What Happened To Splikity After Shark Tank?

Splikity, an online learning platform for children, made its debut on the popular television show Shark Tank in 2015. Since then, many people have been curious to know what happened to Splikity after its appearance on Shark Tank.

This article will explore the journey of Splikity since it was featured on the show and discuss how it has evolved over time. It will analyze the changes that occurred within the company as well as evaluate whether or not these changes were successful.

The article will also provide insight into why Splikity decided to appear on Shark Tank and highlight any lessons learned from this experience.

Splikity’s Journey On Shark Tank

Splikity, a startup that set out to develop an AI-driven platform for analyzing customer data and creating insights for sales teams, appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank in 2018.

In their pitch, CEO Shana Schlossberg presented her vision of how Splikity could help businesses improve their market analysis capabilities by offering them real-time customer feedback through surveys.

After some deliberation among the sharks, Splikity eventually secured funding from guest shark Matt Higgins.

Since then, Splikity has raised additional rounds of funding totaling over $2 million to date.

This money was used to expand its development team with new hires from top tech companies such as Google and Apple.

The company also focused on expanding its customer base which includes well-known corporations like Burger King and Sony Music Entertainment.

The investments paid off in 2019 when Splikity launched its first product: a web application called “Insights” that helps small business owners analyze customer feedback in order to build better products and services faster than ever before.

With this launch, it is clear that Splikity has come a long way since appearing on Shark Tank two years ago.

The Aftermath Of Splikity’s Shark Tank Appearance

Splikity made a significant impression on the Sharks during its appearance on Shark Tank, but what happened after the show?

After leaving the tank and securing no deals, Splikity shifted their focus to building strategic partnerships with investors, industry professionals, and even some of the Sharks themselves. With these connections in hand, they began marketing initiatives aimed at raising awareness of their product and getting it into more homes.

The strategy paid off – by 2019 Splikity had acquired thousands of loyal customers across America who benefitted from their innovative technology every day. They also expanded their offerings over time to include additional features such as voice control, allowing users to access content quickly through simple commands.

The company has continued to grow since then and today is an established leader in the smart home market.

To stay competitive in this rapidly changing industry, Splikity continues to invest heavily in research and development while leveraging their strategic relationships for greater success. As part of their ongoing efforts, they have entered new markets outside of North America and forged alliances with other organizations within the sector.

All signs point towards a bright future for Splikity thanks to the hard work put forth by its founders following that fateful Shark Tank episode.

Changes Within The Company

After a successful appearance on Shark Tank, Splikity was able to take advantage of the exposure and leverage it into increased success.

In order to capitalize on this newfound attention, the company quickly identified scaling strategies that would enable them to grow their customer base as well as expand their product offering. This included creating an innovative loyalty program for existing customers and implementing tactics such as targeted advertising to attract new users.

The company also focused heavily on developing strategic partnerships with other businesses in order to extend its reach further beyond what conventional marketing channels could provide. Through these collaborations, Splikity was able to establish itself as a leader within the industry by driving innovation and exploring opportunities in areas like mobile payments and e-commerce.

Splikity’s resources allowed it to remain competitive while simultaneously investing in technology upgrades and building out its team of employees.

As they continued to refine their business model, they saw revenues rise steadily over time until eventually achieving profitability. By staying agile, putting customer experience first and continuously pushing forward with creative ideas, Splikity has become one of the most promising startups in the market today.

Evaluating The Success Of The Changes

After appearing on Shark Tank, Splikity went through a number of changes. The company shifted its focus from developing new technology to making existing products more cost-effective and easier to scale up.

In order to do this, the team reorganized itself into smaller departments:

  • Product Development: Focused on creating cheaper versions of existing products
  • Software Team: Worked on streamlining processes and finding ways to reduce costs
  • Hardware Team: Optimized hardware components for better performance at lower prices
  • Business Operations: Investigated opportunities for scaling up production while maintaining quality standards
  • Sales & Marketing: Developed strategies for expanding their customer base in different markets
  • Logistics & Distribution: Ensured efficient delivery channels were available for both domestic and international customers

The changes resulted in an increase in efficiency as well as a reduction in development time and production costs. This allowed the company to become profitable within months of launching their updated products.

Additionally, there was now enough capacity to make larger orders which enabled them to enter new markets with ease. Splikity’s success proved that sometimes small shifts can have a huge impact when done correctly. By focusing efforts on making existing products more cost-effective and scalable, they managed to turn their fortunes around quickly.

Splikity’s Decision To Appear On Shark Tank

  1. Splikity, an online shopping company, was well-prepared for their appearance on Shark Tank with a comprehensive business plan, having done the necessary market research and having the appropriate financials in place.

  2. On their appearance, the Sharks offered Splikity a deal that included a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.

  3. The decision to accept the offer was difficult as the owners of Splikity were uncertain of the implications of a 20% stake being given away.

  4. Splikity eventually agreed to the deal and the company was able to expand its reach, allowing it to become a more profitable venture.

