What Happened To Misto Box After Shark Tank?

MistoBox is a subscription-based coffee business that was featured on the hit ABC show Shark Tank in 2013. Founded by two former college roommates, it offered customers monthly shipments of artisan coffees from around the world. After an impressive pitch to the Sharks, MistoBox secured a deal with investor Robert Herjavec for $500,000 and went off into the proverbial sunset.

However, what happened afterwards? This article will explore how this once promising startup fared after its appearance on Shark Tank and examine whether or not the venture ultimately succeeded.

In order to gain insight into the fate of MistoBox post-Shark Tank, interviews were conducted with company founders Katrina and Steven Nakisher as well as other industry experts familiar with their story. Moreover, financial data obtained by external sources was used to assess changes in sales following their episode airing date.

The analysis reveals interesting details about MistoBox’s success – or lack thereof – since appearing on national television and provides important lessons for entrepreneurs seeking additional investments via reality shows like Shark Tank.

The Shark Tank Pitch

MishoBox, a monthly subscription service providing coffee lovers with an array of coffees from different regions of the world, made its debut on Shark Tank in 2013. The founders pitched their idea to the sharks amidst increasing trends in the market for specialty and craft coffee products.

After tasting several blends of MishoBox’s signature recopies, all five investors expressed interest in investing in the company. However, after two rounds of negotiations, no deal was struck between MishoBox and any shark.

It was not until later that year when MishoBox launched its own website and secured $1 million in venture capital funding from friends and family members. Since then, MishoBox has been steadily growing its subscriber base by offering unique selection boxes that feature ethically-sourced beans from around the globe – something no other subscription services offered at the time.

Today, MishoBox continues to lead the way among coffee subscription services as it is now available on Amazon Prime which allows customers to easily order their favorite roasts while also receiving free shipping benefits. With more than 500 reviews and a 4-star rating on Amazon alone, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to subscribe to this popular service each month.

Securing An Investment From Robert Herjavec

MishoBox, a coffee subscription startup, secured an investment from Robert Herjavec on the hit show Shark Tank. The founders of MishoBox presented their concept to the Sharks and received positive feedback for their innovative idea.

The team’s success in getting an investment stemmed from their well-thought out pitch that highlighted many of MishoBox’s unique features such as:

  • Convenient monthly delivery
  • Roasted beans delivered with no additional fees
  • Opportunity to try new varieties each month

Quality control:

  • Coffee is sourced directly from specialty roasters around the world
  • Carefully selected and tested prior to shipment

Social media presence:

  • Active accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms used to engage customers and bring awareness about the product.

Following the airing of the episode featuring MishoBox, sales increased significantly due to heightened exposure via social media channels. This proved invaluable for the brand’s growth, allowing them to expand into different markets across North America and beyond.

Sales Following The Episode Airing Date

Prior to the episode of Shark Tank airing, MISTO Box had been gaining traction with customers, but at a relatively slow rate.

After the episode aired, MISTO Box saw a dramatic increase in sales, with the company selling out of its inventory within 24 hours of the airing.

Subsequent sales continued to soar, with the company reporting a 600% increase in sales compared to their pre-episode numbers.

MISTO Box’s success on Shark Tank has had a significant long-term impact on the company’s overall sales figures.

Pre-Episode Sales

The pre-episode sales of Misto Box saw a significant jump in the weeks leading up to its appearance on Shark Tank.

The supply chain was put under strain as they had an influx of orders and needed to expand their operations quickly, adding staff and resources to meet demand.

This growth resulted in a boom for the coffee subscription service that allowed them to grow their customer base substantially before the episode aired.

As a result, when it finally went live, viewers were already familiar with the product which propelled sales even further.

With over one million dollars raised via direct purchases, investments from outside parties and fan donations shortly after airing, Misto Box has established itself as a successful business model within the subscription box industry.

Post-Episode Sales

Following the airing of Misto Box’s episode on Shark Tank, post-episode sales had an even greater impact in comparison to pre-episode sales. This was due to customer outreach and marketing efforts that followed the broadcast date; Misto Box sought out potential customers through email campaigns and social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

Additionally, they conducted a thorough market analysis which enabled them to identify target consumers and better understand their purchasing behaviors. As a result, their company continued to grow rapidly with new investments from outside parties, fan donations, and direct purchases reaching upwards of one million dollars shortly after it aired.

These numbers demonstrate the success of this business model within the subscription box industry.

The Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic

MistaBox’s appearance on Shark Tank gave the company tremendous exposure and opened up possibilities for their business. After the episode aired, they saw a surge in sales from customers who were interested in learning more about how MistaBox works.

