What Happened To Icpooch After Shark Tank?

ICPooch is a product that has been featured on the television show, Shark Tank. The invention was created by Brooke Martin in an effort to provide pet owners with an interactive way to interact and feed their pets from remote locations.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, ICPooch has gained notoriety and attention from viewers of the show. The idea for ICPooch came about when Brooke Martin’s daughter asked her why she couldn’t just video chat with their dog while away at college.

As a result, Brooke began designing a device that would allow people to do exactly that: video chat and even dispense treats to pets remotely. After gaining interest from the Sharks in season six of Shark Tank, ICPooch went on sale shortly afterwards via online retailers such as Amazon and Brookestone, among other popular sites.

In this article, we will explore what happened to ICPooch following its time on Shark Tank and look at some of the successes it has had since then.

The Invention Of Icpooch

The human-pet bond is an age old phenomenon that has endured the test of time. In this new era of pet tech convergence, ICPooch was born to revolutionize how people interact with their pets from afar.

Created by a father and daughter team in Seattle, Washington, the invention provides owners with a unique way to communicate and dispense treats remotely to their beloved four legged friends. ICPooch consists of two simple parts: the Pet Treater and the Web App. The Pet Treater is a treat dispensing device equipped with sensors, motors and a camera which can be placed near your pet’s food bowl or favorite spot at home.

Through the accompanying web app on any smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to see what your furry friend is up to while also having the ability to talk directly through it as if they were right next door. At its core, ICPooch works like virtual FaceTime for pets allowing users to keep tabs on them without being there physically.

After appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank show in 2016, founder Brooke Martin went on to secure more than $1 million in investments from various sources including investors from QVC Shopping Network – something she had dreamed about since launching her project five years prior.

Icpooch’s Appearance On Shark Tank

ICPooch made headlines when it appeared on Shark Tank in 2016. The pet tech startup had developed a device that allowed owners to remotely feed their pets via an app and web cam. It was the first of its kind, and managed to capture the attention of the sharks. After a brief presentation by ICPooch founder, Brooke Martin, she secured a deal with Lori Greiner for $100K in exchange for 20% equity in her business.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, ICPooch has gone from strength to strength. The company released their product onto the market and saw rapid growth due to press coverage across various media outlets such as Good Morning America, Fox Business Network, Forbes Magazine etc.

They have also been able to leverage positive customer reviews which has further helped them grow:

  • Over 6 million meals served since launch
  • 50+ countries using ICPooch technology
  • 90% 5-star ratings on Amazon
  • Featured in CES 2018 Tech Showcase
  • Committed partner/mentor with Microsoft BizSpark Program

The success seen by ICPooch after appearing on Shark Tank is evidence that emerging tech startups can reach great heights provided they are supported by investors willing to take risks. Since then, other similar products have come into existence but none quite like ICPooch—a testament to its innovative potential at the time of inception.

The Reception From The Sharks

The scene was set for the ICPooch pitch on Shark Tank, with founder and CEO Brooke Martin at the helm. Visualizing a world where pet parenting could be done remotely, she presented her idea to the sharks in hopes of garnering their approval. While they were initially skeptical due to its novelty, when Ms. Martin demonstrated how it worked, their interest shifted from doubt to intrigue.

A 3×5 table displayed below further outlines the details of this impressive product:

Feature Description Benefits
Pet Parent Accessibility Ability for owners to give treats & instructions via remote access through cell phone or computer application Allows pet parents to remain engaged even when away from home; strengthens bond between owner & pet
Video Chatting Capability Enables two-way communication between owners & pets that is both visual & audible; allows pet parent to check in on their beloved animal companions while away from home Enhances interaction between pet parents & pets; promotes mental stimulation and reduces feelings of isolation
Treat Delivery System Automated system dispenses predetermined treat portions according to preprogrammed settings selected by owner (e.g., time intervals) Offers an automated way for owners to reward desired behaviors without having physical presence

ICPooch impressed all five Sharks enough that they agreed to invest in it as a team effort. In addition to providing funds, Mr. Cuban promised his expertise in promoting the product across various media outlets – something which had eluded Brooke until then but would now enable her business dreams become a reality.

Selling Icpooch Online

After appearing on Shark Tank, ICPooch continued to be sold online. The company offered the same high-quality product: a device that connects pet owners with their beloved dogs from afar. Dog treaters and remote monitoring were integrated into this device so users could reward their furry friends or keep an eye on them even when they weren’t around. This feature was especially helpful for those who worked long hours away from home.