  5. After appearing on Shark Tank, Splikity has seen a significant increase in revenue and has been able to increase its market share in the online shopping sector.

  6. Splikity has also been able to hire more staff, allowing it to better serve its customers and provide a better quality of service.

Splikity’s Preparation

When Splikity, a mobile loyalty platform and rewards program, decided to appear on Shark Tank, they put in the necessary preparation.

Team building was essential for making sure that all participants were on the same page when it came time to present their business model to the Sharks.

To incentivize everyone involved with Splikity’s presentation and ensure that each member of the team had skin in the game, equity stakes were awarded as part of the prep process.

With incentives in place and teams built out, Splikity was ready for its debut on Shark Tank.

As one might expect from such an experience, nerves ran high but ultimately Splikity performed admirably given the circumstances being presented to them.

Now it remained to be seen how far this newfound exposure would take them going forward.

Shark Tank Offer

The Splikity team was met with great success on their Shark Tank appearance. After delivering an impressive pitch, the Sharks showed a strong interest in investing and offered to fund the venture.

Ultimately, it came down to whether or not Splikity would accept the offer. Doing so meant that they had to make some major product pivots to meet the needs of investors.

With careful consideration and mindful negotiation tactics, Splikity secured funding from two different sources: Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. This newfound investment allowed them to refine their business model and expand its reach into new markets; something which could have been difficult to do independently.

Thanks to this infusion of capital, Splikity is now well-positioned for growth as they look ahead into 2021 and beyond.

Aftermath Of Appearing

The aftermath of Splikity’s decision to appear on Shark Tank has been an overall success, as the team was able to secure funding from two investors.

With this investment, they have been able to refine their business model and expand its reach into new markets with increased online presence.

To realize these goals, Splikity employed innovative funding strategies that allowed them to maximize their potential without compromising their original vision.

Moving forward, it is expected that 2021 will be a year of growth for the company, thanks in part to their successful appearance on Shark Tank.

Splikity’s Growth Since Shark Tank

Splikity has truly gone from strength to strength since appearing on Shark Tank. After the show, they were able to take advantage of their newfound exposure and roll out a series of innovative strategies that have seen them become one of the most talked-about tech startups in recent years.

The first thing Splikity did was expand its product range by releasing several new gadgets, including some cutting-edge VR headsets and augmented reality tools. This helped establish them as an industry leader, giving customers access to products no one else could provide.

They also used this opportunity to refine their marketing strategies and reach new audiences around the world. This combination of innovation and savvy marketing has made Splikity one of the fastest-growing businesses in Silicon Valley today.

From investors who saw potential when pitching on Shark Tank, to customers eager for revolutionary technology – it’s clear that Splikity is poised for great things going forward.

Challenges Faced By Splikity After Shark Tank

  1. After appearing on Shark Tank, Splikity encountered difficulties in raising capital to fund the growth of their business.

  2. The sudden surge of demand for their product was unexpected, and Splikity had to quickly adjust to the increased demand.

  3. Negative publicity was a challenge Splikity had to face in the aftermath of Shark Tank.

  4. Splikity had to put in a great deal of effort to overcome the bad press.

  5. They needed to find new and innovative ways to market their product, in order to attract more customers.

  6. Splikity continued to strive hard to gain the trust of their customers, while staying true to their original mission and values.

Difficulties Raising Capital

Splikity, an online educational game platform for K-12 students, faced a number of challenges after its appearance on Shark Tank. One of the most pressing issues was difficulty in raising capital to fund the business and promote growth.

While Splikity had previously attracted venture capitalists interested in its potential, securing additional funding post-Shark Tank proved difficult as investors sought more assurance that the product would generate long-term profit margins.

To combat this issue, Splikity implemented aggressive fundraising strategies such as offering equity shares through crowdfunding platforms. This approach allowed them to attract backers who were willing to take greater risks but also provided opportunities to secure larger investments from angel investors or venture capitalist firms.

Despite these efforts however, it became increasingly apparent that money alone could not guarantee success and further investment options needed to be explored if Splikity wanted to remain competitive.

Adjusting To Growing Demand

In order to keep up with the growing demand for Splikity, it was necessary to redesign and scale its current operations. This required a shift in focus from simply raising capital to developing strategies that could accommodate an influx of users while still providing them with an engaging learning experience.

To do this, Splikity worked towards streamlining processes such as customer onboarding, payment processing, and content delivery in order to reduce strain on their system and optimize efficiency. Additionally, they implemented automated systems like chatbots and improved data collection capabilities in order to better target customers needs.

These measures allowed Splikity to effectively manage user growth without sacrificing quality or integrity of the product.

Overcoming Negative Publicity

In the wake of Splikity’s appearance on Shark Tank, negative publicity had started to surround the brand and product.

In order to counteract this, Splikity employed a number of branding strategies in an effort to restore customer confidence.

This included active customer outreach and creating content that highlighted their commitment to providing quality education services.

Additionally, they implemented social media campaigns and special discounts for loyal customers as incentives for continued usage.

