What Happened To Polarpro After Shark Tank?

PolarPro is a company that provides filters and accessories for photography. Founded in 2011, the business has been featured on Shark Tank, where investors were given an opportunity to provide financial support.

Since appearing on the show, PolarPro’s success has sparked interest among viewers who are curious about what happened after their appearance. This article will explore how PolarPro fared since its time on Shark Tank by examining the changes it made to capitalize on its newfound exposure.

In addition, this article will also examine how PolarPro adapted to remain competitive in today’s market and how they continue to succeed despite fierce competition from other companies in similar industries.

Polarpro’S Success On Shark Tank

PolarPro, a modernizing production company, stepped into the Shark Tank in early 2020 to showcase their innovative customer retention plan. With an ambitious goal of gaining $500K for 15% equity stake set before them, founders Jeff and Craig Cavanaugh were ready to make their pitch.

They presented their idea of creating a unique product line that would revolutionize the industry with its cutting-edge technology and sleek design. The Sharks were thoroughly impressed by the brothers’ vision, noting how they had already made significant progress towards achieving their goals despite having limited resources at hand.

A few moments later, after some negotiation between the two sides, they reached a deal—an investment of $500K from Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec in exchange for 20% equity stake in Polar Pro. This was only one step forward on the journey but it was sure to have a huge impact on the future success of this groundbreaking business venture.

The decision to partner with Cuban and Herjavec proved invaluable as it allowed Polar Pro access to mentorship opportunities which propelled them further down their path towards success. The mentorship provided guidance throughout all aspects of operations including marketing strategies, distribution channels, financial planning and more – giving Polar Pro everything needed for continued growth and development within the industry.

Thanks to strategic partnerships such as these, Polaris is now making waves across the nation as one of today’s most promising startups.

The Business Changes After Shark Tank

After appearing on Shark Tank, Polar Pro was able to vastly expand its reach and target audience. The company shifted its branding strategy to emphasize the convenience and quality of their products rather than focusing solely on price point. This marketing shift allowed them to increase sales by a substantial margin in just two years after their appearance on the show.

Polar Pro also began using social media as part of their marketing tactics, engaging with customers directly through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They developed new relationships with influencers who were passionate about photography and video production, creating content that showcased how effective their products could be when used properly. Additionally, they launched an online store which enabled them to easily ship out orders without relying on physical retail locations or distributors.

The changes implemented by Polar Pro paid off significantly; within four months of airing on Shark Tank the company had sold over $3 million worth of product – exceeding anything they’d achieved prior to being featured on the show. By 2018 revenues had grown exponentially from where it started in 2013: reaching more than $20 million dollars annually.

Benefits for Customers After Polar Pro’s Apperance On Shark Tank

  • Increased accessibilty due to launch of online store
  • More affordable pricing structure
  • Wider range of products available

Expansion Of Product Lines

According to recent data, PolarPro has experienced a 63% increase in sales after appearing on Shark Tank. This success is due largely in part to the brand diversification strategy adopted by the company following their appearance on the show.

The first step taken was engaging customer feedback and using it to design new products that meet consumer demands. As a result of this process, an additional five products were added to their lineup ranging from drone filters and mounts to phone accessories such as tripods and lens kits. The initial response from customers was highly positive with each product receiving nearly 4 out of 5 stars in online reviews.

A summary table showing the impact of these changes can be seen below:

Rating Product Reviews Customer Feedback Sales Increase
4/5 Highly Positive Engaged 63% Customers

Improved Social Media Presence

After appearing on Shark Tank, Polar Pro had a surge in sales and success that saw the company double its annual revenue. This was largely due to their increased exposure through television.

To capitalize on this momentum, Polar Pro implemented an aggressive social media marketing campaign aimed at connecting with influencers who could help promote their products. The team focused primarily on Instagram, creating aesthetically pleasing posts featuring their products alongside lifestyle content that resonated with consumers.

The strategy paid off as it allowed them to build relationships with some of the most influential people within their industry. Through these partnerships, Polar Pro was able to reach over 4 million followers across all platforms and generate hundreds of thousands of impressions for each post they shared.

Additionally, by leveraging influencer outreach techniques such as giveaways and contests, the company was able to boost engagement levels significantly and drive even more traffic towards their website.

Polar Pro’s impressive growth since appearing on Shark Tank is evidence of how successful strategic social media campaigns can be if planned and executed correctly. With careful consideration given to both branding and collaboration opportunities, companies are sure to reap massive rewards from investing in quality digital marketing initiatives.

Taking Advantage Of Cross-Promotional Opportunities

After appearing on the hit show Shark Tank, PolarPro saw exponential growth. It was like a rocket ship taking off and there were no signs of slowing down.

As a result, they took advantage of cross-promotional opportunities to further increase their reach and gain more traction with existing fans as well as potential customers. To do this, they leveraged branding campaigns and content marketing strategies in order to create an even bigger presence for themselves within the industry.

One example of how PolarPro used these tactics can be seen through their partnership with GoPro. By joining forces with such a big name partner, PolarPro increased their visibility tenfold overnight. They also received access to GoPro’s extensive network which allowed them to quickly grow their customer base by connecting with people who already had an affinity towards action cameras but may not have known about PolarPro before.

Through strategic collaborations such as this one, PolarPro managed to stay at the forefront of innovation while simultaneously expanding its market share.

With clever use of branded partnerships and targeted content marketing initiatives, PolarPro has been able to establish itself as a leader in the space despite fierce competition from larger companies that are already established in the industry. Their success story serves as an inspiration for other startups looking to make it big against all odds by leveraging innovative technologies and unique business models.

