What Happened To O Dang Hummus After Shark Tank?

O Dang Hummus, a California-based hummus product line, gained national attention in 2016 when it was featured on Shark Tank.

The company’s vegan and gluten-free products were well-received by the show’s celebrity investors and consumers alike.

This article will look at what happened to O Dang Hummus following its appearance on the popular reality program.

It will explore how the company has adapted to changes in consumer preferences over time and assess its current market share among competitors.

O Dang Hummus On Shark Tank

Organic ingredients, local sourcing and flavor-filled hummus all collided when O Dang Hummus appeared on Shark Tank.

On the show, founder Homa Bash pitched her unique product to investors with a goal of expanding the reach of her delicious dips across the country.

The Sharks were immediately impressed by her commitment to using only organic ingredients sourced from local suppliers in Cleveland, Ohio.

In addition to this dedication to quality, they also loved how she had managed to pack so much flavor into each variety of hummus despite all natural ingredients and no preservatives.

With an offer that was just too good to pass up, Bash left the tank celebrating following a deal with investor Lori Greiner.

Making A Splash In The Hummus Market

O Dang Hummus, the brainchild of three friends from New York City, made a splash on Shark Tank in 2017. Their unique flavors and all-natural ingredients impressed the show’s judges and viewers alike.

Since then, O Dang Hummus has become an industry leader in vegan friendly hummus products. The company has achieved success through influencer marketing campaigns that have highlighted their innovative product offerings as well as their commitment to sustainability. They also continue to use only natural ingredients such as chickpeas, tahini, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and lemon juice—allowing them to create delicious yet healthy snacks for customers.

In addition, they offer multiple flavor options including Original Mediterranean Style with Roasted Garlic & Basil Pesto as well as Sriracha Maple BBQ and Sundried Tomato & Parmesan Herb varieties.

With its growing presence in supermarkets nationwide, O Dang Hummus is providing consumers with tasty alternatives to traditional snack foods while still maintaining a focus on health and nutrition. The company continues to remain ahead of consumer trends by introducing new products that promise exciting tastes and fresh ideas—ensuring it remains at the top of the ever competitive hummus market.

Leveraging The Shark Tank Platform

O Dang Hummus, a hummus product line founded in 2016 by two sisters, was featured on Shark Tank.

To leverage the platform and maximize its exposure to potential customers, O Dang Hummus utilized strategic partnerships with large food retailers such as Whole Foods, Target, Kroger and more. This strategy allowed them to successfully increase their customer base and retention over time.

The company’s appearance on Shark Tank also provided value beyond marketing; it generated investor interest from various sources including celebrity investors Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec who all saw immense business potential in the brand.

Through these investments, O Dang Hummus could expand operations by increasing production capacity and investing in better technology for their supply chain management system. This gave them access to larger markets which helped further promote growth of their hummus product line.

In addition to capital investments, these relationships enabled new networking opportunities that opened up channels of distribution across both traditional grocery stores as well as online platforms like Amazon Prime Pantry.

By leveraging the power of the Shark Tank platform and forming strategic partnerships with industry players, O Dang Hummus has been able to reach far greater numbers than they otherwise would have achieved on their own.

Expanding Distribution Channels

Since appearing on Shark Tank, O Dang Hummus has continued to expand their reach and deepen partnerships with strategic collaborations.

One such collaboration was with The Kroger Co., the nation’s largest grocery retailer. In May of 2017, the partnership began when the hummus brand became available in over 2,000 stores across 35 states. This increased access to their product allowed them to significantly grow their customer base while appealing to a much wider audience than before.

In addition to expanding distribution through major retailers like Kroger, they have also sought out other opportunities that help further increase awareness for their product line. For instance, they signed an agreement with Grab & Go Foodservice Distributing which opened up new avenues for food service operations around the country. By doing this, they were able to provide more customers easy access to purchase their products from places like college campuses and corporate dining facilities.

