What Happened To Ink Flip After Shark Tank?

Ink Flip was a company founded by two entrepreneurs who had an innovative idea to revolutionize the printing industry. After appearing on Shark Tank, viewers were left curious about what happened with the business afterwards.

This article will explore what occurred after their appearance and examine how this impacted their long-term success. Ink Flip made it onto season five of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank in 2014, where they pitched their unique take on printing services. On the episode, they impressed investors with their pitch but ultimately decided not to accept any offers.

Since then, viewers have been wondering how the company fared without outside investments from the Sharks. This article will discuss what happened next for Ink Flip and analyze its potential impact on the founders’ future endeavors.

The Ink Flip Pitch

Ink Flip, a company that provides cost savings for businesses through customized printed products and marketing strategies, made its way onto the Shark Tank in 2016. After an impressive pitch to the sharks, it seemed likely that Ink Flip would receive funding from one of the investors. However, after further consideration by the Sharks, they ultimately decided not to invest in the company due to their inability to come up with a solid plan for follow-up marketing efforts.

Though disappointed at first, Ink Flip’s CEO used this opportunity as motivation. Since appearing on Shark Tank, he has worked hard to establish partnerships with major companies like Google and Groupon. This allowed them to boost their sales significantly and gain more exposure in various markets around the world.

Additionally, Ink Flip was able to expand into new product offerings such as t-shirts and mugs which have been successful so far. Through these advancements in technology and product innovation, Ink Flip has become well known among entrepreneurs who appreciate their unique approach when it comes to finding cost savings solutions for businesses.

The popularity of Ink Flip also continues to grow thanks to positive reviews from customers all over the world who are enjoying working with them.

Shark Tank Reactions

Ink Flip, a custom printing company that offers alternative solutions to traditional printing methods, appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank in 2016. The entrepreneurs behind Ink Flip hoped to receive an investment from one of the sharks and achieve their goal of becoming the largest online provider for custom printed products. Unfortunately, none of the five investors were interested in investing in the company.

The reason for this lack of interest is likely due to the high cost associated with large scale production and shipping of custom printed goods. As such, there was no clear path for Ink Flip’s long-term sustainability as a business venture. This caused hesitation among all five sharks who chose not to invest and ultimately left them feeling unimpressed by what they had seen from Ink Flip.

Despite not receiving any investments from Shark Tank, Ink Flip still managed to remain successful afterwards and continues to offer customers personalized items at competitive prices today. Their website boasts thousands of customizable options including t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more – all produced using their unique direct-to-garment technology which allows clients to order without minimums or set up fees.

Rejection Of Offers

Ink Flip was a company that pitched their business on Shark Tank in 2015, but failed to receive an offer from the Sharks.

After their rejection, the founders of Ink Flip were still determined to make their business a success and began to focus on raising money from other venture capitalists.

Despite their rejection on Shark Tank, Ink Flip was eventually able to close a deal with a venture capitalist, providing them with the capital they needed to expand their business.

Though rejection from the Sharks was a setback, Ink Flip was able to find other ways to secure funding and continue their success.

Ink Flip’s Post-Rejection Plan

Ink Flip’s post-rejection plan involved alternative designs and price points in order to make the product more appealing to potential investors.

The company had a wide range of designs, from classic black and white notebooks to vibrant colors that could be customized for any business or individual.

Additionally, the pricing was adjusted so that it was more affordable than some of their competitors’ offerings. This allowed Ink Flip to become accessible to anyone looking for an easy way to store notes without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, Ink Flip began marketing itself as a stationery supplier with the goal of making its products available worldwide. In order to do this, they developed partnerships with retailers like Target and Office Depot.

By creating these relationships, Ink Flip was able to expand its reach beyond just online shoppers and gain access to physical stores across the nation.

The combination of alternative designs and price points along with strategic partnerships enabled Ink Flip to create its own niche within the stationary industry despite not being featured on Shark Tank.

With time and effort put into refining their business model, Ink Flip is now seen as one of the leading suppliers in its field due to its commitment towards providing quality products at reasonable prices.

