What Happened To Surprise Ride Shark Tank?

Surprise Ride, a startup founded in 2014 by two sisters from the Washington D.C. area, has been gaining popularity for its creative and fun kits that engage children with hands-on activities ranging from science to art projects.

The company received even greater attention when it appeared on an episode of Shark Tank in 2016.

Since then, however, little is known about what happened next for Surprise Ride following their appearance on the show.

This article will discuss what became of Surprise Ride after they presented their product on Shark Tank and explore how this experience affected the future trajectory of the business.

In order to answer these questions, a review of press coverage regarding Surprise Ride’s time on the show will be conducted alongside interviews with key players involved in the segment including founders Shilpa Shah and Priya Haji as well as other stakeholders such as investors and members of staff who were part of the team during this period.

An analysis of changes to Surprise Ride’s operations since appearing on Shark Tank and how they have adapted over time will also be considered.

Overview Of Surprise Ride

Surprise Ride, the revolutionary DIY kit and subscription box company has quickly become a household name.

Founded in 2013, Surprise Ride curates themed kits, filled with fun activities that are appropriate for children ages 4-12. Through its unique offering of educational projects, Surprise Ride keeps kids engaged and entertained while cultivating their creativity and critical thinking skills.

The success of this innovative business model did not go unnoticed by ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. In March 2015, founder Shana Prensky appeared on the popular television program seeking an investment from one or more of the sharks.

After presenting her concept to the panel of investors, she was able to secure $100K from investor Robert Herjavec – but there were strings attached: he wanted 50% equity in exchange for his investment.

Despite these conditions, Prensky accepted Herjavec’s offer which enabled the company to further expand their reach through additional marketing channels such as radio advertisements and podcasts.

With this newfound exposure came increased sales; within three months after appearing on Shark Tank, Surprise Ride had experienced a 1400% increase in revenue compared to prior year numbers!

Appearing On Shark Tank

Pitching to the Sharks:

In 2017, the company Surprise Ride was featured on the popular show Shark Tank.

Reactions from the Sharks:

The entrepreneurs behind the company received positive feedback from the Sharks, with some expressing interest in investing into the business.

Post-Show Outcomes:

After the show aired, the company experienced a substantial increase in sales and went on to secure multiple investments.

Pitching to the Sharks:

Surprise Ride created a product that allows customers to send their children educational and creative activities on a monthly basis.

Reactions from the Sharks:

The Sharks were impressed with the concept and praised the founders for their innovative idea.

Post-Show Outcomes:

Despite not receiving a deal on the show, the company has since gone on to become a success story.

Pitching To The Sharks

Surprise Ride, a children’s activity subscription box created by two sisters in 2013, appeared on the popular TV show ‘Shark Tank’ to pitch their business. The company was seeking funding options and marketing strategies from the Sharks in order to expand their audience.

During the presentation, Surprise Ride co-founder Melissa Chung revealed that she had already secured $1 million dollars in outside investments prior to appearing on the show. The Sharks were impressed with the product concept but questioned its financial sustainability.

Although they praised Chung for her hard work and dedication to getting the product off of the ground, none of them chose make an offer or provide any additional resources for Surprise Ride. Ultimately, this forced Chung to decline all offers made during taping and leave empty handed.

After leaving Shark Tank without a deal, Surprise Ride has since continued operating as a successful business venture. To date, it is estimated that over 500 000 boxes have been shipped across North America alone. Furthermore, they are actively pursuing other sources of investment while still focusing on innovative marketing strategies to reach new customers and grow their customer base even further.

Reactions From The Sharks

Reactions from the Sharks to Surprise Ride’s appearance on Shark Tank were generally positive. While they recognized and praised Chung’s hard work in getting the product off of the ground, none of them chose to make an offer or provide resources for Surprise Ride. This resulted in Chung declining all offers made during taping and leaving empty handed.

However, this did not deter her passion for the business as it has since continued operating successfully. The company has implemented various marketing strategies such as pricing models that have enabled it to reach over 500 000 boxes shipped across North America alone. Despite no deal being struck with any of the Sharks, Surprise Ride is actively pursuing other sources of investment while still focusing on innovative marketing techniques to grow their customer base even further.

Post-Show Outcomes

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Surprise Ride has continued to grow and build upon their success. Future planning is a key factor in the company’s strategy, along with maintaining strong investor relations.

After declining all offers from the Sharks during taping, Surprise Ride was able to draw attention from other investors. The company utilized various pricing models and marketing strategies that have enabled it to reach over 500 000 boxes shipped across North America alone.

In addition, Surprise Ride has also been actively pursuing potential investments while still focusing on innovative approaches to increase customer base growth. As a result of these steps they are taking now, there are high hopes for what the future will bring for this business venture.