By leveraging its appearance on Shark Tank along with deepening partnerships through strategic collaborations, O Dang Hummus has been able to continue it’s success after leaving the show by expanding its reach and increasing accessibility nationwide.

With new potential opportunities arising everyday, there is no telling what heights they may be able to reach next.

Developing New Product Lines

O Dang Hummus was able to secure a deal with the Sharks in the Tank, presenting their delicious and healthy snack options.

Following this success, the company has continued to expand its presence by diversifying their portfolio. They have developed new product lines such as hummus-based dips, dressings, sauces and spreads that can be used for both savory and sweet dishes. Their innovative packaging also allows for easy transportation of products from one place to another.

The versatility of O Dang Hummus is unmatched; they offer plant-based vegan snacks as well as traditional flavors made from chickpeas and tahini. The team at O Dang believes in providing customers with quality food items that are great for parties, picnics or just about any occasion.

With an ever-growing list of offerings, there’s something for everyone on the menu!

Customers everywhere appreciate the fact that they can enjoy high-end snacks without sacrificing taste or nutrition. Feeling like you’re indulging while still eating clean? That’s what O Dang Hummus delivers every time.

Whether it’s a special event or simply lunchtime cravings – these tasty treats always hit the spot!

Creating Innovative Flavor Combinations

Following their success on Shark Tank, O Dang Hummus saw an immense opportunity to explore new product lines. Taking advantage of the emerging trends in diverse flavors, they began creating innovative flavor combinations that set them apart from other hummus brands.

By incorporating unexpected ingredients like wasabi, curry and even dark chocolate, they developed a unique variety of delicious options which became widely popular among foodies everywhere. Their commitment to using only natural ingredients made for products with excellent taste and texture. The vibrant colors and bold flavors were a hit with customers looking for something different than traditional chickpea-based hummus. They also provided vegan, gluten-free and allergen-friendly options as well as several sugar-free variants.

The line continued to evolve quickly offering up creative items such as:

  • Spicy Sriracha Jalapeno Hummus – perfect for tacos or sandwiches
  • Beetroot & Orange – ideal for salads or grilled vegetables
  • Coconut Curry – great addition to stir fry dishes

In this way, O Dang Hummus cemented its position as one of the leading innovators in the hummus industry with exciting products that delighted consumers around the world.

Growing Brand Awareness With Social Media

After appearing on Shark Tank, O Dang Hummus’s brand awareness skyrocketed. The company was able to leverage their newfound fame by engaging influencers in the food and health industry to share content about the product. This enabled them to reach a much wider audience of potential customers who previously may not have been exposed to hummus as part of their diet.

Additionally, they were also able to successfully target relevant audiences with ads through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. O Dang Hummus uses these channels to create an online presence that is both entertaining and informative for its followers. They often post creative videos featuring recipes created with their range of products, while also providing nutritional facts related to each ingredient used in those recipes.

Such tactics have allowed them to engage more closely with consumers and build trust among those looking for healthy options when shopping for snacks or meals. The impact of this strategy has been evident in O Dang Hummus’s success since appearing on Shark Tank. In addition to growing brand recognition, the company has seen a significant increase in sales as well as new customer acquisitions worldwide due to its improved visibility across social media networks.

Adapting To Changing Consumer Preferences

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, O Dang Hummus quickly gained a large following among health-conscious consumers. In response to the heightened demand for their products, the company shifted focus towards expanding its distribution network and growing brand awareness with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

However, in order to remain competitive within an increasingly saturated market, O Dang Hummus had to adapt to changing consumer preferences. The company soon began rolling out new green packaging solutions that appealed to environmentally conscious customers while also exploring vegan alternatives of their classic flavors like garlic parsley and roasted jalapeno hummus.

Additionally, they doubled down on their commitment to sourcing sustainable ingredients from local farmers throughout California and developed corporate partnerships dedicated to reducing food waste by donating surplus product.

