What Happened To U-Lace After Shark Tank?

U-Lace, a company specializing in customized laces for sneakers and other athletic shoes, gained national attention after appearing on the television show Shark Tank. After receiving an investment offer from two of the Sharks, the brand went on to become one of the most successful products featured on the show.

Since its launch in 2011, U-Lace has revolutionized the shoe customization market with its colorful and customizable no-tie lacing system that enables sneakerheads around the world to express themselves through their kicks.

From humble beginnings as a small business based out of New Jersey, U-Lace’s product quickly caught the eye of many big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Converse.

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, U-Lace saw immense growth and success but also faced several challenges along the way.

U-Lace’S Product Launch

U-Lace revolutionized the footwear market with its colorful laces, allowing customers to customize their shoes and express themselves in a unique way. The company made its debut on Shark Tank in 2016, where it successfully pitched its innovative product concept to the sharks.

The product launch was met with considerable enthusiasm from both consumers and industry professionals alike. Customers appreciated the fact that they could now easily add some personality to their shoe collection without having to buy entirely new pairs of sneakers or dress shoes.

Meanwhile, retailers took notice of U-Lace’s potential for encouraging brand loyalty among shoppers who wanted to keep up with current trends. It wasn’t long before U-Lace’s products were being sold in over 5,000 stores throughout North America and Europe.

By 2018, the company had become one of the most recognizable brands within the fashion accessory space, as millions of people wore colorful laces designed by U-Lace each day.

Appearing On Shark Tank

U-Lace, a company that manufactures colorful shoelaces, appeared on the Shark Tank in 2013. During the episode, the company’s founder was offered a $150,000 investment from two of the Sharks in exchange for a 25% stake in the company.

Following the episode, U-Lace experienced a large uptick in sales, which enabled the company to expand to over 15,000 retail locations. Currently, the company continues to offer its products for sale through its website and brick-and-mortar stores.

U-Lace’s Shark Tank Experience

U-Lace’s experience on Shark Tank was a unique opportunity for the company to gain exposure and potentially secure financing.

The U-Shoe product, which allows users to personalize their shoes with ‘no tie laces,’ gained attention from the Sharks but failed to receive an investment offer.

Customer feedback post-episode showed that many viewers were interested in the product, providing positive reviews of its potential. Additionally, some customers noted they would have been more likely to purchase if they had seen one of the Sharks invest in it during the episode.

Despite not receiving an investment offer, U-Lace has continued to grow since appearing on Shark Tank; products are now available through major retailers such as Target and JCPenney.

While no immediate change occurred after airing on Shark Tank, U-Lace’s appearance did provide long term benefits for the company by increasing brand recognition and customer base.

U-Lace’s Post-Shark Tank Future

U-Lace’s appearance on Shark Tank not only increased brand recognition and customer base, but also provided the company with a unique opportunity to take control of their future.

In response to this newfound attention, U-Lace employed DIY marketing tactics in order to capitalize on the media exposure.

The company took advantage of social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to create an engaged following who could serve as loyal customers.

Furthermore, they began offering discounts and promotions that were publicized through word of mouth or posted online.

Through these methods, U-Lace was able to build lasting relationships with potential buyers while increasing their sales revenue.

As a result, U-Lace has continued to grow since appearing on Shark Tank and is now widely available through major retailers like Target and JCPenney.

Investment From The Sharks

U-Lace, an online provider of customizable lacing systems for shoes, was featured on Shark Tank in 2016. In the episode, U-Lace founder and CEO Brandon Fleischer presented his product to a panel of potential investors. The sharks were impressed by the product’s concept and versatility, but declined to make an offer due to concerns about slow sales growth.

After appearing on Shark Tank, U-Lace quickly gained exposure from fans who had seen the show. This popularity enabled U-Lace to leverage crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo for additional funding sources. With these new funds, U-Lace began selling its products through targeted online stores like Amazon and Zappos.

Thanks to this strategy, their following has grown significantly over time. Today, U-Lace has become one of the most popular shoe customization companies in the world with customers ranging from professional athletes to everyday people alike. Their success is attributed both to the quality of their products as well as their savvy use of marketing channels that allowed them reach more potential customers than ever before.

Expansion Into Major Retailers

After the successful investment from Shark Tank, U-Lace was able to expand their product design and marketing strategy. They developed laces in different colors, sizes, and styles that could fit almost any sneaker. The company also increased its online presence with more effective digital advertising campaigns targeting potential customers on social media platforms including Instagram and YouTube.

With this new influx of capital, U-Lace was able to partner with major retailers such as Foot Locker and Finish Line. This allowed them to reach a much larger customer base which enabled them to quickly increase their sales figures significantly.

Additionally, they were invited by US Magazine as well as Vogue Magazine to be featured in print advertisements thus further increasing their brand recognition and exposure.

This expansion led to U-Lace becoming an established player in the footwear customization industry allowing them to dominate the market for years to come. With innovative designs, quality materials, convenient shopping options and reliable customer service, it is no wonder why consumers continue to turn towards U-Lace when looking for customizable laces for their sneakers.

Brand Partnerships

U-Lace’s post-Shark Tank success was largely attributed to the brand partnerships it established. After appearing on Shark Tank, U-Lace forged strong relationships with major sports teams and retail outlets across the United States.

This allowed them to expand their customer base exponentially and encouraged customer loyalty by offering exclusive deals through sponsorship programs. The company also released a series of limited edition products that were made available only at certain stores or online retailers in order to further promote their brand.

These initiatives successfully increased awareness of U-Lace’s products among consumers and provided an additional revenue stream for the company. The ability to collaborate with well-known brands resulted in numerous lucrative deals, which helped secure its long-term financial stability.