The Pitch And Negotiations

Surprise Ride had the unique opportunity to pitch their product on Shark Tank. Founders, Ali and Yash, presented a well-crafted narrative that encapsulated Surprise Ride’s mission to make learning fun for kids. The Sharks were impressed by the company’s online presence, customer feedback, and overall enthusiasm of the founders.

The negotiations that followed continued in an equally intense fashion. It quickly became apparent that there was disagreement between the Sharks as some offered more than others. Despite this, Ali and Yash held firm with their plan and remained confident in the value of their business.

After several rounds of negotiation, a deal was eventually struck between two Sharks who saw potential in Surprise Ride. This marked an important milestone for Surprise Ride as they now have access to both capital and mentorship from highly respected investors.

With these resources at hand, it is likely that Surprise Ride will continue its upward trajectory towards success in making learning enjoyable for children around the world.

Outcome Of The Deal

It was a remarkable coincidence that the founders of Surprise Ride and investors from ABC’s Shark Tank, struck up a deal.

The long-term agreement would provide funding impacts for the toy subscription service company, as well as partnerships benefits with the show.

Surprise Ride is an educational toy subscription service to get kids excited about learning through hands on activities delivered right at their doorstep every month.

Founded in 2013 by two sisters using their own money and effort, the firm had achieved commendable success over prior years based on customer reviews.

The Sharks were impressed by this promising business model and offered $150K for 20% equity stake in the firm.

This provided immediate financial aid to help develop new products and also allowed them access to wider networks beyond their current reach.

They accepted the offer which will bring additional resources like marketing capital and exposure that could be crucial for their growth trajectory in future endeavors.

Impact On The Company’S Growth

Surprise Ride’s appearance on Shark Tank has had a major impact on the company’s growth. By leveraging the platform, Surprise Ride was able to increase awareness of its products and services as well as diversify its revenue streams. The team received an investment from Mark Cuban which helped them take their business model and focus it on customer engagement with their products and services.

The increased exposure generated by being featured on the show allowed Surprise Ride to start building relationships with potential customers that wouldn’t have been possible before they appeared before the sharks. Additionally, partnering with influencers in key markets gave them access to new audiences that were previously untapped or unaware of what Surprise Ride offered.

This resulted in more media coverage for Surprise Ride and greater opportunities for marketing partnerships which led to additional sales. It also enabled them to tap into larger channels of distribution like Target, helping them expand beyond just online sales.

All these factors combined provided a significant boost in visibility for the company and helped drive more traffic to their website and generate further interest in their product lineup.

  • Increased media coverage
  • New audience reach through influencer partnerships
  • Diversification of revenue streams
  • Expansion of distribution networks
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Increased brand recognition and loyalty.

Changes To The Business Model

The business model of Surprise Ride, a company that was featured on the TV show Shark Tank, has undergone several changes in recent years.

Franchising has become a major component of the company’s operations, with Surprise Ride now offering franchises across the US.

The company has also launched an online store that sells products related to their subscription boxes.

Additionally, Surprise Ride has implemented a recurring subscription model, allowing customers to receive a monthly box of curated activities and materials.

The changes to Surprise Ride’s business model have been well-received, with the company’s revenue increasing significantly since their appearance on Shark Tank.

Furthermore, Surprise Ride has seen a dramatic increase in their customer base, as the changes have allowed them to appeal to a wider range of customers.


Surprise Ride, a kid-friendly subscription box service initially pitching on Shark Tank in 2014, has made changes to their business model over the years.

The most recent change for the company is franchising opportunities, which are now available nationwide. Franchising provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and educators alike to operate their own Surprise Ride franchise and provide experiential learning services to kids of all ages.

Franchisees have access to all current items offered by Surprise Ride as well as exclusive products created specifically for them. By offering these franchises, Surprise Ride is able to reach new markets while providing a way for others to join its mission statement of sparking imagination through active play.

With the introduction of this franchising program, there’s no telling where Surprise Ride will go next – only time can tell.

Online Store

In addition to franchising opportunities, Surprise Ride has also launched an online store.

This platform enables customers to purchase individual items without signing up for a subscription box plan.

The products available on the site range from educational activities and toys to books and science kits.

In order to provide more options for families who are unable to commit to a subscription plan, Surprise Ride has partnered with several startups that specialize in funding options such as layaway plans and payment installments.

With this new offering, parents can now access quality resources at affordable prices and ensure their children have access to enriching activities no matter their budget.

As part of its mission statement, Surprise Ride continues to support small businesses by providing them with additional exposure through its online store platform.

Recurring Subscription

In order to further expand its business model, Surprise Ride now offers alternative subscription plans.

These include monthly and quarterly options as well as a one-time purchase option that customers can use if they don’t want to commit to a recurring plan.

This allows them to access quality resources at competitive prices while still being able to switch up the items in their box each month or quarter.

