What Happened To Kymera Body Board After Shark Tank?

Kymera Body Board is a company that was featured on Shark Tank, an American reality show in which entrepreneurs seek investments from business leaders. After appearing on the show, Kymera saw immediate success and increased recognition of its product. However, since then there has been radio silence regarding the fate of this innovative body board.

This article will analyze what happened to Kymera after it appeared on Shark Tank and provide insight into the current state of the company. In order to gain a better understanding of what occurred with Kymera’s post-Shark Tank trajectory, interviews were conducted with key players involved in the production process as well as customers who have purchased Kymera products.

The results of these conversations shed light onto the potential reasons for why Kymera faced difficulty after achieving such initial success. Furthermore, this analysis will explore potential strategies for how companies can maximize their potential impacts when presented with similar opportunities like those seen through Shark Tank exposure.

Kymera’s Initial Success

Kymera Body Board, the revolutionary body board designed to offer a safe and enjoyable experience for all users, has become one of the most popular aquatic sports in recent years. With its innovative design and intuitive user interface, Kymera has quickly established itself as an industry leader.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Kymera’s success skyrocketed as its marketing strategies and branding initiatives caught the attention of millions of viewers around the world. The demand for Kymera soared after their appearance on Shark Tank with orders coming from across North America and Europe.

In response to this influx in demand, Kymera’s team worked hard to meet customer expectations by streamlining production processes while also expanding into new markets. This growth allowed them to reach more consumers through increased advertising campaigns targeting potential customers directly or through traditional media outlets such as radio, television and print publications.

By utilizing various channels of communication and building relationships with distributors worldwide, Kymera was able to build strong brand awareness that significantly boosted sales over time. Their effective use of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram helped expand their global network even further allowing them to engage with customers directly.

As a result of these successful efforts, Kymera is now widely recognized among water sport enthusiasts as a reliable source for quality premium boards that provide unbeatable durability and performance at competitive prices.

The Impact Of Shark Tank

The appearance of Kymera Body Boards on Shark Tank had a lasting impact on the company. After the show, sales began to increase significantly due to increased consumer interest in their boogie boards. This surge in popularity was largely attributed to the ability of Kymera’s founders to successfully explain and demonstrate their product during their presentation.

In order to capitalize on this newfound success, Kymera shifted its marketing strategies towards generating more online exposure for its products. The company utilized social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to connect with potential customers, allowing them to showcase new bodyboards and accessories that could be purchased directly from its website.

Additionally, they held promotions and giveaways which further promoted their brand among consumers who were interested in their unique offerings. As a result of these efforts, Kymera continued to gain traction within the industry by staying up-to-date with current consumer trends.

The company has also experienced considerable growth since appearing on Shark Tank; it now boasts an impressive catalog of products including bodyboards, skimboards, surfboards, and other sporting goods items—all thanks in part to the successful participation on the show.

Interviews With Key Players

Investor relations and marketing strategies have been the primary focus of Kymera Body Board since their appearance on Shark Tank. The founders, Justin and Jacob Sternberg, were able to secure a deal with investor Lori Greiner which allowed them to expand production capabilities and increase exposure for their product.

Through interviews with both Justin and Jacob, it has become apparent that they are dedicated to cultivating relationships with investors in order to ensure long-term success. The two brothers have taken an active role in managing investor relations by attending various trade shows and conferences around the country. This has provided them with valuable feedback from existing customers as well as potential new ones.

Additionally, they’ve implemented several marketing campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness among consumers. For instance, they recently launched a promotional video featuring professional bodyboarders using Kymera boards in action sports competitions across the world.

Kymera Body Boards continues to grow steadily thanks to its strategy of leveraging investor relations and developing creative advertising initiatives. With further investments coming in from major companies such as Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores, there is great potential for continued expansion within this industry. These efforts will likely be instrumental in ensuring Kymera remains a viable player within the surfing market for years to come.

Customer Feedback

After the appearance of Kymera Body Boards on Shark Tank, several customers have noted an improvement in their branding strategies and media coverage. The founders, who had previously been unknown to most people outside of the bodyboarding industry, saw a massive spike in name recognition after their pitch was aired.

