What Happened To Naja After Shark Tank?

Naja, the company founded by entrepreneur Gina Bequeaith, recently made an appearance on Shark Tank in 2020. During their time on the show Naja was able to make a deal with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran for $500,000 in exchange for 10% of the company’s equity.

Since then many have been curious as to what happened to Naja after appearing on the popular ABC business reality show. This article will explore how Naja has fared since their appearance and discuss some of the successes they have achieved thus far.

The unique story behind Naja makes it especially interesting to follow; Bequeaith launched her successful lingerie business while still attending Harvard Business School and she had no prior experience in fashion or design before founding Naja. With her hard work and determination, Bequeaith was able to secure funding from two major investors from Shark Tank and take her business to new heights.

The Story Behind Naja

Naja is an eco-friendly and sustainable lingerie company that was featured on the popular entrepreneurial show Shark Tank. Founded by Catalina Girald in 2013, Naja started as a way to address the issue of women’s employment in Colombia while also creating ethical fashion pieces from recycled materials.

The company has since grown into a major player in the lingerie industry with an emphasis on sustainability. The episode of Shark Tank featuring Naja aired in 2015 and received a great response from viewers, with many people applauding the unique concept behind it.

Although none of the Sharks offered to invest, they were impressed by Girald’s passion and commitment to her business idea. Since then, Naja has gone on to become successful without any investments from outside sources or venture capitalists.

Naja now offers several collections including swimwear, nightwear, loungewear, underwear and active wear made out of sustainably sourced fabrics such as bamboo viscose and eucalyptus lyocell. They have been praised for their innovative approach towards tackling environmental issues while still providing stylish clothes at affordable prices.

Their products are available online through their website and various retailers across North America and Europe.

Naja’S Apperance On Shark Tank

For a small business with big dreams, Naja’s appearance on Shark Tank was the ultimate opportunity to gain visibility and expand. Founded in 2014 by Catalina Girald, an engineer-turned-entrepreneur, Naja is a lingerie company intent on making fashion more ethical and empowering women around the world. Anchored in sustainable production of beautiful lingerie that empowers female artisans across Colombia, Peru, Honduras and India—Naja has made it its mission to revolutionize the lingerie industry through ethical sourcing and fair wages for their partners worldwide.

Before entering the tank, Naja had already gained significant traction in both wholesale sales as well as ecommerce channels. Their signature product line consists of stylish bras, panties, bodysuits and sleepwear ranging from sizes XS to 3XL–all ethically produced without any child labor or sweatshops involved.

To make sure their mission stayed true to its core values even when faced with monetary pressure from potential investors, Girald requested a $500K investment for 8% equity stake which valued her business at over $6Million dollars pre-money valuation.

The Sharks were skeptical about the valuation but impressed with Girald’s unwavering commitment towards her cause—ethical sourcing and sustainability. Ultimately Lori Greiner offered Naja exactly what she asked for–$500k for 10% equity stake valuing the company at $5 million post money valuation.

This deal secured not just capital infusion but also invaluable resources such as Greiner’s expertise in retailing and branding strategies—which opened up infinite possibilities for growth ahead!

Mark Cuban And Barbara Corcoran Invest In Naja

In December of 2015, Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran invested in Naja for their appearance on the ABC show Shark Tank. With this investment, Naja was able to expand its ecommerce strategies by increasing production of lingerie made from sustainable materials such as recycled plastic bottles.

The two Shark Tank judges each contributed $100,000 to help Naja increase sales through online platforms and develop an international market presence. The investors also helped Naja launch a new website that featured more products and allowed customers to shop with ease. Additionally, they provided valuable advice on how to better manage inventory control and marketing campaigns.

Naja has seen significant growth since appearing on Shark Tank; the company now manufactures over 200 different styles of lingerie sold across 40 countries worldwide. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability has attracted many environmentally conscious consumers who are looking for eco-friendly options when shopping for intimate apparel.

By incorporating innovative ecommerce strategies and using sustainable materials, Naja continues to engage customers both locally and globally.

