What Happened To Lifebelt After Shark Tank?

LifeBelt was a product featured on the hit show Shark Tank in 2012. The product, created by entrepreneurs Robert and Ryan Herrington, is an innovative safety device that combines a life vest with flotation devices to give more buoyancy and stability when swimming.

After appearing on the show, LifeBelt has been met with much success despite some initial skepticism from the Sharks. Since its appearance on Shark Tank, LifeBelt has become one of the most successful products ever featured on the show. Its popularity has also increased rapidly as people all around the world recognize its unique design and utility for everyday activities like swimming or kayaking.

Furthermore, LifeBelt’s founders have continued to improve upon their original concept – adding additional features such as adjustable straps, improved materials, new colors and sizes – giving customers an even better experience each time they put it on. It has since expanded into many different markets including leisure boating, fishing, water sports and even military applications.

Success After Shark Tank

What does it take for a company to make it big? How can a business from a small town become an international success? These are the questions that LifeBelt, a small startup from Austin, TX, had to answer when they appeared on Shark Tank.

After their appearance in 2016, LifeBelt skyrocketed into the mainstream and became one of the most recognizable brands in America.

LifeBelt’s goal was simple: use social media platforms to increase brand awareness and reach more customers than ever before. They created campaigns across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that quickly went viral. As word spread about LifeBelt’s unique product offerings, customer demand increased exponentially. This led to rapid expansion into new markets such as Europe and Asia, with sales becoming increasingly profitable by the day.

In addition to harnessing the power of social media marketing strategies, LifeBelt also leveraged influencer partnerships to create even greater levels of exposure for its products. By working together with some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports, LifeBelt was able to extend its reach further than ever imagined – having gone from being unheard of just months prior to appearing on Shark Tank to now being sold at major retailers around the globe.

Clearly, through strategic nurturing and careful planning, this once-small startup has achieved remarkable success since taking part in the show.

Expansion Of The Product Line

Lifebelt had already developed a successful remote tracking product, but the Shark Tank experience helped to expand their product line and access new markets.

Following the appearance on the show, Lifebelt was able to use its newfound notoriety to explore commercial applications of its technology.

The company began developing specialized products for maritime shipping companies and other industries in need of precise location tracking capabilities.

The success of these efforts led Lifebelt’s parent company to launch a subsidiary focused solely on creating customized solutions for large-scale customers.

This allowed Lifebelt to pursue more complex projects that would have otherwise been too expensive or difficult to develop with limited resources.

With this increased focus, the company was able to refine existing technologies and create innovative products tailor-made for specific industry needs.

Lifebelt has since become an international leader in precision tracking solutions, offering tailored services for some of the world’s largest transportation companies.

By utilizing cutting edge technology and providing superior customer service, Lifebelt has positioned itself as a trusted provider of reliable real-time monitoring systems across multiple industries worldwide.

Increased Popularity

LifeBelt, the company that produces a belt to help swimmers stay afloat and safe in the water, made its debut on Shark Tank in December 2016. Since then, LifeBelt has become increasingly popular among its target audiences – competitive swimmers, resorts with large pools and lifeguards.

Customer feedback for LifeBelt has been overwhelmingly positive as it helps them feel safer in aquatic environments:

  • It is lightweight, allowing wearers more flexibility when swimming.
  • The buckle makes putting on and taking off the device easier than ever before.
  • A built-in buoyancy aid allows users to be able to float without having to kick or paddle.

The product’s affordability, convenience, and usefulness have all contributed greatly to its success since appearing on Shark Tank; as such, demand continues to rise as people become aware of this innovative swim safety solution.

With growing customer satisfaction comes increased sales which will hopefully continue over time.

Improved Design

The popular Lifebelt product, featured on the hit show Shark Tank, has seen a surge in popularity since it was first presented. Its innovative design and mission to keep swimmers safe have resonated with those looking for an extra layer of protection while swimming.