The company’s website experienced increased traffic with many orders for boards being reported shortly after the show ran. Customers praised the unique features offered by Kymera such as its interchangeable fins that could be swapped out depending on wave conditions, allowing riders to customize their board accordingly. They also appreciated how the product design allowed them to engage with top professional bodyboarders that inspired them to try new tricks and stunts.

Kymera has since established itself as one of the leading bodyboards brands available today. With improved branding strategies and effective media coverage, they are now more widely known than ever before. Their appearance on Shark Tank has proven beneficial not only for gaining exposure but also for generating sales and encouraging customer loyalty towards their product range.

Reasons For Struggles Post-Shark Tank

When Kymera Body Boards appeared on Shark Tank, the company was poised for success. However, since their appearance on the show in 2013, Kymera has struggled to maintain a presence in the market.

This can be attributed to several factors including lack of proper marketing strategy and brand visibility. Kymera’s chief problem when it came to marketing was that they did not properly leverage the exposure from appearing on Shark Tank. Despite becoming one of ABC’s most popular episodes, Kymera failed to capitalize on this momentum by investing more into promotional efforts or building relationships with influential sports figures who could promote their product. As a result, potential customers had difficulty finding information about Kymera online or even locating retailers that sold them.

In addition, Kymera also faced fierce competition from established body board brands such as Morey Boogie and X-Body Boarding which had much larger budgets for advertising campaigns and sponsorships. Without adequate support behind its brand name, Kymera quickly faded away into obscurity leaving only diehard fans holding onto what remains of the once promising business venture.

Challenges With Manufacturing

The success of Kymera Body Boards on Shark Tank led to a surge in consumer demand. In order to keep up with the new demand, efforts had to be made to secure and manage an adequate supply chain. This involved finding reliable manufacturers who could produce boards quickly while still maintaining quality control standards. It also required making sure that enough materials were available at all times.

As part of these efforts, marketing was increased to reach more potential customers and encourage them to buy Kymera products. However, this presented several challenges for the company due to their limited resources. For one thing, they lacked the infrastructure needed to properly coordinate production between different manufacturers. Additionally, there were issues related to pricing and delivery scheduling which further hampered their ability to respond effectively.

Finally, they faced difficulty balancing customer satisfaction with rapid production turnaround times as mistakes or delays could lead to negative reviews and complaints from consumers. Ultimately, despite facing numerous obstacles along the way, Kymera Body Boards has been able to meet the demands placed upon it by its newfound popularity. The company has worked hard to establish strong relationships with suppliers and build trust among their customers so that everyone can benefit from their innovative product line-up moving forward.

Product Quality

Product durability is a key metric for success in the product development process.

Product reliability is also an important factor in determining the overall quality of a product.

The Kymera Body Board was featured on the hit show Shark Tank, and its performance has been closely monitored since its appearance.

Following its appearance on the show, reviews of the board have noted its robust construction and reliability in use.

Product Durability

The durability of Kymera Body Board has been a topic of discussion since the company’s appearance on Shark Tank. The product, which was designed for use in bodyboarding activities, was initially seen to be durable and well made by those who used it, however there have been concerns voiced about its longevity over time due to some issues with wear and tear.

To assess the true quality of Kymera Body Board, marketing strategies and sales tactics must be taken into account. Kymera claims that their boards are constructed using high-grade materials specifically chosen for strength and resistance to damage. Their marketing efforts focus heavily on this aspect of their product, claiming that they offer superior performance compared to other bodyboards currently available on the market. Additionally, they have implemented a robust customer service strategy that includes providing replacement parts should any component fail prematurely or become damaged from regular wear and tear.

In terms of sales tactics, Kymera offers discounts when customers purchase multiple boards at once as an incentive for users looking to buy more than one board for themselves or family members. They also provide free shipping within the United States for orders placed online through their website, making it easier and more cost efficient for consumers to get products delivered directly to them without having to go out shopping.

This ensures that customers can enjoy their new Kymera Body Board quickly after ordering it online – adding convenience to the purchasing process while helping maintain brand loyalty among existing customers.