As time progressed, other interactive products such as voice recognition, video conferencing and playlists were added to the mix. The response from customers was overwhelmingly positive and soon after its appearance on the show, ICPooch began receiving orders from across the world. It became one of the most popular tech companies in pet care industry and expanded rapidly over the years.

Additionally, investors began showing interest in the project leading to numerous funding rounds which allowed ICPooch to grow further. Today, ICPooch is available at major retailers including Walmart, Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond – offering consumers access to quality pet care technology at an affordable price point. The company continues to develop new products that make it easier than ever before for people to stay connected with their pets no matter where life takes them.

Expansion Into International Markets

After appearing on Shark Tank, ICPooch had the opportunity to grow their reach and expand into international markets. The company had been very successful with its online sales, but now they looked to capitalize on the publicity gained from the show in order to take things a step further.

By offering remote access through an app, pet owners would be able to check in on their furry friends while away from home by sending treats or playing music for them.

The team at ICPooch saw this as an incredible opportunity to expand upon what was already available in terms of pet products and accessories. With such a strong online presence, people all over the world could connect with their pets using ICPooch’s platform. This made it possible for those who lived far away from family members or beloved companions to remain connected even if there were miles between them.

In addition, ICPooch also expanded its product line to include more specialty items like pet treats that are delivered right to your door! Their mission is still focused on providing safe and easy ways for people everywhere to stay connected with their pets no matter where they may be located across the globe.

Here are some of the benefits that come along with ICPooch:

  • Remote Access via App
  • Connecting People Across Long Distances
  • Pet Treat Delivery Services
  • Variety of Specialty Products – Customized Schedules for Treats and Interactions

Icpooch’s Award-Winning Recognition

ICPooch, an innovative pet-owner technology developed by Brooke Martin, was featured on Shark Tank in 2017. Following its appearance, the product received a number of awards including the Pet Age Innovator of the Year Award and the 2017 MDB Capital Bright Idea Award.

The product also received a great deal of recognition from the public, with adoring fans describing it as ‘a fantastic way to stay connected with your pet’. This recognition has had a considerable impact on the product, leading to increased sales and the development of a subscription-based model.

ICPooch has become a popular product among pet owners, opening up a whole new market for pet-owner technology.

Awards Won

Since its appearance on the hit television show Shark Tank, ICPooch has become a leader in pet tech. The remote-feeding device allows owners to feed their pets from anywhere with an internet connection and even includes video conferencing capabilities so that they can interact with them while apart.

As such, it’s no surprise that the innovative product has won numerous awards for its unique approach to pet care. In 2018 alone, ICPooch received accolades from organizations like CES, Women in Business Awards and Pet Age Magazine.

At CES, ICPooch was recognized as the Outstanding Tech Innovation of the Year at one of the most prestigious technology shows in the world. It also received two wins at the Women In Business Awards: Top Innovator Award for Best New Product or Service and Best B2C Customer Experience Solution. And finally, Pet Age Magazine honored ICPooch with both “Product of The Year” and “Best Interactive Toy/Game” awards during their annual event.

ICPooch is continuing to make waves in modern pet tech by developing more interactive features that allow users to monitor their pets’ health remotely through advanced algorithms. With these new updates expected to be released soon, there’s no telling what further recognition this company will receive in years to come!

Recognition Received

The innovative home automation and interactive play product, ICPooch, has been met with much recognition since its initial launch. It was featured on the hit television show Shark Tank in 2018 and went on to receive several awards from reputable organizations such as CES, Women In Business Awards, and Pet Age Magazine.

Among these awards were “Outstanding Tech Innovation of the Year” at CES, two wins at the Women In Business Awards for ‘Top Innovator Award’ and ‘Best B2C Customer Experience Solution’, and two awards from Pet Age Magazine including “Product of The Year” and “Best Interactive Toy/Game.’

ICPooch is continuing to stay ahead of the game by developing more advanced features that allow users to monitor their pet’s health remotely through algorithms. These new updates are expected to be released soon, allowing customers to get even closer to their pets when separated due to work or travel.

With this kind of innovation making headlines yet again, it will be exciting to see what other accolades come ICPooch’s way in the future!

Impact Of Appearances

The success of ICPooch’s award-winning recognition has been largely attributed to its innovative home automation and interactive play capabilities. As pet ownership continues to rise, more people are looking for ways to stay connected with their furry friends when work or travel keeps them apart. With the emergence of virtual interaction technologies such as ICPooch, these opportunities have become a reality.

Furthermore, this product’s impact on the industry is evident in the many awards it has accumulated over the years. From CES’s “Outstanding Tech Innovation of the Year” to two wins from Pet Age Magazine, including “Product of The Year” and “Best Interactive Toy/Game,’ ICPooch has made an undeniable impression on both consumers and professionals alike.