However, what came next was something no one could have predicted – the COVID-19 pandemic. With businesses shutting down around the world, companies had to rapidly adjust to new ways of working remotely and engaging with customers virtually.

For MistaBox, this meant that many of their events and experiences had to be put on hold or cancelled altogether. They shifted focus toward digital marketing initiatives such as social media campaigns and search engine optimization so that their products remained visible during this unprecedented time period.

Fortunately, due to their quick adaptation to changing business conditions, MistaBox has not only managed to survive but also thrive in this challenging environment. By leveraging virtual technologies like webinars and video conferencing platforms, they are able to continue connecting with potential customers while providing them with valuable insight into their product offerings without having any physical contact involved.

This strategy has enabled them to create new opportunities for growth even when traditional avenues may have been closed off by the pandemic.

Expansion Into Other Markets

After appearing on Shark Tank, MistoBox experienced a surge in growth and recognition. The company quickly began to look for ways to continue their success by expanding into other markets.

To do so, the business implemented an affiliate marketing program that allowed them to reach more customers. This strategy proved very successful for increasing sales and brand awareness.

The additional revenue allowed MistoBox to further improve customer service by adding more staff members who could respond to inquiries quicker than before. They also invested in creating new webpages and resources like tutorials and FAQs which helped answer common queries much faster than before.

These improvements led to higher satisfaction ratings among their online community of customers as well as better overall product experiences when ordering coffee boxes from the website.

MistoBox’s entrance into multiple markets has been seen as largely beneficial due to its ability to offer personalized services while still maintaining strong pricing strategies. Their commitment to providing high quality products combined with excellent customer service has resulted in continued success despite being a relatively small startup compared to some of the larger companies out there.

Strategies For Growth

After appearing on Shark Tank, MistoBox saw a significant uptick in sales and visibility.

To take advantage of this momentum, the founders implemented a targeted marketing strategy that focused on leveraging the show’s influence and expanding their online presence.

To further their growth, MistoBox also planned to expand their product offering to include more coffee subscription packages.

Ultimately, MistoBox’s strategy paid off and they remain a successful company to this day.

Marketing Strategies

MistoBox, a subscription-based coffee delivery service, has seen dramatic growth since appearing on Shark Tank in 2013. After receiving an investment from Mark Cuban and Daymond John, the company quickly implemented several key marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty and expand their reach.

One such strategy was leveraging branding tactics that included creating both physical and digital touchpoints with potential customers. This was done by sending mailers to subscribers’ homes, posting engaging content on social media platforms, and offering discounts for referrals. Additionally, MistoBox provided incentives like free samples or exclusive offers when signing up for its services. These initiatives helped them gain recognition among consumers who were looking for something different than what traditional retailers could offer.

Finally, MistoBox cultivated relationships with local roasters which allowed them to provide small batch coffees unavailable elsewhere – further adding value to their product offerings and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction scores throughout the years.

Expansion Plans

Continuing their plans for growth, MistoBox implemented several strategies to sustain the increase in customer loyalty and reach.

These included leveraging marketing tactics such as offering discounts and incentives, creating physical and digital touchpoints, and cultivating relationships with local roasters.

By focusing on these initiatives, the company was able to differentiate themselves from traditional retailers by providing exclusive offers that could not be found elsewhere. Furthermore, this allowed them to continuously add value to their product offerings – contributing towards sustaining their growth over time.

To further drive engagement among customers and increase brand recognition, MistoBox actively posted engaging content across social media platforms while simultaneously running mailers campaigns to subscribers’ homes.

With a combination of both online and offline efforts, MistoBox has been successful in establishing itself as an innovative subscription-based coffee delivery service since appearing on Shark Tank in 2013.

The Future Of Mistobox

MistoBox, the Seattle-based coffee subscription service that appeared on Shark Tank in May of 2013, has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

This company was created to provide people with quality and diverse coffee options from around the world.

Since their appearance on the show, MistoBox has managed to secure deals with many different specialty roasters and increase their customer base significantly.

The founders have also been able to diversify their product offerings by introducing new items such as espresso machines and cold brew kits.

Additionally, they offer customers an easy-to-use website for creating customized subscriptions tailored for each individual’s needs or preferences.

In order to build loyalty among current customers, MistoBox offers special discounts and promotions throughout the year.

The success of MistoBox is clear; it is now seen as one of the top names in specialty coffee subscription services worldwide.

Through innovative product diversification strategies and strong customer loyalty programs, this small business has become a leader in its industry.