Product Reliability

The quality of a product is integral to its success, and Kymera Body Board has implemented various strategies in order to ensure their products are reliable. These include marketing efforts that emphasize the use of high-grade materials for strength and resistance to damage, as well as providing replacement parts should any component fail prematurely or become damaged from regular wear and tear.

Additionally, Kymera offers discounts when customers purchase multiple boards at once, making it more cost efficient for consumers to get these products delivered directly to them without having to go out shopping. In terms of pricing structure, the company claims that their prices are competitive with other bodyboards available on the market while still being able to provide a superior level of performance.

This allows for an optimal balance between customer satisfaction and business profitability – ensuring both parties can benefit from this relationship in the long run.

Impact Of The Pandemic

The pandemic presented an unprecedented challenge to the Kymera Body Board, a business that had just recently been featured on Shark Tank. The company’s mission of making bodyboarding accessible and exciting was suddenly hindered by stay-at-home orders, travel restrictions, and social distancing regulations.

In response to these limitations, Kymera innovated in order to remain viable. They implemented remote marketing tactics such as virtual tours and digital campaigns, which allowed them to maintain customer engagement even though they could not physically meet with prospective customers.

Additionally, their team members worked from home to create new products and advertising strategies for attracting customers online. This enabled them to continue operations without having access to the same resources or opportunities available before the pandemic.

Kymera has managed to successfully navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19 through their quick thinking and adaptability. As a result, they have continued their mission of bringing bodyboarding into people’s lives while also managing the risks associated with operating during a global health crisis.

Strategies For Maximizing Opportunities

The pandemic has undeniably caused significant disruptions to business operations and the economy. Consequently, it is imperative for organizations to maximize opportunities in order to remain competitive during these tumultuous times.

When done correctly, there are a number of marketing tactics and pricing strategies that can be used by businesses to achieve this goal.

In terms of marketing tactics, one technique companies may employ is segmenting their target audience into different categories based on shared characteristics such as age or geographical location. This will allow them to tailor targeted campaigns to each group which could potentially increase engagement with customers.

Additionally, businesses should consider establishing partnerships with other companies in order to capitalize on existing customer bases and reach new ones. For example, an online store might partner up with a clothing brand in order to have access to its followers and subsequently promote itself within those channels.

Furthermore, when determining pricing strategies, many factors need to taken into account such as the product’s cost of production, competitors’ prices and market demand levels. Companies must also decide whether they want their price points to be high-end or low-end depending on what type of consumers they’re targeting; however regardless of this decision, offering discounts and incentives should also be considered as it helps attract potential buyers while still maintaining profitability margins if appropriately structured.

By being mindful of the aforementioned techniques, organizations can create effective plans tailored towards optimizing opportunities during challenging times. In turn this allows them to stay ahead and ultimately succeed despite any difficulties posed by the current environment.

The Future Of Kymera

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, Kymera Body Board has continued to develop and promote its innovative bodyboard design. With the help of billionaire investor Mark Cuban, Kymera developed a plan for increasing their production capacity and began establishing future partnerships with major retailers.

The company also formed relationships with several surf-related organizations in order to get their products into shops near popular beaches around the world. Kymera’s success can be attributed to its commitment to creating an ergonomic and durable product that is suitable for everyone from beginners to experts alike.

They have also created unique marketing strategies, such as providing online tutorials and webinars about how best to use their boards. In addition, they are continually exploring new materials and manufacturing techniques in order to create even more efficient boards in the future.

These forward-thinking initiatives have allowed Kymera Body Boards to remain competitive within their industry while continuing to expand their reach worldwide. As long as they continue developing innovative strategies and forming strategic partnerships, there’s no doubt that Kymera will maintain its status as one of the top names in bodyboarding.


The Kymera body board’s journey has been turbulent since its appearance on Shark Tank. Initially, the product was well-received by customers and investors alike; however, after a series of setbacks, it seems to have stalled in recent years.

The lack of quality control, combined with the economic impact of lockdowns due to the pandemic, have made it difficult for the company to grow their business. Nevertheless, there is still potential for growth if they focus on maximizing opportunities and adapting their products accordingly.

If successful, Kymera could once again become a driving force in the watersport industry – providing an innovative product that riders can trust for years to come!

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