Despite being established well before the arrival of many of its big-name competitors, O Dang Hummus has been able to not only keep up but exceed industry standards when it comes to environmental sustainability and ethical practices. Through continuous innovation and creative marketing strategies they have managed to maintain an unwavering presence in stores across America without compromising their core values or sacrificing quality control measures.

Increasing Market Share Among Competitors

In the competitive world of food products, a key strategy to increase market share among competitors is to expand distribution.

O Dang Hummus, a plant-based snack brand, has done this through the use of retail stores and online sales.

Another strategy that O Dang Hummus has employed is the use of advertising campaigns, such as its appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, to increase its brand visibility.

With these strategies, O Dang Hummus has seen a significant rise in its market share.

Expanding Distribution

After appearing on Shark Tank, O Dang Hummus saw a massive surge in demand for their products.

To capitalize on this momentum, the company quickly set out to increase its market share among competitors by targeting supermarkets and promoting locally.

By tapping into conventional retail channels, O Dang Hummus was able to attract new customers who would not have otherwise been exposed to their product.

Additionally, they invested heavily in local store promotions. This included printed media such as coupons and flyers, but also virtual marketing campaigns through targeted emails and social media advertisements.

The result of these combined strategies was an increased presence within grocery stores across the country, allowing them to compete with other hummus brands while simultaneously expanding their customer base.

In turn, this allowed O Dang Hummus to take advantage of higher sales volumes that could be achieved through larger retailers than those previously attainable at farmers markets or natural food stores alone.

With a combination of strategic distribution decisions and aggressive promotion tactics, O Dang Hummus has been able to establish itself as a major player in the hummus industry.

Advertising Strategies

In order to further increase market share among competitors, O Dang Hummus implemented several advertising strategies.

They created consumer outreach campaigns that emphasized their sustainable packaging initiatives and the overall health benefits associated with eating hummus.

Additionally, they utilized targeted emails and social media advertisements to reach potential customers who may not have been exposed to the product before.

Moreover, they designed printed materials such as coupons and flyers which were distributed in supermarkets across the country.

All of these tactics allowed O Dang Hummus to effectively convey its message to a wider audience thus increasing brand recognition and driving sales accordingly.

It also enabled them to become an integral part of grocery store culture by providing both nutritional value and convenience for consumers looking for a healthy snack option.

Innovating For The Future

O Dang Hummus is a product that has been making waves since its appearance on Shark Tank. The company, founded by two brothers from Baltimore, Maryland, specializes in an all-natural hummus dip made with organic ingredients and preservative free avocado oil.

Since the show’s airing, O Dang Hummus has seen a surge in popularity due to their unique flavor combinations and commitment to sustainable sourcing. The founders of O Dang Hummus are dedicated to using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, allowing them to provide both consumers and retailers with fresh products that have minimal environmental impact.

In addition, they use 100% compostable packaging for their products which helps reduce waste going into landfills. Moreover, their commitment to sustainability extends beyond just their own business; the company also donates 10% of profits to local foodbanks in order to support communities directly affected by poverty and hunger.

For those looking for something different than traditional store-bought hummus dips, O Dang Hummus offers a variety of flavors like sriracha lime or roasted garlic jalapeno. With its dedication to creating natural products while helping out the community at large, it’s no wonder why this innovative brand continues to be successful after appearing on Shark Tank.


O Dang Hummus has made an impressive mark on the hummus market since their appearance on Shark Tank.

From leveraging the platform to increase brand awareness, expanding distribution channels and developing new product lines, O Dang Hummus is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Adapting quickly to changing consumer preferences and innovating for a successful future, this dynamic company continues to swim upstream against its competitors while they reap the rewards of success – proving that even small businesses can compete in big waters with proper guidance and hard work.

Truly, O Dang Hummus is setting itself up as a lighthouse in the food industry – one that will surely be guiding ships toward flavorful shores for years to come.

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