Naja’S Growth And Expansion

After their successful appearance on Shark Tank, Naja was able to expand and grow. The ethical lingerie company was founded by Catalina Girald in 2014 with a mission of creating beautiful lingerie while providing opportunities for mothers living in poverty. After the funding from Cuban and Corcoran, they were able to increase production and hire more women who needed employment options.

Naja uses sustainable fabrics that are designed to last longer than traditional fabric choices. This is part of their commitment to creating ethical labor conditions for their employees as well as being mindful about environmental sustainability. They also offer educational outreach programs within the communities where their factories are located. This includes classes teaching financial literacy, access to healthcare, childcare support, and job training skills such as sewing and pattern-making.

The investments made by Cuban and Corcoran have allowed an incredible growth path for Naja, allowing them to provide jobs for hundreds of underprivileged women throughout Colombia while giving customers ethically produced products that look great too! With this combination of ethics and fashion sensibility, there’s no telling how far Naja can go next!

Naja’S Continued Commitment To Ethical Manufacturing

Naja has been committed to ethical labor and sustainable fabrics since its conception on Shark Tank. The brand is dedicated to creating lingerie that empowers women through ethically produced clothing, while also promoting a more socially conscious way of living.

This mission was put into action after Naja’s appearance on the show in 2015 when they created their first “unmentionables workshop” which provides jobs for single mothers in Colombia who need economic opportunity.

Since then, Naja has evolved its commitment to use only environmentally friendly materials with the lowest environmental impact possible. They have moved away from traditional synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, instead utilizing organic cotton and bamboo fabrications as well as recycled nylon. In addition, each product is made using fair-trade certified factories where workers are given proper wages and safe working conditions.

As part of its continued effort towards sustainability, Naja donates 10% of its profits to fund educational programs for young girls in developing countries such as India and Kenya. These initiatives provide children access to quality education so they can reach their highest potential later in life – something every person deserves regardless of their socioeconomic background or gender.

This social responsibility is just one reason why customers continue to choose Naja over other brands.

Naja’S Social Impact Initiatives

Naja took a unique approach to promoting women’s empowerment by partnering with local female artisans in Colombia to create their lingerie.

This initiative not only provided the artisans with jobs and financial resources, but also showcased their talents to the world.

Additionally, Naja is committed to supporting sustainable fashion by using recycled materials and eco-friendly processes in their lingerie collections.

The company has also partnered with a variety of environmental organizations to help reduce their environmental impacts.

Promoting Women’S Empowerment

Since it’s debut on Shark Tank, Naja has used their platform to advance the cause of global female empowerment and well-being.

Through its social impact initiatives, the company seeks to improve women’s health in impoverished countries while promoting sustainable fashion worldwide.

Naja is committed to improving women’s physical and mental health through partnerships with organizations like International Medical Corps that provide healthcare services for women and children in need.

In addition, they have collaborated with a number of other non-profits dedicated to providing resources such as education, economic opportunities, and legal protections so that all women can live more secure lives.

The brand also promotes sustainability by using materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester fabric which are kinder to the environment than traditional fabrics.

They also partner with local artisans who create handmade lingerie pieces out of eco-friendly fibers such as bamboo.

Additionally, Naja donates proceeds from some of its products towards projects that support environmental conservation efforts around the world.

With these initiatives, Naja is actively working toward creating a better future where gender equality reigns supreme and humans coexist peacefully with nature.

Supporting Sustainable Fashion

In addition to its social impact initiatives, Naja is also committed to supporting sustainable fashion.

They focus on reducing their ecological footprint and sourcing materials ethically by using organic cotton, recycled polyester fabric, eco-friendly fibers such as bamboo, and partnering with local artisans who create handmade lingerie pieces from these materials.

By doing so, they are helping to lessen the environmental impact of fast fashion while creating unique products that promote sustainability.

As part of this commitment, Naja donates proceeds from some of its products towards projects that support environmental conservation efforts around the world.

These actions demonstrate a deep commitment to caring for our planet and preserving it for future generations.

Naja’S Innovative Product Offerings

Naja, a lingerie company based in San Francisco, has made headlines since appearing on the hit show Shark Tank. Founded by Catalina Girald, Naja offers innovative and eco-friendly products that are designed to empower women around the world.