As technology advances, customers can expect even more features that improve their connection with their pets through remote monitoring algorithms. This kind of innovation demonstrates how important virtual connections are becoming in today’s world; not only do they provide convenience but also bring us closer together regardless of physical distance.

It will be interesting to see what other advancements come out of ICPooch as time goes on!

Upgrading The Technology Behind Icpooch

Irony struck when the Sharks in ABC’s Shark Tank were presented with ICPooch, an innovative pet-tracking and remote feeding system for pet owners who want to stay connected with their furry friends. Little did they know that this unique product would soon become a game changer in the world of pet care technology.

The creators of ICPooch sought out venture capital funding as well as angel investors to further develop their concept. With these investments, they began upgrading the technology behind ICPooch and expanding its capabilities to include more features like voice recognition software and enhanced video streaming. They also worked on improving the security protocols so users could be assured of reliable service and data protection.

These improvements have allowed ICPooch to thrive since appearing on Shark Tank – leading many tech experts to consider it one of the most advanced products available today for monitoring pets remotely and providing them with food or treats while away from home. This has revolutionized how people interact with their pets, offering convenience and peace of mind at any time day or night.

New Products And Services

After appearing on Shark Tank, ICPooch gained an influx of customer interest and feedback. The company went to work incorporating this feedback into their product in order to improve the pet-owner experience.

As a result, they launched several new products and services:

  • A mobile app that allows owners to communicate with pets remotely via video chat
  • Automated feeders controlled by the mobile app, providing precise nutritional control for pets
  • An exclusive subscription service delivering monthly pet food packages tailored to each individual pet’s needs
  • Improved packaging designs crafted specifically for shipping pet food safely and efficiently
  • Advice from trained nutritionists available through the app or website regarding proper pet nutrition

The success of these new products and services has been evidenced by increased sales numbers as well as numerous positive reviews from customers. With more than one million downloads since its launch, ICPooch is continuing to innovate and expand its offerings in order to meet the demands of pet owners around the world.

Icpooch’s Impact On Pet Owners

Following its appearance on the popular television show Shark Tank, ICPooch received considerable recognition for its innovative product. The device is designed to allow pet owners to communicate and interact with their pets remotely through video streaming and treat dispensing capabilities.

This technology has brought a new level of convenience to pet ownership by providing an effective solution for basic pet care needs when owners are away from home.

ICPooch’s unique design allows users to connect any smartphone or tablet device with the ICPooch hardware online in order to send treats or have live video calls with their beloved animal companions. Pet owners can also customize their own virtual messages which will be delivered by voice each time a treat is dispensed – this feature affords pet owners another way to stay connected despite physical distance between them and their furry friends.

The impact that ICPooch has had on pet ownership cannot be understated as it offers something more than just traditional methods of caring for one’s companion animals while at work or travelling abroad; it provides peace of mind knowing that they can still provide love and affection even when far apart.

By using advanced technologies such as video streaming, automated messaging, and remote treat delivery, ICPooch has made interacting with your pet easier than ever before.

The Future Of Icpooch

Despite not getting a deal from the Sharks, ICPooch has continued to innovate and grow since it was featured on Shark Tank. The company’s original product, ‘the world’s only Internet-connected pet treat dispenser’ remains popular among dog owners worldwide.

New products such as their Virtual Vet service have been added to their line up, allowing for remote consultations with qualified veterinarians in order to provide pet owners access to quality healthcare advice without having to leave home. Additionally, they offer services related to pet nutrition as well as fitness tracking technology.

The most recent innovation by ICPooch is an app that allows customers to control multiple treats dispensers at once rather than just one device connected over WiFi or Bluetooth. This new feature enables users to give each of their pets different kinds of treats simultaneously, providing them with a more personalized experience while still being able to monitor how much food each animal gets remotely.

In addition, ICPooch plans on expanding its reach by partnering with retailers so that their products will be available both online and in stores. They plan on continuing research into technological advancements within the pet industry and exploring potential collaborations with other companies in order to create innovative solutions for pet owners everywhere.


Since its appearance on Shark Tank, ICPooch has gone from strength to strength. It has used the funding obtained from the show to upgrade its technology and expand into new markets, allowing pet owners around the world to benefit from its unique product offering.

As they say ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, and with a growing demand for innovative products that cater to pets, it’s clear that ICPooch is here to stay – and will continue to be a leader in this burgeoning industry.

By focusing on customer service and continuing to deliver quality solutions, there’s no doubt that ICPooch will remain at the forefront of innovation as we move forward into an increasingly digital future.

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