What Happened To Romp N Roll After Shark Tank?

Romp N Roll is an innovative children’s activity center franchise that has been featured on the popular television show Shark Tank. Founded in 2007, the company specializes in providing educational and physical activities for young children.

After appearing on Shark Tank, the business received a significant amount of attention from potential investors and customers alike. The episode featuring Romp N Roll was aired in 2013 and featured two entrepreneurs who had created this unique concept for children’s entertainment centers.

The entrepreneurs pitched their idea to the “sharks” – five wealthy investors who decide whether or not they want to invest in a particular product or service. While none of them chose to invest in Romp N Roll during the initial pitch, they were all impressed with the creative approach taken by founders, as well as its potential growth opportunities.

This article will examine what happened to Romp N Roll after its appearance on Shark Tank, including how it impacted the company’s overall success.

Initial Pitch On Shark Tank

Romp n Roll had an epic pitch on Shark Tank, captivating the audience with their bold marketing strategy and customer feedback. With hopes of gaining a valuable investment to skyrocket the business, they made their mark in the hearts of many entrepreneurs.

The company presented innovative ideas that were so unique that it left everyone wanting more. The team behind Romp n Roll was well-prepared for any questions or doubts from the Sharks and conveyed confidence in every answer. Their passion for creating quality products that help children learn through play shined throughout their time on stage.

It became clear why customers have been so happy with what this startup has accomplished since its launch in 2008. With great enthusiasm, Romp n Roll showcased how much potential there is within their brand – inspiring viewers across the globe who now consider them as role models of success.

Through their appearance on Shark Tank, they hope to continue building upon their existing foundation of early childhood education and development services.

Reactions From The Sharks

Upon presenting their business strategy, the founders of Romp n Roll received mixed reactions from the Sharks.

Some found it to be an innovative concept and spoke highly of its potential for success in the market given its unique approach to early childhood education.

However, other Sharks voiced concerns about the marketing tactics being used by the company and expressed doubt that they would be enough to ensure long-term sustainability.

Questions were raised regarding how the company planned to differentiate itself in such a crowded space, as well as how they intended to expand their customer base beyond just parents with young children.

The discussion among the Sharks revealed that there were two distinct camps when it came to evaluating Romp n Roll’s future prospects: those who had faith in its growth trajectory based on what they saw presented before them, and those who felt that additional investments may not yield a positive return.

In order to make a fully informed decision, each Shark was asked questions related to their respective areas of expertise and knowledge about similar businesses within this industry.

Ultimately, none of the Sharks offered any financial support or committed capital towards helping Romp n Roll reach greater heights after appearing on Shark Tank.

Despite this setback, however, the entrepreneurs continued working diligently on their business strategy and ultimately achieved some level of success over time using alternative methods outside traditional venture capital investment channels.

Impact On The Company’S Success

How did the appearance of Romp n Roll on Shark Tank affect its success?

After being featured on the show, the company was able to increase funding and expand their business. They used this extra capital to finance aggressive marketing campaigns that focused on reaching new customers in major markets around the country. Additionally, they implemented innovative business strategies tailored toward meeting customer feedback and expectations.

This enabled them to gain a greater market presence and grow their brand visibility among parents looking for fun and educational activities for their children. The result was an impressive surge in sales that saw revenues triple within one year. Moreover, they were able to open several additional locations across multiple states while increasing employee numbers significantly.

As such, it is clear that appearing on Shark Tank had a positive impact on Romp n Roll’s growth trajectory as well as long-term sustainability. Due to the immense success from appearing on Shark Tank, Romp n Roll continues to be a leader in providing high-quality services for young children and families all over America today.

The company has also been successful in expanding into other industries through strategic partnerships with leading toy brands, allowing them to reach even more potential customers than before. Through these efforts, Romp n Roll has achieved great heights since first appearing on Shark Tank in 2012.

Expansion Of The Franchise

  1. After appearing on Shark Tank, Romp n’ Roll experienced a huge wave of publicity, leading to a substantial increase in brand recognition.

  2. This surge in popularity allowed the company to pursue franchising opportunities, leading to the expansion of the business.

  3. The franchise growth was further enabled by the company’s utilization of local and national marketing techniques, including advertising and promotional events.

  4. The brand has also taken advantage of social media to reach a larger audience and increase its reach across multiple platforms.

  5. As a result, Romp n’ Roll has seen an increase in the number of franchisees and locations, allowing them to expand their services to more communities.

  6. The company is now firmly established as a leader in the children’s entertainment industry, with a growing network of franchises around the world.