With this new offering, parents can customize the types of activities received depending on their budget and the interests of their children.

Additionally, Surprise Ride continues to offer discounted rates for those who choose longer term subscriptions.

As such, families can take advantage of these savings without compromising on the quality of products delivered each month or quarter.

Expansion Into Other Markets

Surprise Ride, the educational subscription box company featured on Shark Tank in 2015, had a clear vision for its future. After securing an investment from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner, Surprise Ride set out to expand their reach beyond their original customer segment of parents looking for engaging activities for their children. With the goal of diversifying their product offerings while still catering to their core customers, they began exploring new markets and opportunities.

Expansion into other markets was one way that Surprise Ride sought to build upon its success. The first step towards this was increasing customer segmentation by introducing products geared toward different age groups such as toddlers and teens. This allowed them to target more specific needs within each demographic.

To further diversify the product offering, they also developed a line of DIY craft kits with themed materials related to art, science and coding. These initiatives enabled Surprise Ride to appeal to a broader spectrum of customers without straying too far away from the original concept behind the business model.

In addition to expanding into new markets through product diversification, Surprise Ride incorporated elements from ecommerce platforms like Amazon Prime into their own website design and user experience. This made it easier for existing customers and potential buyers alike to access additional information about each kit before making a purchase decision.

Moreover, Surprise Ride now offers international shipping options which has opened up even more possibilities for growth over time – both domestically and abroad.

Increased Media Exposure

Surprise Ride’s appearance on Shark Tank in March 2016 brought the company much attention and increased brand awareness. Founders Joanna McFarland and Ali Kothari outlined their innovative subscription service for parents to create educational experiences with their children, as well as their marketing strategies that contribute to its success. The Sharks were impressed by the product’s potential and unanimously offered an investment of $200,000 for 10% equity.

The episode resulted in a surge of media attention that further boosted the brand’s presence online. Appearances on other programs such as Good Morning America followed shortly after, highlighting Surprise Ride’s unique approach to helping families learn together.

As more people became aware of this new concept, sales significantly grew along with customer reviews praising both the experience and products received through the subscription box service. This newfound visibility had a positive impact on Surprise Ride’s overall growth which continues today.

In addition to expanding its existing services, they now offer private label boxes custom designed for corporations looking to promote their brands or launch new products. With effective marketing strategies and ongoing efforts to increase brand awareness, it appears that it won’t be long before many households are familiar with Surprise Ride’s offerings.

Challenges And Opportunities Ahead

Surprise Ride’s Shark Tank appearance was a major milestone for the company, as it enabled them to get increased media exposure. The episode gave not only an influx of customers but also helped solidify their brand in the minds of their audience. This has been beneficial for Surprise Ride as they look forward and ponder the challenges and opportunities ahead.

One of these opportunities is alternative funding sources. Hayley Barna, co-founder of Surprise Ride, noted that “Shark Tank” offered her much more than capital: It provided a platform to raise awareness about the business and attract potential investors from networks she wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. By taking advantage of this opportunity, Surprise Ride could potentially expand into new markets with additional resources.

Customer acquisition presents another challenge for the company going forward. With competition increasing each day, customer loyalty can be hard to come by when there are so many alternatives available to consumers.

To handle this challenge, Surprise Ride should focus on creating engaging content with targeted messages along with offering incentives to retain existing customers while attracting new ones at the same time.

The key then lies in providing value through experiences that will keep people coming back again and again; something that Surprise Ride must continue doing if they wish to remain successful into the future.

Lessons Learned From The Experience

Surprise Ride’s experience with Shark Tank was a unique one that provided valuable lessons for the company.

Firstly, it enabled the team to bring their product and mission statement in front of an audience larger than they had ever seen before.

Secondly, by engaging with the Sharks on live television and responding to customer feedback in real-time, the Surprise Ride team gained insight into how certain aspects of their business model could be strengthened or refined.

Lastly, the challenge of pitching their idea in such a high stakes environment offered invaluable insights regarding team dynamics; each member had to remain calm under pressure while also projecting confidence and enthusiasm about Surprise Ride’s capabilities.

In all, presenting at Shark Tank proved to be an unforgettable experience that taught the Surprise Ride team several important lessons which continue to inform them today as they look towards further growth.


Surprise Ride emerged from Shark Tank with a deal that exceeded expectations. The experience opened up new opportunities for the company, and it has since grown exponentially.

In addition to expanding into other markets, Surprise Ride has also seen an increase in media exposure due to its appearance on the show.

Alluding to Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote about “out of adversity comes opportunity,’ this episode of Shark Tank demonstrated how taking risks can lead to great rewards.

Despite some challenges along the way, Surprise Ride was able to leverage its success on the show and build upon it to become a successful business.

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