What Happened To Nohbo After Shark Tank?

NOHBO is a company that was featured on the popular television show Shark Tank in 2015. The company presented a novel idea: single-use, eco-friendly laundry detergent balls that could replace traditional plastic bottles of laundry detergent for an affordable price.

After their appearance on the show, many people wondered what happened to NOHBO and whether or not the product had been successful. This article will explore what has become of the innovative product after its appearance on Shark Tank and analyze the success it has experienced since then.

In order to gain insight into this question, interviews have been conducted with key members of the team who pitched NOHBO’s product during their time on Shark Tank as well as other industry experts. Through these conversations, we can begin to understand how much impact NOHBO had following their presentation on the show and if they achieved any measurable successes since their launch in 2015.

The Nohbo Pitch

NOHBO, an eco-friendly product that provides personalized protection to its users, received a great deal of attention after their pitch at the Shark Tank. This innovative company was aiming high with their unique approach to personal care and safety.

With the help of NOHBO’s patented technology, they have created single-use pods that are filled with shampoo & body wash and packaged in biodegradable pouches. The Sharks were impressed by this creative solution for maintaining hygiene on-the-go without worrying about spills or packaging waste. Its lightweight design also made it easy to transport from one place to another.

The entrepreneurs behind this product had managed to solve a common problem in a revolutionary way – something which caught the eye of every investor present there. After much deliberation, NOHBO ultimately did not receive any offers due to some issues related to pricing and scalability.

Despite this setback, the venture has been successful in gaining widespread attention across different platforms and continues to be seen as a leading innovator within the industry.

The Sharks’ Reaction

Nohbo, a company that produces single-use shampoo and conditioner balls, appeared on Shark Tank in 2019. The product was met with enthusiasm from the Sharks as they were impressed by its eco-friendly nature and potential to revolutionize the personal care industry. However, despite initial excitement for the business venture, Nohbo did not receive an investment offer during their appearance.

In order to succeed without the backing of any of the celebrity investors, Nohbo had to quickly develop effective branding strategies and marketing tactics. This included reaching out directly to customers via social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. By utilizing these channels in addition to their website, Nohbo was able to promote their products affordably while expanding their customer base beyond what would have been possible otherwise.

Despite facing challenges due to limited resources post-Shark Tank, Nohbo has achieved notable success since their appearance on the show two years ago. In 2020 alone, they launched four new products including body wash bars and deodorant balls. They also opened retail partnerships with major chains like CVS which resulted in further exposure of the brand across multiple markets around the US.

The Aftermath Of The Show

After appearing on Shark Tank, nohbo enjoyed a wave of publicity. The company had developed an innovative product that offered an environmentally friendly solution to traditional personal care packaging. Nohbo’s patented technology is designed with sustainability in mind and uses less plastic than most other products. Its single-use balls are easy to open and can be used for many different types of items, from shampoo to conditioner.

The show gave the startup a much needed boost, helping the young business get access to new customers and investors. It also introduced them to potential partners who could help them expand their product line and reach even more people around the world. With this newfound visibility, they have been able to capitalize on opportunities to further develop their sustainable approach to personal care packaging innovation.

Since its time on Shark Tank, nohbo has continued its mission of providing consumers with affordable eco-friendly options for personal care needs while reducing environmental waste at the same time. This includes expanding its range of products beyond just shampoo and conditioner into body wash, soaps, facial cleansers, shaving creams and toothpaste as well as exploring partnerships with retailers like Target and Whole Foods Market for wider distribution.

Increased sales and distribution channels have been achieved through regional and national retail stores and online platforms.

The Company’s Growth

Nohbo had a successful appearance on Shark Tank in 2019, which resulted in an investment from Robert Herjavec.

This has enabled Nohbo to expand their product line and enter new markets.

Nohbo has since seen significant financial success, with their sales increasing by 300% since their Shark Tank appearance.

This success has allowed Nohbo to open new stores and launch several new products since their appearance on the show.

Nohbo’s Expansion

Nohbo, the innovative business that produces single-use shampoo pods made from sustainable packaging, has been on a steady trajectory since appearing on Shark Tank in 2016.

