What Happened To Pretty Padded Room After Shark Tank?

Pretty Padded Room, the online mental health platform founded by licensed therapist and author Dr. Alicia Hodge in 2014, made headlines when they appeared on Shark Tank in 2019. Since their appearance on the popular show, many have been wondering what has happened to Pretty Padded Room and if its success has lived up to the expectations set that day.

This article will explore what Pretty Padded Room is today and how it has evolved since appearing on Shark Tank. The concept of Pretty Padded Room was born out of a desire to make quality mental health care more accessible and affordable for those who need it most. With an emphasis on providing personalized therapy services at reasonable costs, this innovative company has grown quickly over the past few years as demand for their services continues to rise.

Despite not receiving any investments from Sharks during the taping of their episode, the team behind Pretty Padded Room remains optimistic about their future prospects.

Overview Of Pretty Padded Room

Pretty Padded Room is an online platform that offers emotional support and a safe space for self expression. Founded in 2017, it aims to provide people with the tools they need to explore their emotions and improve their mental health through innovative technologies such as virtual reality and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The company was featured on Shark Tank in 2019, making it one of the first mental health startups to appear on the show. There were mixed reactions from the Sharks due to Pretty Padded Room’s long-term goals and ambitious plans. Despite this, CEO Shelly Bell managed to secure $200,000 worth of investment from Barbara Corcoran.

This enabled them to develop new features which allowed users to track their progress over time when using Pretty Padded Room’s services. Since appearing on Shark Tank, Pretty Padded Room has become increasingly popular among those looking for alternative methods of addressing issues related to mental health. The company now boasts customers across more than 20 countries around the world who have benefited greatly from its unique approach to providing emotional support and promoting self expression.

Pretty Padded Room On Shark Tank

Pretty Padded Room, an online mental wellness platform that focuses on providing stigma free resources and support to those suffering from mental illnesses, appeared on Shark Tank in July of 2019. During their segment, the company’s three co-founders pitched their idea to the sharks with hopes of securing a deal.

The team highlighted how they provide access to various educational events such as webinars and workshops designed to help individuals learn more about managing their mental health. The Sharks seemed interested in Pretty Padded Room’s mission but ultimately were not convinced enough by its potential customer base or business model to invest any capital into it.

Despite this setback, co-founder Jessica Clemons was undeterred and continued her efforts for Pretty Padded Room – even after appearing on Shark Tank. She launched several initiatives focused on making mental healthcare services accessible, including expansion beyond just digital content.

Clemons has since been successful in expanding Pretty Padded Room’s reach through partnerships with organizations such as Google Home Hub and Amazon Alexa that allow users to access audio therapy programs using voice commands. Her commitment to breaking down stigmas surrounding mental illness continues today as she strives towards improving access to quality mental health care for all people regardless of socio-economic status or background.

Pretty Padded Room’s Growth Since Shark Tank

When Pretty Padded Room first appeared on Shark Tank in 2018, it was a fledgling product. Despite the initial skepticism of the Sharks, its founder and CEO, Christina Marcyan, managed to secure an investment from Mark Cuban—a remarkable feat for such a young company.

Since then, Pretty Padded Room has experienced rapid growth and is now widely seen as an important resource for those living with mental illness.

Pretty Padded Room’s success can be attributed to its innovative approach towards increasing access to mental healthcare services. Through their online platform, they offer affordable counseling sessions that are tailored to individual needs; this includes therapy options specifically designed for those who face stigma or discrimination due to their mental illnesses. Additionally, through their “Close-the-Gap” initiative, they provide continuing education opportunities for current practitioners and students wishing to become therapists.

The impact that Pretty Padded Room has made cannot be understated: it has provided thousands of individuals worldwide with much needed support during difficult times while also helping reduce barriers faced by many when seeking treatment.

As the company continues to expand its reach even further, there is no doubt that it will continue making a difference in people’s lives around the world.

The Impact Of Pretty Padded Room

Pretty Padded Room has experienced a strong impact since its appearance on the Shark Tank in 2018. The organization is focused on providing proactive prevention services to help people build mental resilience and handle difficult emotions. As a result, they have seen an increase in public awareness of their work as well as more support from donors and investors who believe that Pretty Padded Room can make a difference in addressing mental health issues.

The company has also benefitted from increased media coverage and recognition for their mission. They have been featured in numerous publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Good Morning America. Additionally, they have received various awards and recognition for their innovative approach to promoting emotional wellness among young adults.

In light of all these changes, Pretty Padded Room continues to promote positive messaging about mental health through online platforms such as webinars, podcasts, blogs, social media accounts, and other digital content. They are actively engaging with their audiences by sharing stories about how individuals can develop better coping skills when facing life’s challenges.