Rejection Of Offers By Sharks

Ink Flip’s rejection of offers from the Sharks on Shark Tank was a major setback, but they persevered and developed their own unique business model that would eventually make them successful.

The company focused on refining their printing innovations and developing effective marketing strategies.

Through strategic partnerships with retailers such as Target and Office Depot, Ink Flip was able to ensure its products were available in physical stores across the nation.

Furthermore, alternative designs coupled with reasonable pricing made Ink Flip accessible for anyone looking for an easy way to store notes without breaking the bank.

With their commitment towards providing quality products at competitive prices, Ink Flip has become one of the leading suppliers within its field despite not being featured on Shark Tank.

Reactions From The Public

The reaction from the public to Ink Flip’s appearance on Shark Tank was a mix of curiosity and skepticism. People were intrigued by the idea of creating custom-made flip books, but many wondered if it would take off as an actual product or service. The expectations for Ink Flip were high, given that they had secured a deal with one of the Sharks and all seemed set for success.

Customer feedback after the show aired revealed mixed reactions about Ink Flip. Many people found their creative marketing strategies engaging and appreciated how easy it was to create beautiful flipbooks in minutes. However, some felt that the quality of images could be improved upon, while others thought that the price point may have been too high compared to similar products available in the market.

Ink Flip has certainly made an impact since its appearance on Shark Tank; however, whether it can live up to expectations remains to be seen. Despite customer concerns over image quality and pricing, there is still potential for growth due to its innovative approach and unique offers for customers who want something special for gifting occasions.

It will be interesting to watch what happens next for this ambitious startup.

Financial Performance

The reaction to InkFlip’s pitch on Shark Tank was mixed, with some investors being intrigued and others not so impressed. However, one thing became clear – the future of this printing technology startup would depend heavily upon its ability to manage costs while expanding market share.

Like a rider on a wild bull, they had to stay in control while trying to make progress. The company made great efforts towards reducing their printing costs by improving production efficiency, allowing them to price competitively within the marketplace. Additionally, they implemented creative marketing strategies such as offering custom designs for customers who wanted personalized apparel.

These tactics helped increase their sales significantly over time. InkFlip managed to expand beyond their original customer base and gain more recognition across multiple industries due to their unique approach that combined cost-effectiveness with design simplicity. They achieved success through consistent work and dedication which enabled them to form relationships with new partners and acquire an ever-growing slice of the market share pie.

This ultimately set up InkFlip for long-term sustainability in spite of any questions or doubts from the Sharks on Shark Tank night.

Expansion Plans

After appearing on Shark Tank, Ink Flip continued to grow its presence in the market. The company introduced new marketing strategies that allowed it to reach a larger audience and take advantage of industry trends. In addition, they expanded their product line with more options for customers.

Ink Flip has been able to capitalize on their appearance on Shark Tank by gaining recognition from potential customers and investors alike. They have used this attention to focus on creating innovative products such as customized wall graphics, vinyl window graphics and even promotional materials like stickers and postcards. With these new offerings, Ink Flip has seen an increase in revenues due to increased customer interest.

The company is also actively exploring various partnerships that would allow them to further expand their business operations into other markets and industries. These partnerships could potentially lead to additional revenue streams and extend Ink Flip’s reach around the world. As part of their expansion plans, Ink Flip aims to continue developing cutting-edge products while providing excellent customer service.

Marketing Strategies Industry Trends Product Line Expansion
Social Media Campaigns Digital Advertising Custom Wall Graphics
Printed Ads Mobile Technology Vinyl Window Graphics
Influencer Partnerships AI/Machine Learning Promotional Materials Display Stands and Kiosks

Future Business Ventures

Ink Flip, a company utilizing printing technology to produce custom products, had an unsuccessful appearance on Shark Tank in 2017. Following this, the company was unable to secure alternative funding and eventually closed its doors in 2020.