The company’s founders, Chris and Ryan Meehan, were able to form partnerships with several leading retailers, such as Walmart and Target. Additionally, Nohbo partnered with UPS for green shipping options which significantly reduced their carbon footprint. The company also received investments from Mark Cuban, who expressed his admiration of Nohbo’s mission to provide eco-friendly products without compromising quality. This gave Nohbo positive momentum throughout 2020 despite the pandemic.

The impressive growth continued when they closed an additional round of funding at the end of last year. With this investment Nohbo was able to hire more staff and expand its facilities while continuing to research new technologies that could help minimize waste further.

They have even opened up an online store so customers can purchase directly through them or subscribe to their monthly delivery service. As part of their goal to make personal care items more accessible and affordable for everyone, Nohbo is now available in over 8500 stores across all 50 states in the US.

Thanks to these successful initiatives, sales are increasing rapidly every month and it looks like there will be no shortage of demand for the foreseeable future; indeed, it seems likely that Nohbo will continue its expansion into other countries soon enough.

Financial Success

Nohbo’s financial success has been remarkable since appearing on Shark Tank in 2016. The company was able to secure investments from leading retailers, such as Walmart and Target, as well as Mark Cuban himself.

Subsequently, they closed an additional round of funding at the end of 2020 which allowed them to hire more staff, expand their facilities and research new technologies that could reduce waste further. Alternative funding options were also taken into account when Nohbo partnered with UPS for green shipping options which had a positive environmental impact whilst ensuring customers received their products quickly and safely.

In just four years, this innovative business is now available in over 8500 stores across all 50 states in the US with sales increasing rapidly every month.

The Impact Of Social Media

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2017, nohbo experienced a 400% increase in website visits within 24 hours. This spike in traffic was driven largely by the success of the company’s online advertising campaigns and their increased customer outreach following the show. The Shark Tank effect helped to exponentially grow awareness for both the brand and its products, generating widespread interest from consumers across all major markets.

The rapid growth that followed directly translated into sales as well with nohbo experiencing an immediate jump in orders due to this newfound exposure. As a result, the demand necessitated an expansion in production capabilities as well as new distribution partnerships throughout North America and Europe.

To capitalize on these opportunities even further, nohbo took advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spread their message more broadly than ever before.

To maintain this momentum going forward, founder David Simnick developed a comprehensive strategy focused around increasing visibility while also maintaining quality standards for each product they sell. He has since opened up an additional manufacturing facility which allows them to manufacture at higher volumes while still meeting rigorous safety requirements set forth by regulatory bodies such as FDA and CE certified organizations. Furthermore, he is currently working with over 250 retailers worldwide who now carry his patented shampoo ball technology along with other unique items created by his team of scientists and engineers.

The Development Of New Products

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Nohbo saw a surge in sales and recognition. As such, they began to focus more intently on the development of new products which focused specifically on greenwashing.

Greenwashing is defined as “the practice of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company’s products are more environmentally sound” (Soares et al., 2020). In order to capitalize on this concept, Nohbo developed an innovative line of personal care items packaged in biodegradable water balloons made from seaweed extract.

In addition to developing new product offerings, Nohbo also altered its marketing strategies. They adopted tactics that sought to promote environmental awareness by highlighting their eco-friendly packaging practices and providing detailed descriptions of each item’s ingredients. These techniques allowed them to connect with consumers while also positioning themselves as an ethical brand dedicated to sustainability causes.

Furthermore, they utilized digital platforms and social media campaigns to increase visibility and reach potential customers.

The combination of new product releases and strategic marketing initiatives has resulted in significant growth for Nohbo since appearing on Shark Tank. The company has seen rapid expansion into major retailers across the United States, including Target and Walmart, making it one of the few success stories from the show’s history.

Expansion Into New Markets

The appearance of Nohbo on Shark Tank in 2018 was a defining moment for the company. The revolutionary haircare product, which uses biodegradable single-use balls filled with shampoo or conditioner, had achieved mainstream attention and recognition that day, setting the stage for expansion into new markets.

After their successful showing on Shark Tank, Nohbo began to focus more intensely on developing strategies to meet customer needs while still engaging in green initiatives designed to reduce environmental waste. To this end, they set up several key points:

  1. Utilize sustainable packaging materials whenever possible;

  2. Increase production capacity without sacrificing quality;

  3. Expand distribution networks globally; and

  4. Design marketing campaigns that emphasize both the convenience and sustainability factors of their products.

Nohbo’s efforts have paid off so far – sales figures have been steadily increasing as consumers become aware of their unique offerings and are won over by the compelling combination of convenience, practicality, and eco-friendly practices that define the brand. With an array of new partnerships in place and innovative plans for expanding its reach even further, there is no doubt that Nohbo will continue to be a driving force behind industry changes in personal care items going forward.