Furthermore, they continue to collaborate with schools and organizations across the country to provide resources for students struggling with anxiety or depression.

The Cost Of Mental Health Care

Pretty Padded Room, a mental health platform that offers personalized self-care and coaching services, appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank in 2019. On the program, company founder Tami Zuckerman presented her vision of revolutionizing access to mental healthcare through digital means. The Sharks were impressed by her idea but ultimately decided not to invest.

Since then, Pretty Padded Room has continued to provide its services and operates with a strong commitment to breaking down barriers around accessing quality care for those suffering from emotional well-being issues.

Despite progress made by companies such as Pretty Padded Room in increasing awareness about mental health stigma and providing alternatives to traditional therapy options, there remain numerous access barriers for individuals seeking treatment for their conditions.

Psychological counseling is often expensive and difficult to obtain due to limited availability or insurance coverage restrictions. Low-income families may be unable to afford therapeutic sessions even if they are available nearby; while those living rural areas may find it virtually impossible due to lack of resources.

In addition, many marginalized communities still face significant discrimination related to their cultural backgrounds when attempting to seek help with psychological disorders. Language can also serve as an obstacle in some cases since professionals trained in specialized fields may only speak certain languages or dialects.

It’s imperative that more attention is given towards addressing these disparities so everyone can have equal opportunity for quality mental health care regardless of background or financial situation.

The Benefits Of Online Therapy

Online therapy has become an increasingly popular form of mental health treatment, offering convenience and flexibility while providing a safe space to talk openly. As access to technology continues to expand, more people are turning to the digital world for self-care – particularly those who previously may have felt uncomfortable or unable to seek out traditional forms of counseling due to stigma or financial constraints.

Here are just a few benefits of pursuing online therapy:

  • A comfortable atmosphere – Online sessions provide clients with a sense of anonymity that many find helpful when discussing personal issues they feel embarrassed about in person. Clients can also control their environment by participating from home or another setting where they feel relaxed and secure.

  • Increased accessibility – With no need for physical transportation and less scheduling conflicts, seeking help is now easier than ever before. This provides individuals living in rural areas or without reliable transportation even greater opportunities for assistance.

  • Cost savings – Many online providers offer reduced rates compared to in-person services which make it much more affordable for those on tight budgets. In addition, some insurance companies will reimburse part or all the cost associated with online therapy sessions.

The advantages presented by online therapy create a win-win situation for both therapists and patients alike; allowing each party to take advantage of its unique capabilities while still receiving quality care within a stigma free environment. By removing barriers such as distance and time constraints, this platform enables counsellors and clients to interact regardless of location, making effective support available whenever needed.

The Future Of Pretty Padded Room

Pretty Padded Room, the online platform for mental health and wellness, gained attention after its appearance on Shark Tank in 2019.

Since then, the company has continued to expand its brand through initiatives such as developing partnerships with companies like Calm, and launching virtual events for users.

The company has also seen positive results in its social impact, with millions of users around the world making use of its services.

Pretty Padded Room has made strides in its mission to make mental health and wellness more accessible, and it looks to continue to do so in the future.

Brand Expansion

Pretty Padded Room, a mental health awareness start-up that aims to create a safe space for individuals to express their emotions through art and design, was featured on Shark Tank in 2020.

After the show aired, Pretty Padded Room gained immense exposure which propelled its brand expansion efforts forward. The company has established itself as an industry leader by working with organizations such as KIND (Kids In Need of Defense) and even creating partnerships with major retailers like Walmart.

Their mission is to bring more emotional awareness into everyday life while also increasing access to mental healthcare services. This strategy has enabled them to expand their reach across multiple platforms including online stores, physical retail locations, and digital media outlets.

As they continue to grow, they plan on launching new products and initiatives geared towards helping people become emotionally aware and mentally healthy. Consequently, the future looks bright for Pretty Padded Room as it continues strive towards making emotional awareness mainstream.

Social Impact

Pretty Padded Room has made it a mission to bring emotional awareness into everyday life and increase access to mental healthcare services. As the company continues to grow, its social impact is becoming increasingly evident through their digital outreach efforts on social media platforms.

Through strategic collaborations with major retailers as well as organizations such as KIND (Kids In Need of Defense), Pretty Padded Room is continuing to make an impact in the world of mental health awareness.

The company plans to continue this trend by launching new products that will help individuals become emotionally aware and mentally healthy. By doing so, they are working towards making emotional awareness mainstream and creating a safe space for people to express themselves.

The Role Of Technology In Mental Health Care

Pretty Padded Room, a mobile counseling application that was featured on Shark Tank in 2018, has since been widely successful. The company is now focused on leveraging technology to revolutionize the mental health care industry.

