What Happened To Spoonful Of Comfort After Shark Tank?

Spoonful of Comfort, a home-style soup delivery company that appeared on Shark Tank in 2016, has experienced notable success since its appearance. With the help of investor Robert Herjavec, co-founders and sisters Marla Meridith and Kelly Davis have gone on to expand their business beyond what they had imagined prior to appearing on the show.

This article examines how Spoonful of Comfort evolved after their time spent with the sharks and what changes it underwent as a result of their investment from Herjavec.

The Sharks were impressed by the idea behind Spoonful of Comfort when it first aired in 2016. Despite not getting an offer from all five investors, many viewers at home felt inspired to support them regardless.

After being featured on the show, Spoonful of Comfort’s online presence began to grow rapidly due to increased interest from customers seeking out unique gift options for loved ones during special occasions such as birthdays or holidays. Furthermore, with the assistance of Robert Herjavec’s monetary contribution, Spoonful of Comfort was able to further improve upon its operations and begin expanding into new markets and products.

The Initial Pitch

Spoonful of Comfort made its debut on Shark Tank in season 6, episode 15, pitching a unique online business.

The concept was simple: send care packages to those that need it most. While the idea may have seemed straightforward, Spoonful of Comfort had done their homework and presented an effective pitch backed by strong research and evidence-based brand positioning.

The entrepreneurs behind Spoonful of Comfort established a solid foundation for the company’s success through viral marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships. In addition to increased exposure, these measures helped create a positive brand perception among consumers.

Plus, the team gave away free samples at trade shows and events as part of their branding strategy; this built up anticipation around the product before it even hit the market. In addition to establishing trust with potential customers, Spoonful of Comfort also focused on creating resources for people affected by illness or other difficult situations.

Their website includes articles about how to cope with new challenges and provides support for those who are struggling emotionally during tough times. All of these factors contributed to making Spoonful of Comfort’s pitch stand out from the rest – no wonder they got four offers!

The Sharks’ Reactions

Spoonful of Comfort was featured on Shark Tank and pitched to the Sharks by its founder, Janice Masoud.

During the pitch, Masoud shared that Spoonful of Comfort is a business which specializes in making homemade soups and delivering them in care packages across America.

She highlighted sales strategies like offering discounts for larger orders as well as marketing tactics such as expanding the customer base beyond just soup lovers.

The Sharks were impressed with this innovative concept but had some concerns about how viable it would be long-term.

They questioned if there was enough demand for Soup Care Packages and whether people would continue ordering from Spoonful of Comfort over time.

Mark Cuban suggested focusing more on corporate clients rather than individual customers who may not return after one purchase.

Kevin O’Leary argued that while he thought it was an interesting idea, profitability didn’t seem likely without incorporating technology into the delivery process.

After much discussion amongst themselves, all five Sharks declined to make an offer due to the uncertainty around scalability and potential market saturation issues.

Nevertheless, they wished Masoud luck with her venture going forward and recommended she reevaluate her pricing structure and focus more on target markets where there is higher customer loyalty or repeat purchases.

Robert Herjavec’s Investment

Spoonful of Comfort, a gourmet soup business created by Shelly Sun in 2010, received an investment from Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank. A successful entrepreneur and investor, Herjavec’s involvement has allowed the company to boost customer outreach as well as product development.

Benefit Action Taken
Customer Outreach Increased presence online, increased partnerships with retail stores
Product Development Added soups with added organic ingredients

The result has been improved visibility for Spoonful of Comfort both online and offline. The company now offers five different flavors of their signature soup mixes made with organic ingredients to customers across the United States. Additionally, they have partnered with retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Goods which enables them to reach more potential consumers than ever before. In order to further grow their customer base, Spoonful of Comfort is currently exploring additional partnerships opportunities within the restaurant industry.

Since receiving Robert Herjavec’s investment on Shark Tank, Spoonful of Comfort has continued its mission to bring comforting soup mixes to homes everywhere through enhanced customer outreach and product development strategies. With these initiatives underway and continual growth goals set in motion, this small business is continuing its journey toward success.

Improved Operations

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2012, Spoonful of Comfort saw rapid expansion. The company automated many of their processes, making them more efficient.

Spoonful of Comfort also streamlined their order fulfillment process, reducing their delivery time from seven days to just two. Thanks to improved operations, the company was able to expand their reach to all 50 states.

Spoonful of Comfort was also able to increase their staff, allowing them to process more orders and serve more customers. Integrating automation into their operations allowed the company to create a more efficient and reliable process.

As a result of their improved operations, Spoonful of Comfort saw an increase in sales and profits.


The success of Spoonful of Comfort on Shark Tank was undeniable, with the company’s founders securing an investment from two of the show’s panelists.
The subsequent brand recognition and customer engagement enabled the business to rapidly expand their operations.
By 2019, this small home-based comfort food delivery service had become a multi-million dollar enterprise shipping nationwide across the United States.