The brand is committed to using sustainable materials while also creating jobs for underprivileged communities. At its core, Naja is dedicated to making beautiful lingerie that’s both affordable and of high quality. Its collections feature items crafted from environmentally friendly fabrics such as bamboo, soybean fiber, and organic cotton.

As part of their mission to support female empowerment, they donate one garment for every item purchased from their website or store locations.

Naja hopes to continue developing innovative product offerings with an emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility going forward. They plan to increase production capacity and expand into new markets worldwide so that more people can enjoy their luxurious lingerie at an accessible price point.

With this goal in mind, it seems clear that Naja will remain a leader in the industry for years to come.

Naja’S Growing Customer Base

Naja’s product offerings continued to evolve and expand, with a focus on sustainable sourcing from ethical labor. The company developed strategic partnerships with factories and artisans across the world in order to create innovative designs for their clothing line that were sustainably produced using only natural fibers.

Naja also implemented an extensive quality control program to ensure each item was ethically sourced and fairly priced, thus providing customers with high-quality products at affordable prices. The combination of attractive design, premium fabrics, and first-class customer service enabled Naja to build a large and loyal customer base.

As word spread about the brand, more people began purchasing its apparel due to its commitment to sustainability, ethics and social responsibility. Furthermore, by offering customization options such as monograms and embroidery, it allowed customers to express themselves through fashion while still staying true to their values.

In addition to providing fashionable clothing items made with responsible practices, Naja has become known for giving back. Through the “Adopt A Garment Program” they donate garments made from recycled materials to needy children around the world in partnership with charitable organizations like Kiva & Baby2Baby. This has been instrumental in helping them gain recognition within their industry which continues to contribute towards success in sales growth year after year.

Naja’S Awards And Recognition

Naja, the lingerie company that appeared on Shark Tank in 2014, has seen its share of success since then. Most notably, Naja was awarded the 2016 Santa Clara County Social Innovator of the year award for their commitment to sustainable sourcing and creating employment opportunities in Colombia.

From this they have gone on to be featured in some of the most prestigious media outlets from Time magazine to Vogue magazine:

  1. Time Magazine
  2. Vogue Magazine
  3. Forbes Magazine

The company’s mission is deeply rooted in building a business that would provide fair wages and safe working conditions for women living in poverty-stricken areas, which makes them stand out as an ethical brand among consumers today who are increasingly aware of where their clothes come from.

In addition, Naja works closely with local charities to donate overstock items so those items can get into the hands of people who need it more than anyone else does. It’s no wonder why Naja continues to receive recognition both locally and internationally – they truly embody what it means to build a socially responsible business model while still delivering quality products at an affordable price!

Naja’S Future Plans

Naja is a lingerie company that has made waves in the fashion industry for its ethical practices and sustainable production. It appeared on Shark Tank, where it received an investment from Mark Cuban to move forward with their business goals.

After the show aired, Naja achieved tremendous success and has continued to grow ever since. The brand focuses on creating beautiful garments while upholding ethical standards; all of their products are made using eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, they practice fair labor laws and commit to investing profits back into communities worldwide. To ensure complete transparency within their supply chain, they have taken multiple steps towards becoming a certified B Corp organization.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Naja has expanded its product offerings by launching several new collections featuring pieces designed for women of all sizes. They continue to prioritize sustainability through innovative initiatives such as upcycling old bras and donating them to developing countries around the world.

In addition, they are dedicated to giving back in meaningful ways; each purchase helps support education programs that empower girls living in poverty-stricken regions across Latin America.


Since their appearance on Shark Tank, Naja has experienced immense success that can only be attributed to their commitment to ethical manufacturing and innovative product offerings.

Their impressive growth in the lingerie market is a testament of what businesses can achieve when they focus on producing quality items with social responsibility at its core.

Naja’s commitment to change the fashion industry for the better has earned them numerous awards and recognition, while their customer base continues to expand rapidly as more people learn about the company’s mission.

As Naja enters into a new era of innovation and sustainability, one thing remains clear: this socially conscious lingerie brand will continue leading the way towards a brighter future.

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