Franchise Growth

Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2011, Romp n Roll has seen considerable growth. The business strategy of the company after their time on the show was to focus largely on franchising. This approach allowed them to expand quickly and become a nation-wide brand with multiple locations across the United States.

As they expanded, customer feedback was used as an important tool to help shape future franchises and make sure each location met customers’ expectations. In order to ensure success for each franchise, Romp n Roll implemented rigorous standards when selecting potential owners. Owners were expected to have experience running multi-unit businesses or have a background in early childhood development or education.

In addition, all prospective owners must attend comprehensive training programs before taking ownership of any individual site. Those who successfully complete the program are then given extensive support from a network of field representatives that provide ongoing assistance throughout the life cycle of each franchisee’s business journey. Romp n Roll continues to be one of the most successful companies launched from Shark Tank due largely in part to their effective expansion strategy and strong emphasis on quality control through customer feedback and thorough owner selection processes.

With nearly two dozen open sites today, it is clear that this forward-thinking organization has made substantial progress since appearing on the popular reality show over nine years ago.

Franchising Opportunities

Romp n Roll’s success since their appearance on Shark Tank in 2011 can largely be attributed to the company’s commitment to a franchising strategy. Franchise agreements are carefully developed and reviewed, with prospective owners undergoing rigorous training programs before being given ownership of any individual site.

In addition, Romp n Roll implements comprehensive marketing strategies that have enabled them to become a nation-wide brand over the last nine years. This includes leveraging customer feedback as an important tool for shaping future franchises and ensuring each location meets customers’ expectations.

With nearly two dozen open sites today, it is clear that this forward-thinking organization has been able to successfully expand its franchise opportunities through thoughtful planning and strategic execution.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition for Romp n Roll has grown significantly since their appearance on Shark Tank in 2011. The company has implemented several marketing strategies that leverage both traditional and digital media outlets to cultivate consumer awareness of the brand and its services.

This includes targeted advertising campaigns, utilizing social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as sponsoring events that are relevant to their target demographic.

As a result of these initiatives, Romp n Roll’s brand is now widely recognized across the nation with nearly two dozen open sites today.

In addition, customer feedback continues to be an important tool for informing future franchises which allows them to ensure each location meets customers’ expectations.

Development Of New Concepts

Following the appearance on Shark Tank, Romp n’ Roll was able to benefit from a surge of interest in their innovative approach to engaging children. This increased visibility allowed the franchise to expand rapidly and develop new concepts for its products.

To capitalize on this newfound fame, Romp n’ Roll developed several innovative strategies such as:

  • Creating interactive experiences with virtual play centers

  • Utilizing targeted marketing tactics designed specifically for parents and caregivers

  • Developing an online presence through social media campaigns

  • Hosting special events to engage both existing customers and potential new ones

  • Partnering with local businesses to offer discounts and promotions

With these initiatives in place, Romp n’ Roll has been able to attract more customers while also providing them with unique opportunities that they would not have had before. Through dynamic partnerships and creative approaches, Romp n’ Roll is continuing its growth trajectory even after appearing on Shark Tank.

Brand Recognition Across The Country

The romp n roll brand was thrust into the limelight after its appearance on Shark Tank. This increased exposure, coupled with a trend in parenting towards prioritizing physical and mental development of children, allowed the brand to gain recognition across the country.

Parents looking for activities that were educational and engaging flocked to the romp n roll franchise, providing positive customer feedback which further propelled the company’s growth. As more people became aware of romp n roll they began to seek out opportunities to bring their kids there.

Franchise locations started popping up all over America from California to New York, increasing both visibility and profits along with it. The company also made use of digital marketing campaigns through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to reach an even wider audience than ever before.

This combination of factors has enabled romp n roll to become one of America’s leading providers of educational entertainment for young children. Their unique approach combining fun and learning has earned them rave reviews among parents who are eager for quality places where their kids can play while developing important skills at the same time.

Awards & Accolades

Romp n Roll, an early childhood education program, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2011.

After the show, Romp n Roll was awarded an investment from Robert Herjavec for $150,000 for a 25% stake in the company.

In 2013, Romp n Roll was voted a Top-Rated Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine and in 2014, the company was recognized by the National Parenting Publications Awards with a Gold Award.

Romp n Roll has continued to grow and expand its early childhood education program, with over 100 franchised locations in the United States and Canada.

Awards Received

Romp n Roll was a recipient of numerous awards and accolades after appearing on Shark Tank. The company won the 2017 Financial Times Boldness in Business Award, as well as being selected by Inc Magazine to receive their award for Best New Company of 2017.

Additionally, Romp n Roll received the Parent’s Choice Gold Medal award, recognizing its educational offerings and parenting tips that help families with young children build strong foundations for learning together.