In addition to increased demand for their products, Spoonful of Comfort used their newfound resources to invest in research and development for new product lines that could be added to their existing offerings.
This expansion allowed them to introduce gourmet soup mixes as well as custom gift baskets featuring spa items such as lotions and soaps.
With these additions, they were able to broaden their consumer base while still maintaining their mission statement: providing customers with handmade gifts made with love.

Spoonful of Comfort has since seen tremendous growth due to its appearance on Shark Tank, evolving into a major player in the industry that continues to experience exponential growth each year.
Its presence is now felt through various media outlets like television commercials, radio ads and even celebrity endorsements which have helped further bolster sales figures and build awareness of its services throughout North America.


The success of Spoonful of Comfort on Shark Tank has enabled the company to invest in research and development, leading to an expansion of its product lines.

Automation has become increasingly important for businesses looking to improve their operations; however, it is not without its own set of ethical challenges that must be addressed.

While automation can help streamline processes and reduce labor costs, there are concerns about privacy and data security which must be taken into account when considering any automated solution.

Automated systems may also lead to job displacement as well as a lack of transparency if not properly monitored.

Companies such as Spoonful of Comfort need to weigh these pros and cons carefully before investing in automated solutions.

Ultimately, how they choose to utilize automation will determine whether or not they are able to capitalize on the advantages while minimizing potential risks.

Streamlining Processes

Automation systems have enabled companies to streamline their processes, reduce labor costs, and improve operations.

Virtual staffing has become increasingly popular due to its cost-effective and efficient nature, as well as the ability for businesses to find qualified employees quickly.

Spoonful of Comfort is no exception; they have adopted automated solutions in order to optimize their production process and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

By leveraging automation technology, they are able to increase efficiency while also minimizing potential risks associated with data security and privacy concerns.

While virtual staffing may not be feasible for every business model, it can offer advantages that make it worth considering for many entrepreneurs looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Expansion Into New Markets

Following the investment by the Sharks, Spoonful of Comfort took a well-deserved break to assess and improve their operations. With a solid foundation in place, it was time for them to expand into new markets with global reach.

Spoonful of Comfort put together an ambitious plan that would help bring comfort and joy across borders; this included expanding their distribution network, exploring new marketing strategies, and increasing production capacity. They also established relationships with key partners who could help make these goals a reality.

With newfound resources at its disposal, Spoonful of Comfort quickly began executing on their plan. And soon enough they had customers from around the world enjoying their warm soups and other products. This allowed them to scale up even further and move closer toward becoming a truly global brand.

Expansion Into New Products

After appearing on Shark Tank, Spoonful of Comfort experienced a new level of brand recognition. This opened the door for them to expand into diversifying products that extended beyond their soup business.

The company developed an entire line of gift packages and baskets featuring items such as hot cocoa mix, tea bags, honey sticks, muffins, granola bars and more. The main focus was still on providing comfort in times of need with gifts like care packages for college students or sympathy gifts for those who have lost loved ones.

With the help from their appearance on Shark Tank, they were able to create strategic partnerships with retailers and extend their reach even further than before. As a result, Spoonful of Comfort could provide customers with access to its diverse product offerings in stores across the country.

With this additional exposure, Spoonful of Comfort has seen remarkable success since appearing on Shark Tank. Its customer base expanded significantly thanks to the increased visibility and awareness created by the show’s platform. Not only did it achieve greater success within its industry but also received several awards including being named one of Inc Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies both in 2017 and 2018.

Increased Online Presence

Spoonful of Comfort had a unique story to tell after their appearance on Shark Tank. Although they did not receive the deal they were hoping for, the exposure from the show greatly increased their brand recognition and online presence.

The company began to use social media as an outlet to spread awareness about their product and connect with potential customers. Through strategic advertising campaigns, Spoonful of Comfort saw an increase in orders that allowed them to expand into new markets and further develop their brand identity.

Their success was noticed by other food companies who reached out to partner with Spoonful of Comfort in order to tap into this newfound audience. As part of these partnerships, Spoonful of Comfort provided special discounts and promotions that helped draw more people towards their product.

They also invested heavily into digital marketing, creating content tailored towards different demographics which resulted in even more growth for the business. The journey since appearing on Shark Tank has been nothing short of inspiring; what started off as a small family-owned business has now become one of the most recognizable names in comfort food delivery services.

With such strong momentum going forward, it’s not hard to imagine where Spoonful of Comfort will be five years down the line.

Growing Customer Base

After appearing on Shark Tank, Spoonful of Comfort saw an immediate spike in its customer base.

The company’s reach was expanded through a combination of online and offline marketing.

Social media marketing was used to engage with customers and build brand awareness.

Spoonful of Comfort also implemented a referral program in order to incentivize customers to recommend the product to their friends and family.

This strategy worked well and resulted in a steady increase in the number of customers over time.

In addition, Spoonful of Comfort also leveraged influencer marketing to increase its reach and attract new customers.

The effective use of multiple marketing channels helped the company grow its customer base significantly.