As its fan base grows, so too does the need for improved design features that meet safety certifications and customer expectations. Lifebelt is now undergoing rigorous testing from third-party agencies to ensure every model meets stringent safety standards in order to further protect users.

Customer feedback is also playing an important role in driving changes within the company; customers’ suggestions are being integrated into future models as well as existing products currently available on the market.

From upgrades to materials used to new designs based on user feedback, Lifebelt continues to strive towards excellence through innovation and consumer input. With such dedication comes peace of mind knowing that their team is dedicated to making sure their products remain among the highest quality ones out there when it comes to water safety.

Enhanced Materials

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Adjustable Straps

After appearing on the hit television show Shark Tank, Lifebelt experienced an immediate surge in sales. The company’s adjustable straps and durable construction quickly gained traction with a wide range of consumers, as well as industry professionals looking for ways to improve safety while engaging in water sports activities.

The protective coating that is applied to each strap helps prevent corrosion from saltwater exposure and prolongs the life of the product significantly. Additionally, Lifebelt has been tested by leading experts such as oceanographers, marine biologists, surfers and swimmers who have all recognized its superior design and functionality.

Lifebelt has become one of the most popular products among athletes thanks to its versatility and ability to meet various needs. It can be easily adjusted for different sizes, provides maximum comfort during use, and is extremely lightweight which makes it ideal for extended periods spent outdoors.

With these features combined with its strong reputation in the market, Lifebelt remains an excellent choice when seeking reliable protection against unexpected watersports emergencies.

New Colors & Sizes

Lifebelt, the innovative swimming aid featured on Shark Tank, continues to make a splash in the world of swim safety. After appearing on the show, Lifebelt was able to capitalize on its newfound exposure and expand their product range by introducing new colors and sizes.

The first step for Lifebelt in expanding their product line was to introduce bright, eye-catching colors that would be attractive to potential customers both young and old. By offering multiple color options, Lifebelt added an element of fun and customization while still remaining true to their brand identity as a reliable source of aquatic safety products.

The company also expanded their size offerings from infant/toddler up through adult XXXL—allowing them to reach more consumers with different needs.

To promote these new colors and sizes, Lifebelt implemented branding strategies such as sponsoring youth sports teams as well as creating marketing campaigns across various platforms like radio, television, print media, and social networks. This allowed them to really drive home the message that they had something for everyone when it came to water safety gear; no matter your age or activity level there is a perfect fit available from Lifebelt!

In addition to this broadened appeal, the company’s visibility has grown significantly since being featured on Shark Tank; further solidifying their place in the market as one of the premier suppliers of quality swim aids.

Leisure Boating Applications

LifeBelt is a marine safety device that has been featured on Shark Tank. It is designed to improve boating education, with the aim of making recreational and leisure boating safer for everyone.

The product consists of a belt-like buoyancy aid which can be attached to the user’s waist or upper body while swimming in open waters. The LifeBelt also comes with an integrated tether system that allows it to be easily deployed from any boat in just seconds. This makes it ideal for use by people who are not familiar with traditional life jackets and vests.

Application Description Benefits
Leisure Boating Lifebelt provides extra security and visibility when participating in recreational activities such as fishing, sailing, wakeboarding, water skiing etc. Increased confidence & peace of mind; lightweight & comfortable design; easy deployment within seconds
Touring Boats Ideal for passengers onboard touring boats, ferries and other vessels where lifesaving devices may not always be readily available during emergency situations. Quick access to flotation device; increased comfort whilst seated or standing; improved visibility due to bright colors & reflective tape strips
Swimming Pools/Spas Suitable for swimmers who require extra support when entering deep or unfamiliar bodies of water. Can also provide additional assurance and monitoring capabilities when supervising children at aqua parks and other attractions. Enhanced protection against potential drowning hazards; adjustable sizes fits most users; secure fitment ensures effective positioning throughout use

Since its appearance on Shark Tank, LifeBelt has continued to evolve into a market leading solution that offers enhanced marine safety benefits across different applications – whether it’s leisure boating, touring boats or swimming pools/spas. Its innovative design combined with superior functionality have made it a popular choice among customers looking for reliable personal mobility solutions in aquatic environments..

