognition.

They have since expanded their business model and partnered with other companies, making them one of the most recognized names in the coffee pouch market. The future of Grinds looks bright as they continue to grow and expand into new markets, providing customers with convenient options for delicious coffee every day.

A success story fueled by ambition and creativity, Grinds’ accomplishments are sure to keep stimulating conversations about coffee pouches for years to come.

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