Expanding Reach

Spoonful of Comfort has diversified its customer base since the airing of their Shark Tank episode. With improved logistics and expanding reach, they have been able to grow significantly in a short time frame. As a result, customers from all over the United States can now easily access Spoonful of Comfort’s soups, stews and broths directly from the company’s website or by utilizing third-party retailers such as Amazon.com. The range of products available through these outlets is also far more expansive than it was prior to appearing on Shark Tank.

In addition to developing relationships with major online retailers, Spoonful Of Comfort has taken further steps towards reaching new audiences. To that end, the brand has implemented strategies such as establishing partnerships with national grocers like Kroger and Whole Foods Market which enable them to bring heat-and-serve meals into retail stores across America.

Furthermore, the company recently launched subscription services for regular customers who want to stay supplied with their favorite comfort food dishes while taking advantage of discounts and other benefits associated with membership packages.

Ultimately, Spoonful Of Comfort is successfully leveraging advanced technology solutions as well as strategic partnerships in order to expand their offerings and broaden their customer base even beyond what was originally envisioned during their appearance on Shark Tank. This newfound success speaks volumes about how significant an impact can be made when an innovative idea meets savvy business acumen.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to traditional channels of marketing, Spoonful Of Comfort has also turned toward social media in order to further expand its reach. Through targeted campaigns and direct advertising, the company has been able to engage with a larger audience while simultaneously building trust among potential customers in ways that weren’t possible before.

The brand has even taken part in crowdfunding campaigns which have allowed it to access new sources of capital for growth initiatives. Furthermore, Spoonful Of Comfort regularly takes advantage of influencer marketing strategies such as partnering with well-known bloggers or YouTubers who can provide valuable exposure and feedback on their products.

By utilizing these techniques, the team at Spoonful Of Comfort is able to tap into different consumer segments while increasing awareness and engagement around their offerings. In essence, they are using modern tools to achieve greater success than what was originally envisioned during their Shark Tank appearance.

Referral Programs

In order to continue its growth and expansion, Spoonful Of Comfort has begun leveraging referral programs as part of their strategy. By implementing incentives such as discounts or free products, the company is able to reward customers who recommend their services to friends and family members.

This technique can be used in conjunction with affiliate marketing programs that allow websites to earn commissions for referring new customers. Additionally, this type of program helps create a sense of loyalty among existing customers while also encouraging them to spread the word about the brand.

By investing in both traditional and modern methods of marketing, Spoonful Of Comfort has been able to reach a larger customer base than ever before. Through referral incentives and strategic partnerships with influencers, they have been able to drive further engagement with potential buyers in ways that may not have otherwise been possible.

In turn, this has allowed them to increase sales volume by appealing directly to individuals who are interested in their offerings. The implementation of these tactics demonstrates how Spoonful Of Comfort is using innovative techniques across multiple channels in order to maximize their success following their appearance on Shark Tank.

With continued focus on expanding their reach through digital platforms and other forms of advertising, it looks like there will be no shortage of growth opportunities for the business moving forward.

Unique Gift Options

Spoonful of Comfort was featured on Shark Tank in 2013. The company offers DIY kits that give customers the opportunity to make unique gifts and recipes for friends, family, or colleagues. Their products are ideal for those who want to show their appreciation with a personalized gift.

Their DIY kits come filled with all the necessary ingredients to create thoughtful gifts such as soups and hot cocoa mixes. Customers can choose from an array of flavors like roasted garlic tomato bisque, vegetable beef stew, and creamy pumpkin soup. There is also an option to personalize the order by adding a special message along with each kit.

In addition to the pre-made options, Spoonful of Comfort provides custom recipes which allows customers to customize meals based on dietary restrictions or specific tastes. These recipes include vegan-friendly dishes and gluten-free treats that everyone can enjoy without worry.

With Spoonful of Comfort’s thoughtfully designed packages and delicious flavor combinations, it’s no surprise why they’ve been successful since appearing on Shark Tank over seven years ago.

Long-Term Success

Spoonful of Comfort has been a long-term success since its appearance on Shark Tank. After the episode aired, their branding strategy and customer loyalty skyrocketed. The company saw an influx of new customers throughout the country who wanted to get their hands on these gift packages.

The founders were able to take advantage of this newfound attention by expanding their sales channels beyond just online. They now have retail partnerships spanning from coast to coast as well as international outlets in Canada, Europe, and South America.

Additionally, Spoonful of Comfort was also featured in various magazines such as People Magazine and Good Housekeeping for its philanthropic efforts during 2020’s pandemic period.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Spoonful of Comfort continues to innovate and create new products that are both thoughtful and meaningful gifts for special occasions or even those ‘just because’ moments between friends & family members. Their signature product remains one of the most popular items year after year due to the thoughtfulness behind it all – something which is unmatched in today’s marketplace.


Spoonful of Comfort has come a long way since its initial pitch on Shark Tank. After Robert Herjavec’s investment, the business saw an improvement in operations and expanded into new markets.

A larger online presence helped to increase their customer base, while offering unique gift options appealed to many buyers looking for something special. All these changes have contributed to Spoonful of Comfort’s incredible success over the years.

It appears that this simple idea was just what customers were looking for, as it continues to be popular today with no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

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