Fishing & Water Sports Uses

Fishing with Lifebelt is an innovative product that was showcased in the popular entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank.

Lifebelt is a buoyancy device that helps anglers stay safe and buoyant while fishing.

Water Sports with Lifebelt is similar in that the product helps users stay afloat and safe in the water.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Lifebelt has become more widely recognized and is now a popular choice for both fishing and water sports.

Fishing With Lifebelt

Fishing and water sports are activities that require a good amount of skill, as well as the use of proper safety equipment. One such device is Lifebelt, a product initially featured on Shark Tank in 2014. Its purpose is to provide boaters with an easy-to-use buoyancy aid that helps them stay afloat if they fall into the water unexpectedly.

The concept behind this innovative product has been embraced by fishing and water sport enthusiasts alike. Lifebelt was developed with anglers in mind; its design allows for hands-free operation while still providing ample flotation support when needed. It also includes several pockets perfect for storing any small necessities or items one might need during their time out on the lake or river.

Additionally, its bright orange color makes it highly visible from a distance and easier for other boats to spot in case of an emergency. The features offered by Lifebelt make it a valuable tool for anyone who participates in any type of fishing or watersports activity.

Boaters can feel secure knowing that they have access to reliable boat safety equipment should something unexpected occur while out on the open waters. Furthermore, experienced anglers can take advantage of the unique angling techniques made possible by using Lifebelt’s special design. All these benefits combine to create an incredibly useful item that every fisherman should consider adding to their kit before heading out onto the waves.

Water Sports With Lifebelt

Racing and recreational water sports are becoming increasingly popular, especially among those who enjoy fishing. The presence of proper safety equipment is essential in order to ensure the safety of all participants.

Lifebelt is a product that was featured on Shark Tank in 2014 specifically designed for these activities. It provides buoyancy support when needed as well as several pockets for storing small items or necessities while out on the lake or river. With its bright orange color, it is also highly visible from a distance which increases racing and recreational safety significantly.

All these features make Lifebelt an incredibly useful item for anyone participating in any type of watersport activity, from casual boaters to experienced anglers looking to take advantage of unique techniques enabled by this device. As such, adding Lifebelt to one’s set-up before heading out onto the waves could be a great idea for everyone’s peace of mind.

Military Applications

Proudly presented in the Shark Tank, LifeBelt has since been making waves in military applications.

From the U.S. Marine Corps to the Coast Guard, this innovative device is revolutionizing maritime safety protocols and procedures.

The brainchild of former Navy Seal and founder Eric Dantas, LifeBelt was designed with a higher purpose in mind – protecting the lives of those who protect our freedom every day.

The patented design allows for quick deployment and easy storage while providing an additional layer of protection against accidental falls overboard or other hazardous situations that may arise on board vessels.

In addition to its standard features, this ruggedized version also comes equipped with several cutting-edge technologies such as integrated GPS tracking capabilities and emergency call buttons – offering improved situational awareness and increased security both at sea and on land.

With its impressive list of features, it’s no wonder why the LifeBelt is quickly becoming a staple among commercial fleets across the globe.


LifeBelt has seen a meteoric rise in popularity since appearing on Shark Tank. With an improved design, enhanced materials and multiple new sizes and colors available, the product is now used for leisure boating, fishing and water sports, as well as military applications.

This exponential growth can be demonstrated by the fact that LifeBelt sales have increased by 600% since its appearance on the show.

Overall, LifeBelt has experienced tremendous success since it was featured on Shark Tank; not only have they greatly expanded their product line but also increased public awareness of their product significantly.

As more people become aware of this life-saving device, companies such as LifeBelt will continue to improve upon their already impressive designs and create even better products in order to keep everyone safe while enjoying outdoor activities.

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