Leveraging Popularity To Reach New Audiences

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2014, PolarPro quickly became a household name among entrepreneurs and tech aficionados alike. To capitalize on this newfound popularity, the company began to diversify their product offerings and expand into new markets.

As part of their product diversification strategy, they released accessories such as filters that could be used with drones and mobile devices. This allowed them to reach more customers than ever before.

They also adopted digital outreach channels like social media and influencer marketing to create an online presence and broaden their customer base even further.

The combination of these two strategies has enabled PolarPro to become one of the premier brands within its industry today. Their products are now featured prominently at major retailers around the world, including Amazon, Apple Stores, Best Buy and Target.

Furthermore, they have been able to leverage their success by creating partnerships with other companies in related industries – allowing them to extend their product range even further.

Developing Strategies To Remain Competitive

PolarPro’s appearance on Shark Tank in 2013 was a game-changer. Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec were instantly impressed by the innovative products and branding strategies of PolarPro, expressing their admiration for the team behind it. The show gave the company an invaluable opportunity to reach out to new audiences and build loyal followers. Now, many years later, how has PolarPro managed to remain competitive?

The first step that PolarPro took towards remaining competitive after appearing on Shark Tank was to continue innovating their brand image. They updated their website with a modern design featuring interactive videos, product demonstrations, support pages, and detailed specs about each item they offer. This enabled them to stay ahead of the competition while also building trust in their existing customers. Furthermore, they created an online community where customers could interact with one another and get personalized advice from experts at PolarPro.

In addition to this approach to branding, PolarPro developed several strategies aimed at improving customer loyalty. These included special discounts for returning customers; exclusive promotional offers available only through email subscriptions; and rewards programs that allowed customers to accumulate points over time which could be used toward future purchases. By implementing these initiatives, Polar Pro was able to maintain its position as a leader in the industry while providing unbeatable value for its buyers.

Strategy Purpose Results
Website Update Reach Out To New Audiences & Build Trust Among Existing Customers Modern Design Featuring Interactive Videos & Product Demonstrations
Online Community Interact With Other Customers & Get Advice From Experts At PP Improved Customer Engagement & Increased Brand Awareness
Discounts For Returning Customers Reward Loyalty Improved Retention Rates And Higher Profits
Exclusive Promotional Offers Through Email Subscribers Increase Sales Volume Enhanced Customer Acquisition And Revenue Growth
Rewards Programs Allowing Accumulation Of Points Over Time For Future Purchases Incentivize Long Term Relationships With Buyers Stickier Userbase And More Repeat Businesses Increased Revenue and Profitability

Investing In Digital Advertising

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, PolarPro’s digital presence continued to grow exponentially. The company invested heavily in data-driven targeted ads and used digital retargeting to reach more customers. This strategy was complemented by their focus on local SEO, allowing them to capture a larger audience within the local market.

PolarPro also implemented an aggressive content marketing campaign that saw them produce high quality videos and tutorials showcasing their products. This further increased brand awareness amongst potential customers who were looking for better ways of capturing aerial footage with drones.

Additionally, they leveraged influencer marketing which allowed them to tap into new markets and increase sales even further. The combination of these elements proved highly successful for PolarPro as it enabled them to scale quickly and expand beyond its original customer base.

Today the company has established itself as one of the leaders in the drone accessories industry with millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

Creating Strategic Partnerships

PolarPro, the company that produces accessories for drones and other digital imaging devices, gained a lot of attention after appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank.

After their appearance, PolarPro was able to build strategic partnerships with several companies abroad to expand their reach in international markets.

These partnerships have allowed them to increase their visibility through content marketing strategies such as sponsored blog posts and social media campaigns.

The success of these tactics has helped establish PolarPro’s presence in more countries than ever before.

Additionally, it has given them access to larger customer bases worldwide which have been integral in increasing sales numbers.

By investing time and resources into creating strategic partnerships abroad, PolarPro has made great strides in growing its global market share while maintaining its competitive edge in the drone accessory industry.

It is clear that this strategy has been effective at propelling the company forward and positioning them for even greater success going forward.

Refining Customer Service Practices

According to public records, Polar Pro saw an increase of nearly 100% in product sales after appearing on Shark Tank. In addition, the company has experienced a marked improvement in customer service since their appearance on the show.

With this influx of new customers and increased demand for products, Polar Pro had to take steps towards streamlining processes and strategic planning in order to meet customer expectations.

The changes implemented by Polar Pro have been significant and wide-ranging. As part of its overall strategy, they developed specific protocols for dealing with customer inquiries more efficiently, created a database that allowed them to track customer orders better, and invested heavily in employee training programs designed to ensure consistent excellence in quality control standards.

Furthermore, by focusing on providing faster turnaround times for shipping orders as well as offering free return policies for unsatisfied customers, Polar Pro has established itself as one of the most reliable brands when it comes to delivering excellent customer service.

These efforts have not gone unrecognized either: Polar Pro has received many awards from national magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes Magazine along with countless positive reviews from satisfied customers who highly recommend their services. It appears that all these measures taken together have helped keep business booming long after the exposure gained through Shark Tank ended.


PolarPro has achieved success since appearing on Shark Tank by taking advantage of various strategic and promotional opportunities.

They have refined their customer service practices, invested in digital advertising, expanded their product lines, improved their social media presence, and created strategic partnerships to remain competitive.

Through all these efforts, PolarPro has successfully established itself as a leader in the industry.

By utilizing effective marketing tactics with innovative products designed for convenience and ease-of-use, they have captivated customers around the globe.

As an example of growth through creative problem solving, PolarPro is sure to spark awe within any audience.

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