Lessons Learned From The Mistobox Experience

The MistoBox experience serves as an example of how a seemingly successful idea can quickly turn sour if not properly planned and managed.

Despite receiving a lucrative offer from the Sharks on the show, the creators of MistoBox failed to adequately translate their idea into reality by not having a clear business plan in place.

Furthermore, their overly optimistic expectations of the potential profits caused them to allocate resources ineffectively.

Finally, the company was unable to meet their own ambitious goals due to a lack of proper planning and management.

Translating Idea Into Reality

The MistoBox experience has been a valuable lesson for many entrepreneurs looking to translate an idea into reality.

It began with the founders’ vision of providing cafe-style coffee from around the world at home and combining it with social media engagement.

They then had to navigate the shark tank, where they faced criticism about their overly ambitious business plan and lack of monetization strategy.

After appearing on Shark Tank, MistoBox quickly pivoted its focus towards becoming more of a subscription service rather than just focusing on curating monthly boxes of different coffees.

This allowed them to create recurring revenue streams that were much larger and better aligned with their long term goals.

As part of this pivot, they also strengthened their marketing strategies by taking advantage of current coffee trends as well as leveraging their appearance on Shark Tank through various social media channels.

Ultimately, this shift in focus enabled MistoBox to become one of the most successful companies to ever appear on Shark Tank, going onto raise millions in funding and expand globally.

Managing Expectations And Resources

Managing expectations and resources is an important lesson to be learned from the MistoBox experience. Despite being faced with criticism of their overly ambitious business plan, the founders were able to pivot quickly and adjust their strategy accordingly.

This meant that instead of focusing on one-off sales, they switched focus to a subscription service model which enabled them to create recurring revenue streams and better manage cash flow. Additionally, by taking advantage of current coffee trends as well as leveraging their appearance on Shark Tank through various social media channels, they were also able to build customer loyalty.

While there are other lessons entrepreneurs can learn from MistoBox’s success such as never giving up and staying focused on your goals, managing expectations and resources is key in order for any business venture to succeed.

Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

After making a successful pitch on Shark Tank in 2014, MistaBox has since become one of the most prominent brands in mobile commerce. The company’s product diversification strategy was instrumental to their success as it enabled them to reach out to a wider customer base and expand into new markets.

Since appearing on the show, they have achieved tremendous growth with their subscription-based box service becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers looking for unique gift ideas.

The key to MistaBox’s long-term success has been its ability to develop innovative products that meet consumer needs while also staying ahead of trends within the industry at large. One example is the launch of an exclusive line of jewelry boxes which have received rave reviews from customers who appreciate both their aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Furthermore, the company continues to utilize strategic partnerships with other businesses, such as retail giants Amazon and Walmart, to further promote their brand and increase sales volume.

MistaBox has shown that hard work, dedication, creativity and a willingness to take risks can be incredibly rewarding – not only financially but emotionally too. Despite facing various challenges along the way, this inspiring business venture serves as motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere that anything is possible if you are willing to put in the effort needed for success.


MisteBox, an online coffee subscription service that gained fame on Shark Tank in 2014, has gone through many iterations since then.

The company’s founders sought to capitalize on the growing trend of gourmet and specialty coffees while also providing a unique experience for its customers.

Through their marketing strategies, they were able to capture the attention of a large segment of the market who wanted to try new flavors without having to commit to purchasing large quantities or investing in expensive equipment.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, MisteBox has continued to innovate its product by expanding the number of roasters it works with and introducing exclusive blends available only through its subscription service.

Additionally, the company has focused more heavily on branding and promotional efforts such as giveaways and influencer partnerships.

As part of this effort, MisteBox launched its own line of apparel in 2016.

These initiatives have been successful in increasing both brand recognition and customer loyalty among those interested in speciality coffees.

With these trends continuing to grow year-over-year, MisteBox is well positioned for long term success.

The company’s ability to stay ahead of competition by continually innovating its products will be key if it hopes to remain at the forefront of the industry.


MistoBox has seen its fair share of success, as well as challenges. The venture capital from Robert Herjavec allowed MistoBox to expand their market and make a name for themselves among the coffee connoisseurs around the world.

However, due to the unpredictable Covid-19 pandemic, they were forced to reevaluate their strategy and adjust accordingly. Despite these hurdles, MistoBox remains steadfast in its mission to provide customers with convenient access to specialty coffees while maintaining an emphasis on quality.

As one customer puts it “I love my subscription; I get some amazing coffees that I would never have otherwise tried”. This sentiment encapsulates what makes Mistobox so special: giving customers access to new experiences and flavors that could only be found by visiting the most remote corners of the globe.

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