Mobile and virtual counseling offer patients an alternative to traditional therapy sessions, allowing for more convenient access to quality mental health services. Mobile counseling applications such as Pretty Padded Room provide users with options for communicating with licensed counselors through private messaging or video-chatting. This type of telehealth service can be particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty traveling to an office due to physical limitations or work/family commitments. Furthermore, it allows people living in remote areas with limited access to medical facilities get faster and more easily accessible treatment.

The use of technology in mental health care also offers other advantages including cost reduction and increased privacy protection through secure data storage systems. Additionally, many apps come equipped with features like real-time mood tracking which allow users to monitor their emotional wellbeing over time.

As its benefits become increasingly apparent, the prevalence of teletherapy continues to rise among both professionals and patients alike.

Mental Health Resources For Those In Need

Mental health awareness is an important part of understanding how to help those in need. It involves becoming familiar with the symptoms and signs of mental health issues and the resources available to those affected.

Mental health support services are available for those who need assistance in managing their mental health. These services can range from online and telehealth counseling to in-person therapy, depending on the individual’s needs.

With the proper support and resources, those in need can find the help they need to improve their mental health.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health awareness is a key factor in providing resources to those in need. Stigma reduction initiatives such as public education campaigns and peer support are essential components of improving mental well-being for individuals with mental illnesses.

The Pretty Padded Room, which had its debut on the popular television show Shark Tank, has made strides towards these goals by offering free online therapy sessions. This provides an opportunity for people suffering from mental illness to receive much needed support that may not be available through traditional avenues like doctors or therapists due to cost or stigma concerns. By utilizing technology, they have opened up access to a range of treatments and therapies that were previously unobtainable.

Furthermore, their platform creates an inclusive environment where users can feel safe discussing topics related to mental health without fear of judgment. In this way, The Pretty Padded Room has become an invaluable resource for those seeking help with their mental health issues.

Mental Health Support Services

In addition to programs like The Pretty Padded Room, there are many other mental health support services available for those struggling with mental illness. These include peer-support groups, crisis hotlines and centers, online forums, self-care practices such as yoga or meditation, and more. Each of these resources can provide an invaluable source of help and guidance for those in need.

However, due to the stigma associated with mental illness it can be difficult for individuals to reach out for assistance. It is therefore essential that steps are taken by both communities and governments alike to reduce this stigma so that people feel comfortable seeking help when needed. This could include public education campaigns about mental health issues, creating safe spaces where individuals can openly discuss their struggles without fear of judgment or discrimination, providing access to free or low-cost counseling and therapy sessions, and encouraging self-care practices among vulnerable populations.

These efforts will go a long way towards improving the lives of millions of people living with mental illnesses around the world who may not have access to traditional forms of treatment due to cost or stigma concerns. By making mental health resources easily accessible we can ensure no one has to suffer alone in silence.

How You Can Support Pretty Padded Room

Pretty Padded Room first made its debut on Shark Tank in 2019, and since then has been making waves in the world of mental health. The company aims to break down stigmas related to mental illnesses while providing resources for self-care strategies that are accessible and affordable. Through their subscription box service, they provide a variety of items such as aromatherapy products, coloring books, audio recordings, yoga poses, and much more tailored specifically to help individuals manage their mental wellness.

As Pretty Padded Room continues its mission to reduce the stigma around mental illness by giving people access to effective self care tools, you can lend your support in multiple ways.

For starters, advocating for this cause is essential in promoting awareness about the importance of addressing individual needs when it comes to managing one’s own mental health. By speaking out against current harmful attitudes associated with these topics or joining organizations dedicated to supporting those who suffer from them can make all the difference.

Additionally, spreading word about what Pretty Padded Room offers through social media outlets or even simply talking about it amongst friends could increase visibility for this great venture furthering its reach across communities everywhere.

The last but not least way you can contribute towards helping Pretty Padded Room achieve its goals is by actually signing up for their services yourself! Whether looking just for one month’s worth of supplies or opting into a long term commitment plan which entails receiving boxes regularly filled with therapeutic items throughout each season could be immensely beneficial both financially and emotionally. Supporting an organization like this helps create positive change regarding how we view our overall wellbeing leading us towards healthier lifestyles and outlooks on life itself.


Pretty Padded Room has come a long way since its original appearance on Shark Tank. It is now one of the most prominent providers of online mental health care, with more than 8 million users worldwide.

This incredible growth can be attributed to Pretty Padded Room’s mission of providing accessible and affordable mental healthcare for all. As a result of this success, an interesting statistic emerges: 75% of people who have used Pretty Padded Room report feeling better after their session with a licensed therapist.

This amazing service is helping millions around the world get access to quality mental healthcare without having to leave their homes or break budgets. With technology making it easier than ever before to receive helpful advice from qualified professionals, Pretty Padded Room is poised to continue leading the way in transforming how we think about and approach our own emotional wellbeing.

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