By leveraging its existing platform and expanding into new markets, U-Lace was able to reach new customers worldwide while maintaining a high level of quality assurance throughout all aspects of production. With these creative strategies, they have been successful in developing a powerful presence in the market despite fierce competition from other shoelace companies.

Challenges And Difficulties

After appearing on Shark Tank, U-Lace received a $200k investment from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran. This enabled the company to expand their retail strategy and marketing tactics, spurring growth in sales. However, despite this success, U-Lace faced several challenges:

  • Managing rapid expansion while maintaining top quality product standards

  • Coordinating with retail partners for inventory management

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing timely delivery services

  • Developing viral campaigns to increase brand awareness among potential customers

  • Creating an online presence that would attract new buyers

In order to overcome these difficulties, U-Lace had to create a comprehensive plan integrating both traditional and modern methods of advertising and promotion. They adopted strategies such as influencer marketing, public relations campaigns, email newsletters, targeted ads etc., which proved instrumental in helping them continue growing even after their appearance on the show.

Additionally, they leveraged social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to reach out to more people who may be interested in their products.

U-Lace’S Current State

U-Lace, a company that manufactures shoelaces with customizable designs and colors, has experienced significant success since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2018. After receiving an investment from Robert Herjavec for $100,000 for 35% ownership of the company, U-Lace was able to add value to their product line by introducing new pricing strategies. As a result, they now offer both individual laces as well as packs of four laces at discounted prices compared to what customers were used to paying prior to being featured on Shark Tank.

The introduction of these more economical packages has allowed U-Lace to remain competitive in price while still offering unique products and customization options. They have also been successful in creating relationships with major department stores such as Walmart and Target which has helped increase their customer base significantly. This is further evidenced by the fact that the company’s website receives more than 50 million visits each year.

In addition, U-Lace’s online presence continues to grow through various social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter where customers can share photos of their customized shoes or showcase some of the newest color combinations available for purchase. The brand’s popularity remains strong amongst young people who are looking for ways to customize their look without breaking the bank. With continued growth and strategic partnerships, it appears that U-Lace will continue to be one of the top companies in this space for a long time coming.

Unique Selling Point

DIY kits and customization options are two concepts that have been ingrained into the minds of many shoppers. From a distance, it appears as if U-Lace had tapped into this notion with great success when they appeared on Shark Tank.

The company offers an innovative product line – colorful shoelaces that can be arranged in nearly endless patterns to create unique shoe designs; its customizable nature is appealing to all types of consumers, from fashionistas to budding artists alike.

U-Lace’s “set it and forget it” approach has made them a popular choice for those seeking to add some pizzazz to their favorite pair of shoes. Users simply loop each lace around one eyelet at a time until their desired pattern is achieved; no need for complicated knots or other fastening techniques!

Furthermore, U-Lace’s products come packaged in convenient DIY kits which include various colors and lengths of laces so users can find exactly what they need without making multiple trips back to the store.

The idea behind U-Lace proves enticing: through creativity and imagination, wearers can transform ordinary sneakers into extraordinary works of art that turn heads wherever they go. With such an interesting concept, it’s no wonder why U-Lace drew the attention of both investors and customers after appearing on Shark Tank.

Social Media Presence

After appearing on Shark Tank, U-Lace had the opportunity to take their business up a notch. They took advantage of this and sought out ways to increase customer engagement through digital marketing initiatives. This included using social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to spread awareness about the product.

The company was also able to establish relationships with influencers in order to reach potential customers through these platforms. Through these tactics, they increased their consumer base significantly as well as created brand loyalty for existing customers.

Some other elements that were part of their digital presence strategy included:

  • Creating content around how-to’s for different lacing techniques
  • Utilizing targeted ads based on interests
  • Leveraging user-generated content by creating campaigns where users could submit images or videos featuring creative uses of U-Lace products

By utilizing tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite, U-Lace was able to track progress and make optimizations accordingly in order to maximize results from their efforts. As a result, they saw an exponential growth in sales due to their successful execution of social media strategies and customer engagement tactics.

Future Prospects And Goals

After the appearance of U-Lace on Shark Tank in 2014, the company experienced a surge in sales and attention. This success was reflected by an increase in revenue of 35% year over year from 2015 to 2016.

In order to capitalize on these positive results, U-Lace began implementing innovative strategies such as launching new product lines and expanding customer outreach.

In 2017, the team at U-Lace released their signature item: Create-A-Pack. This customizable shoelace package allowed customers to design their own laces with various colors and patterns based off of their individual style. Additionally, they launched a subscription box service which enabled people around the world to receive monthly shipments of exclusive products curated just for them.

U-Lace also pushed for increased customer engagement through social media campaigns and partnerships with organizations like The Boys & Girls Club of America. Through this program, representatives held workshops teaching children how to use lacing techniques while promoting healthy living habits like physical activity.

As part of its mission statement, U-Lace aims to provide opportunities that enable individuals to express themselves freely without sacrificing fashion or comfortability.


U-Lace has been a tremendous success since its launch in 2009. After appearing on Shark Tank and receiving an investment from the Sharks, U-Lace expanded into major retailers, brand partnerships and developed a strong presence on social media.

The company’s unique selling point of customizable laces for shoes continue to be popular among customers today. As U-Lace continues to thrive, it strives to reach new heights by expanding its market share and introducing more products.

With their eye towards growth, U-Lace is determined to create innovative solutions that will delight consumers worldwide. It appears that the sky is the limit for this dynamic company as they look forward to incredible achievements in the near future.

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