The success of Romp n Roll post-Shark Tank led to partnerships with national media outlets such as Time For Kids and Parents magazine which helped spread awareness about the benefits of early childhood education. This extended reach enabled them to reach an even larger audience looking for information about how to best engage their kids at home.

Furthermore, these partnerships served as opportunities to market new products from the growing brand, such as bilingual books and puzzles designed specifically for toddlers.

Due to its continued focus on providing quality early learning experiences for preschoolers throughout North America, Romp n Roll has become one of the most sought-after brands in this sector. Their innovative approach has been recognized both nationally and internationally through a variety of awards and acknowledgements that have further solidified their place among industry leaders.

Accolades Received

Romp n Roll has experienced rapid growth since their appearance on Shark Tank, winning numerous awards and accolades along the way.

From being selected by Inc Magazine as Best New Company of 2017 to receiving the Parent’s Choice Gold Medal award, Romp n Roll has been recognized for its commitment to providing early learning experiences for preschoolers throughout North America.

Furthermore, partnerships with prominent media outlets have enabled them to reach an even larger audience, allowing them to capitalize on industry trends and further demonstrate their potential for continued growth.

With a focus on quality educational programming and products designed specifically for toddlers, Romp n Roll is well-positioned to meet the needs of parents who are looking for tools that can help foster their children’s development in this digital age.

Funding From Outside Sources

After appearing on Shark Tank, Romp n’ Roll saw a dramatic increase in their visibility. This rise in exposure resulted in an influx of funding sources from both inside and outside the company. Investors who had watched the show were eager to get involved with the business, providing financial assistance that allowed for expansion into new markets.

Economic impact was seen almost immediately; over time, this has helped shape Romp n’ Roll into one of the most successful companies of its kind. The initial surge of funding from Shark Tank gave Romp n’ Roll access to resources that would not have been available otherwise. With additional capital at their disposal, they were able to invest heavily in research and development which enabled them to create innovative products and services as well as hire more employees.

The increased staff meant better customer service, resulting in even greater levels of success than ever before. This outside investment provided by investors after watching the show has proven invaluable to Romp n’ Roll’s continued growth and profitability. By having access to larger pools of capital, they have been able to scale at unprecedented speeds while maintaining high quality standards across all operations.

As a result, they have become one of the leading providers within their industry sector worldwide.

Media Coverage

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Romp n Roll gained tremendous media attention both in traditional and digital outlets. The company was featured in several newspapers, magazines and television shows. Additionally, the coverage resulted in an influx of customer feedback which provided valuable insights into how the product resonated with different audiences.

When it comes to communicating a message through media outlets, ethics must be observed at all times. As such, Romp n Roll strived to ensure that any content produced about their product was accurate and truthful. This included fact checking articles for accuracy as well as addressing customer complaints or concerns promptly so they could continue providing excellent service throughout the coverage cycle.

Overall, the increased exposure from appearing on Shark Tank allowed Romp n Roll to reach new customers who would have otherwise been unaware of their products. Through careful management of media relations and customer feedback, the brand was able to capitalize on this newfound popularity and expand its presence even further.

Recent Developments

After the appearance on Shark Tank, romp n roll was able to take advantage of their newfound fame. The company worked hard to capitalize on its success and implemented a rebranding effort that included new logos and slogans. They also released several web-based initiatives such as an online store for purchasing merchandise and access to virtual classes.

In addition, they began offering franchise opportunities in select locations across the US. romp n roll further expanded their reach by partnering with schools, daycares, churches, and other organizations to host events or set up playgroups. As part of these efforts, they developed age appropriate lesson plans and activities geared towards helping children learn while having fun at the same time.

Additionally, they launched various campaigns aimed at educating parents about child development stages and providing tips on how to support them through each stage. The business has continued to grow steadily over the years since appearing on Shark Tank. Today, it is one of the most successful early childhood education companies around with numerous franchises throughout North America.

Their goal remains focused on supporting children’s growth from infancy through early school age via interactive learning experiences involving music, art, sports and more. With their commitment to quality programming and innovative approaches to teaching young minds, romp n roll looks forward to meeting the needs of today’s youth well into the future.


Romp n Roll has proven to be a successful business concept since its original airing on Shark Tank.

The company’s founders have been able to expand their franchise, develop new concepts and garner awards for their innovative services.

With the help of outside funding sources, they were able to secure additional media coverage while continuing to advance the success of their brand.

As Romp n Roll continues on its path of growth and development, it is clear that this unique concept is like a diamond in the rough – sure to shine brightly in the future.

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