What Happened To Sleeping Baby After Shark Tank?

In December 2016, a revolutionary product called the Sleeping Baby Zipadee-Zip was introduced to viewers of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. The Zipadee-Zip was an ingenious solution for parents who had difficulty getting their babies to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night. As a result of its appearance on the popular television program, it quickly became one of the most sought after products among new parents.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Sleeping Baby has gone from strength-to-strength. It is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide and has been featured in numerous media outlets such as TIME Magazine, Good Morning America, People Magazine, Parents Magazine and many more. Additionally, reviews from customers have consistently praised both the effectiveness of the Zipadee-Zip and customer service provided by company founder Stephanie Parker and her team.

Despite these successes, there have been some challenges along the way which will be discussed further in this article.

Product Launch After Shark Tank

The success of a product on the show Shark Tank can often be attributed to how well it is pitched and presented. However, in the case of Sleeping Baby’s Zipadee-Zip, there was much more at play than just an effective presentation.

The newborn safety sleep aid had been created out of necessity by two parents who were desperate for their son to get some rest. After being featured on the show, their invention gained immense popularity and media attention which led to increased sales and eventually rebranding from Sleeping Baby Inc into Zippy Jamz LLC.

Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2013, the Zipadee-Zip has become one of the most sought after solutions for babies with difficulty settling down for sleep due to startle reflexes or other issues related to sensory development. It also helps keep babies warm while sleeping without requiring blankets that may pose potential hazards.

Moreover, features such as foot pockets, wings and zip openings make this swaddle transition product especially desired by new parents looking for convenience when dressing or changing their baby during nighttime routines. The company’s mission is focused on providing products that help families create peaceful nights so they can enjoy plenty of quality time together during the day—a goal that resonates strongly with many modern parents trying to navigate parenthood amidst busy lives.

This sentiment further contributed towards driving up demand for Zipadee-Zips and transforming them into a must-have item amongst baby gear essentialists all over the world.

Expansion Into Over 30 Countries

Following the successful launch of Sleeping Baby after the Shark Tank episode, it was time for expansion. The company began to experience growing pains as they navigated international hurdles and attempted to expand their reach into over thirty countries.

With a new set of challenges in communication barriers, language differences, unfamiliar markets and different regulations, there were many obstacles that had to be tackled in order to make this venture a success.

The team at Sleeping Baby overcame these issues by utilizing local resources such as distributors and partners who could provide insight on specific cultures and customs. They also hired individuals with global expertise to help them understand nuances in each market they targeted.

Additionally, the company implemented strategies such as creating localized content tailored directly for its target audience which enabled them to effectively break cultural barriers and increase engagement.

This approach proved effective as Sleeping Baby successfully broke into multiple territories including China, Mexico, France and Brazil while achieving double-digit growth rates across all regions within several months of entering each country’s market.

Furthermore, the brand’s presence extended even further through digital channels where customers have access to products from anywhere around the world regardless of geographical boundaries. This has allowed Sleeping Baby to become an internationally recognized name synonymous with quality sleep solutions for babies everywhere established on strong customer relationships built on trust and satisfaction.

Media Coverage And Recognition

After appearing on the popular ABC show Shark Tank, Sleeping Baby received an unprecedented level of media attention and recognition.

Following the airing of their episode in 2012, they experienced a surge in social media presence with numerous customers sharing stories about how much they loved the baby swaddle products. This type of viral marketing spread like wildfire across various platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, giving them nationwide exposure.

The success of Sleeping Baby was reflected by their growth over time; sales increased exponentially each year prior to 2016 when it reached its peak at $8 million. Furthermore, the company had been featured in several publications including Time Magazine, Forbes and Buzzfeed.

Their appearance on Shark Tank also led to additional opportunities for collaboration with other companies that wanted access to their innovative product design capabilities.

As a result of these endeavors, Sleeping Baby became well-known throughout the United States while delivering quality products to their consumers.

They have since become established as one of the leading brands within their industry due to the unique combination of innovation and excellent customer service provided by this family owned business.