The closure of Ink Flip stands as an important reminder for entrepreneurs who are looking to gain investment from potential investors. While appearing on popular shows such as Shark Tank can offer a great opportunity for businesses seeking capital, it is not always guaranteed that their venture will be successful or profitable. This has been proven through Ink Flip’s case when they were unable to close any deals during their time on the show.

Despite the ultimate failure of Ink Flip, there remains hope for businesses using printing technology. With more access to resources than ever before, companies have greater possibilities than ever before in terms of securing additional financing and expanding operations.

By taking advantage of these tools and opportunities, entrepreneurs may still find success with their business ventures despite the example set by Ink Flip’s unfortunate story.

Media Coverage

Following the appearance on Shark Tank, Ink Flip received a variety of media coverage from both traditional and digital sources. The venture was featured in print publications such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes, offering readers insight into the company’s mission and successes.

Online outlets like TechCrunch also reported on the business venture’s progress, providing an expansive reach across the digital landscape. Ink Flip further maintained its presence online by creating social media accounts in order to keep customers updated with their latest campaigns and products.

Through these channels they were able to provide incentives for customer loyalty while remaining connected to feedback from users who already had invested in their products. This strategic approach allowed them to increase brand awareness while developing relationships with existing customers.

The move towards a stronger digital presence paid off; within two years of appearing on Shark Tank, Ink Flip experienced rapid expansion that resulted in multiple store openings nationwide. The combination of positive press coverage, along with continued success through online marketing initiatives proved successful for this burgeoning startup.

The Founders’ Reflections

In the world of startups, few experiences are more grueling than appearing on Shark Tank. The appearance can be a make-or-break moment for any fledgling business, and unfortunately, Ink Flip was no exception. After an exhilarating pitch to the Sharks that promised massive potential, it became clear that there were too many unknowns with their product for them to receive adequate funding.

The founders of Ink Flip left the set feeling disheartened but also determined to succeed outside of the show’s walls. They knew that if they could just build up brand perception and customer engagement then success would follow soon enough.

To achieve this goal, they started hosting events in major cities across the country as well as leveraging social media campaigns to reach new audiences:

  • Increased presence at physical events such as expositions and conventions
  • Partnership deals with influencers from various backgrounds
  • Expansion into international markets
  • Strategic use of online ads
  • A comprehensive loyalty program offering rewards points to customers

These efforts paid off quickly, allowing Ink Flip to expand its user base exponentially within months after airing their episode on ABC. Nowadays, Ink Flip is a thriving business whose products have been featured in prominent publications like Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes—a far cry from where they were when they appeared on ‘Shark Tank’.

Impact On The Printing Industry

Ink Flip was a web-based platform that allowed users to design and print custom products in bulk. After their appearance on the show Shark Tank, Ink Flip underwent extensive development of their technology as well as an increase in public visibility.

The impact of Ink Flip on the printing industry has been significant. Consumers have become increasingly aware of green printing initiatives, with businesses now being able to reduce costs through digital archiving.

This is particularly beneficial for those who need to develop large volumes of identical prints, such as magazines or flyers. By using ink flip’s online platform, companies are better equipped to handle these orders quickly and efficiently.

Overall, Ink Flip’s presence on Shark Tank marked a major milestone for the company, leading to increased awareness about green printing techniques and digital archiving services among consumers. With this shift towards efficient production methods, companies are now more likely than ever before to leverage modern technologies for their own benefit when it comes to large order fulfillment needs.


Ink Flip’s journey on Shark Tank marked an interesting twist of fate for the printing industry. Its founders were determined to revolutionize it, but their ambition did not result in a deal with any Sharks.

Faced with public scrutiny and financial challenges, Ink Flip managed to persevere and continue its mission despite rejection. The experience left them wiser, more resilient, and with a greater appreciation for the risks that come with innovation – they went from ‘heroes to zero’ in one episode yet emerged stronger than ever before.

Ultimately, this story serves as a reminder that those who dare to dream big will always be rewarded even when faced with adversity. As Mark Twain famously said: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Ink Flip certainly got started!

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