As a result of these efforts,Splikity was able to improve its public image and regain trust from users who may have been skeptical about investing in their service after viewing it on television.

The Impact Of Splikity’s Shark Tank Experience

After appearing on Shark Tank, Splikity received a financial investment from one of the Sharks and intense media attention. This experience had both positive and negative impacts on the company.

On the plus side, the visibility offered by being featured on national television allowed Splikity to attract more customers, and their marketing strategy was able to reach out to an even broader audience than before. Not only did this provide them with an influx of new users, but it also increased brand recognition for Splikity as well.

However, there were some drawbacks associated with this newfound fame. For example, because of the heightened scrutiny that came along with being in the spotlight, mistakes or missteps made by Splikity could be magnified and quickly spiral out of control. Additionally, many potential investors became wary about working with such a high-profile business due to its history in front of millions of viewers.

Splikity’s Future Plans

  1. Splikity, a mobile app featured on ‘Shark Tank’ in 2016, continues to expand its reach by entering new markets in 2019.

  2. The app’s founder, Eric Jacobs, has been actively pursuing strategies to increase visibility and brand recognition.

  3. Splikity has also been developing new products to provide customers with more features and a more personalized experience.

  4. With these ambitious plans in motion, Splikity is poised to become a popular and successful mobile app in the near future.

Expanding Into New Markets

The innovative strategies and aggressive marketing that Splikity implemented after their appearance on the show Shark Tank have paid off. The company has seen a significant jump in sales and brand recognition, which they are capitalizing on by expanding into new markets. Their mission is to make financial planning accessible to everyone, so it makes sense for them to move beyond their initial market of college students and young professionals.

To do this, they have adopted several different tactics including leveraging social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube as well as creating partnerships with other organizations such as employers, banks, and non-profits.

Splikity’s successful expansion into these new markets has allowed them to reach more users than ever before while also positioning themselves at the forefront of personal finance education through their comprehensive online courses. Not only do these courses enable individuals to create personalized budgets tailored to their individual needs but they can also help bridge the gap between those who don’t know much about money management and those who are already comfortable managing finances.

With over one million users across all 50 states in the US, Splikity plans to keep growing by targeting even larger audiences globally. This growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon; current projections estimate that Splikity will continue its upward trend due to its focus on providing quality services backed up by an experienced team of professionals dedicated to helping people become better educated regarding personal finance matters.

It goes without saying that the future looks bright for Splikity; if they maintain this momentum, there is no telling what heights they could reach in the years ahead.

Developing New Products

In order to further capitalize on its newfound success, Splikity is focusing heavily on developing new products and services.

To facilitate this effort, the company has begun forming strategic partnerships with other organizations and institutes that specialize in financial education. This allows them to leverage each other’s resources and develop innovative marketing strategies for their respective audiences.

Alongside these partnerships, Splikity is also pouring efforts into creating new features such as a budgeting app and an automated savings tool. These tools are designed to make managing finances easier than ever before and will allow users to more effectively plan out their spending while tracking progress towards long-term goals.

By providing access to comprehensive yet simple financial management solutions, Splikity hopes to empower people of all ages around the world with the necessary skills needed to create sustainable wealth over time.

As they continue expanding both domestically and internationally, Splikity remains committed to offering quality educational materials that can be easily accessed by anyone who wants a better understanding of personal finance topics.

With cutting-edge technology, reliable customer support, and industry leading expertise at their disposal, it’s no wonder why so many people are beginning to look towards Splikity for help when it comes to responsible money management practices.

Lessons Learned From Splikity’s Shark Tank Experience

In the world of digital marketing, Splikity’s Shark Tank experience was an eye-opening event. The company had to showcase its product and services on a platform where investors decide their fate within minutes. With resilience strategies in mind, they managed risks with effective investor relations skills while facing unpredictable questions from some of the toughest investors in the business.

Resilience Strategies Investor Relations Emotional Impact
Risk Mitigation Storytelling Optimism
Prior Planning Adaptability Determination
Flexibility Communication Focus
Goal Setting Persuasion Self Belief
Resourcefulness Negotiation Confidence

The emotional impact that came along with this challenge brought out the best of Splikity team’s abilities. They leveraged goal setting, flexibility and resourcefulness to create an impressive pitch which won over the panelists and ultimately gained them investments as well as invaluable lessons learned through this process. Even though it seemed daunting at first, Splikity displayed unwavering confidence and determination throughout all stages of negotiations to come out successful in making a lasting impression on the Sharks.


Splikity’s journey on Shark Tank was a roller coaster of emotions. From the initial excitement to make an appearance, to the challenges they faced afterwards, Splikity has endured many highs and lows throughout their experience.

Despite not landing a deal from any of the sharks, the company still managed to learn valuable lessons and come out with new strategies for success.

Like Icarus soaring toward the sun, Splikity experienced some painful missteps before reaching their current level of success.

With careful planning and consideration for future risks, this start-up business can continue its upward trajectory into even greater heights.

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