As such, Sleeping Baby has seen continued success even after many years in operation.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

The appearance of Sleeping Baby on Shark Tank had a ripple effect across the nation. As news spread, it quickly became one of the most talked-about products in recent history. The increased demand for the product was palpable, and targeted marketing efforts were immediately put into place to capitalize on this newfound attention.

From coast-to-coast, people began seeking out the easy zipper system that made swaddling simple and safe—all thanks to an enthusiastic pitch from the company’s founder on national television. The success story garnered ample media coverage, including feature pieces by some of America’s top publications.

Social media engagement skyrocketed as well, with hundreds of thousands of shares and likes around each post related to Sleeping Baby and its innovative solution for parents everywhere.

This high profile recognition meant more than just good press; it also translated into tangible sales results that exceeded all expectations set before airtime on Shark Tank. Soon enough, it could be found in homes across all fifty states—a remarkable achievement for any new business venture!

Expansion Into New Markets

After receiving a $25,000 investment from the Sharks on Shark Tank, Sleeping Baby has been able to expand their operations into new markets. As part of this expansion they have increased their international outreach and diversified their product line beyond swaddles and sleep sacks.

To better serve customers around the world, Sleeping Baby now offers free shipping on orders over $75 in addition to an array of payment options that provide convenience for customers abroad. They are also providing more language support with customer service agents speaking English, Spanish, French and German.

Sleeping Baby’s product selection is no longer limited solely to swaddle blankets and sleeping bags; it has grown to include other products such as baby headbands, pacifier clips, car seat straps covers, lovies and crib sheets:

  • Headbands – Variety of colors and patterns available to match any outfit or occasion
  • Pacifier Clip Sets – Interchangeable designs that attach securely to clothing while still allowing easy access for babies
  • Car Seat Strap Covers – Soft material keeps straps comfortable against baby’s skin
  • Lovies – Lightweight fabric provides warmth without making your little one too hot
  • Crib Sheets – 100% organic cotton ensures comfortability while being gentle against baby’s delicate skin.

Through these initiatives Sleeping Baby has been successful at reaching new customers across Europe, Asia & South America by providing them with quality products designed specifically with their needs in mind.

Challenges Faced By The Company

Sleeping Baby, a company that produces swaddles for babies, had an impressive pitch on Shark Tank. Although the Sharks were impressed with their product and its potential to help new parents, they decided not to invest in the business. This was due to several challenges that Sleeping Baby faced in terms of funding limitations and product diversification.

Funding Limitations Product Diversification
High cost of production Limited number of products
High marketing costs No international presence

The high cost of production was an issue for Sleeping Baby as it limited the amount of money available for investment from venture capitalists or angel investors. Additionally, their reliance on TV advertising meant large amounts of money needed to be allocated to marketing budgets each month which further depleted any funds available for growth. The lack of product diversification also proved problematic as this prevented them from breaking into different markets around the world and establishing an international presence.

Despite these issues, Sleeping Baby has persevered by using crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo to acquire funds as well as offering baby bundles and expanding their line-up of products beyond just swaddles. They have managed to remain competitive in spite of the limitations they face but will need additional financial support if they hope to realize their full potential in the marketplace.

Innovations In Product Design

After the company appeared on Shark Tank, they were determined to press forward and innovate their product design. To do this, they developed a number of strategies that focused on how to use technology advancements in order to improve their product.

One of these strategies was introducing 3-D printing technology into their production process. This allowed them to produce prototypes faster than ever before without sacrificing any quality control measures.

Additionally, they began looking for ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into the development cycle which would enable better customization options for customers.

The team also worked hard to optimize the user experience by making sure every component of the baby sleeping mat had been carefully tested and refined. They utilizing various testing platforms such as A/B testing and usability surveys with users from around the world in order to identify areas where further improvements could be made.

Through these efforts, the team was able to upgrade features like temperature regulation, sound canceling capabilities, and even motion detection – all while keeping safety as a top priority.