Community Involvement

In the wake of its appearance on Shark Tank in 2015, nohbo quickly became a household name. The company’s mission to “change the world one shower at a time” resonated with millions across the nation as they focused their efforts on forging local partnerships and grassroots outreach initiatives.

Grassroots Outreach Local Partnerships
Established community education programs Created relationships with like-minded organizations
Completed educational webinars for consumers Utilized resources from regional businesses
Held seminars in various cities nationwide Developed new products utilizing sustainable materials

To further spread awareness about their innovative product line, nohbo engaged in several campaigns that saw them travel around the country visiting both residential and commercial spaces. During these visits, representatives from nohbo spoke directly with individuals regarding their commitment to sustainability while also providing helpful tips for reducing water consumption. In addition, nohbo provided financial support to numerous non-profit organizations who shared similar values of environmental responsibility.

These ambitious endeavors have since allowed nohbo to become an integral part of many communities throughout America. Its dedication to helping people make better decisions when it comes to conserving natural resources has earned them unwavering loyalty from both customers and partners alike. Today, nohbo continues its journey towards becoming a major player in the green movement by continually expanding its reach into more markets worldwide.

Challenges Faced By The Company

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Nohbo quickly became a household name for sustainable packaging solutions. This was largely due to the incredible success of the company’s green initiative, which focused on replacing single-use plastic and foam containers with refillable water balls filled with either shampoo or conditioner.

Although initial interest in this product was high, it soon became apparent that scaling up production would be more difficult than anticipated. Despite having secured an investment from one of the Sharks during their time on the show, many potential customers still remained unconvinced about the efficacy and practicality of these unique packages. Furthermore, some retailers were reluctant to purchase them as they felt uncertain about how well they could move off shelves.

The team at Nohbo also faced logistical issues when trying to ship out orders and effectively manage customer service inquiries. The size and shape of their products made shipping costs prohibitively expensive, while slow response times turned away prospective customers who had previously expressed interest in purchasing the items. Additionally, there were few options available for companies looking to buy bulk quantities of the same item – meaning that larger businesses were unable to take full advantage of what Nohbo offered.

Nohbo has since closed its doors after facing multiple financial hurdles; however, their legacy lives on through inspiring other entrepreneurs to develop innovative eco-friendly alternatives for personal care products like shampoo and body wash. Not only did they introduce consumers to a revolutionary new way of thinking about sustainability but also proved that even small startups can make waves within the industry despite limited resources.

Future Of Nohbo

NOHBO is a company that produces single-use shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in dissolvable pods. After appearing on Shark Tank in 2018, the company has seen significant growth.

The success of NOHBO can be attributed to its green packaging and sustainability initiatives. The pods are made from biodegradable materials including polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) which allows them to decompose within weeks when exposed to water or soil conditions.

Additionally, all plastic components used for production are sourced responsibly with 100% recycled content and certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute as meeting ASTM D6400 standards. These features have resonated with consumers who value environmentally friendly products.

As a result, NOHBO has been able to expand their product line beyond just bathroom essentials into items such as laundry detergent and dish soap, making it easier than ever for users to reduce waste while staying clean. By leveraging partnerships with major companies like Amazon and Walmart, NOHBO’s reach extends across multiple countries around the world where people are increasingly looking for eco-friendly options.

NOHBO continues to remain committed to providing sustainable solutions through innovative packaging designs that meet consumer needs without compromising environmental quality or safety standards; therefore furthering their mission of reducing global impact one shower at a time.


The future of NOHBO is promising and full of potential. After successfully completing a Shark Tank pitch, the company has expanded into new markets, actively engaged with its community and become an industry leader in single-use personal care products.

The impact of social media on their success cannot be understated; it has given them access to wider audiences and enabled them to create a loyal customer base. Despite facing challenges such as competition from other companies selling similar products, NOHBO remains committed to providing ecofriendly solutions for everyday needs.

With exciting opportunities ahead and a commitment to making sustainable living more accessible, the future looks bright for this innovative startup.

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