This innovative approach has enabled them to stay ahead of competitors who are unable or unwilling to invest in cutting edge technologies. By consistently seeking out new opportunities for improvement through research and experimentation, the team is ensuring that its product remains at the forefront of innovation within its industry.

Brand Partnerships And Collaborations

The appearance of the Sleeping Baby on Shark Tank not only increased brand awareness but also provided a platform to expand marketing strategies. To capitalize on this, Sleeping Baby has developed several partnerships and collaborations with other companies in order to increase its visibility and presence in the marketplace.

Brand Description
Ju-Ju-Be Diaper bag manufacturer
Babies R Us Retailer
The Honest Company Organic baby products maker
Walmart Superstore retailer
Target Department store

By aligning itself with these well established brands, Sleeping Baby was able to gain recognition it wouldn’t have achieved alone. This newfound attention enabled them to reach more consumers and further its mission of providing safe sleeping spaces for babies all over the world. Through leveraging their network of partners, they are now better equipped than ever before to fulfill their purpose as an industry leader in sleep safety solutions.

Stephanie Parker’s Role In The Company

Stephanie Parker was one of the most influential contributors to the success of Sleeping Baby after its appearance on Shark Tank. She is an experienced entrepreneur with over 15 years in business development and marketing, as well as a passion for product evolution. Her expertise has been crucial in helping Sleeping Baby expand their market share by developing new products as well as strengthening existing ones.

Parker’s leadership style is largely focused on fostering a culture that promotes innovation and team collaboration. This focus has allowed her to guide the brand into becoming a leader in baby safety sleepwear and accessories, which have since become household names among parents around the world.

With each successful product launch or campaign launch, she works diligently to provide the guidance necessary for continued growth. Part of this process includes discussing ideas with her team at regular brainstorming sessions, reviewing customer feedback from surveys and discussions, researching trends in the industry, and keeping up with all relevant news pertaining to Sleepy Baby’s presence in social media channels.

Through these efforts, Stephanie Parker has helped shape Sleepy Baby into what it is today: A trusted source of safe sleepwear and accessories for babies everywhere.

Below are 3 key ways that she has contributed to the company’s success:

  1. Developed strategies for product evolution

  2. Established a positive company culture

  3. Utilized data-driven approaches when making decisions

Strategies For Sustainable Growth

After receiving an investment from the shark tank, Stephanie Parker set off to ensure that Sleepy Baby had a strong foundation and could strive for sustainable growth. To do so, she implemented various strategies which included financial planning and marketing strategy.

With regards to financial planning, Parker took into consideration the current economic environment and developed a budget for Sleepy Baby. She also monitored expenses closely in order to maximize profits and make sure that money was being used efficiently. Furthermore, she worked on restructuring debt payments with creditors by negotiating payment terms.

On the other hand, when it came to marketing strategy, Parker focused her efforts on finding ways to increase brand awareness of Sleepy Baby’s products through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc., creating partnerships with influencers within relevant industries who could help promote their product lines, utilizing digital advertising campaigns including pay-per-click (PPC) ads and search engine optimization (SEO), and using effective email automation tactics. Financial Planning Marketing Strategy
Develop Budget Social Media
Monitor Expenses Influencer Partnerships
Negotiate Debt Payments Digital Advertising Campaigns
Email Automation

Parker successfully executed these two strategies in combination with others not mentioned here which allowed Sleepy Baby to achieve sustainable growth over time.


The success of Sleeping Baby and its innovative Zipadee-Zip product after being featured on Shark Tank is undeniable.

The company’s expansion into over 30 countries, media coverage, customer reviews, brand partnerships and collaborations have all contributed to the strong reputation held by this now global enterprise.

Stephanie Parker has played an integral role in driving the growth of the business with her strategic vision for sustainable development.

Her ability to utilize creative marketing strategies combined with a commitment to continually improve product design has ensured that Sleeping Baby remains at the forefront of innovation in the industry – like a beacon in an ever changing market landscape.

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