What Happened To Unshrinkit After Shark Tank?

Unshrinkit was a revolutionary invention, designed to bring life back into shrunken clothes. The product, created by two entrepreneurs from Boston, appeared on ABC’s popular show Shark Tank in 2016 and made a lasting impression. Since then, the public has been wondering what happened to this innovative business venture after its appearance on television.

This article will explore the journey of Unshrinkit since appearing on Shark Tank and provide an overview of where the company stands today. The idea for Unshrinkit stemmed from an everyday problem: shrinking clothes due to washing or drying them at too high of a temperature. While many people simply discard their now-too-small garments, the inventors behind Unshrinkit believed there had to be another way.

After months of research and development, they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $50,000 towards the production of their patented formula. In 2016, they took their dream one step further when they presented it on Shark Tank – and received three offers from investors!

The Unshrinkit Story

Unshrinkit is a product designed to help people repair knitted items that have been accidentally shrunk in the wash. The product was created by two entrepreneurs, Lisa and Rachel, who had experienced this problem first-hand and wanted to find a solution.

After using their own “kitchen chemistry” techniques to unshrink sweaters they had ruined in the wash, they decided to turn their idea into an actual product. The Unshrinkit formula works by restoring wool fibers back to its original size without causing any harm or damage to the garment.

It also prevents wool from shrinking again if used as a shrink proofing treatment for new garments before washing them for the first time. By doing so, it helps protect your investment and keeps clothes looking great longer. The company gained traction when it appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015, where successful business magnates listened to pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs with innovative products and services.

Although Unshrinkit did not receive a deal from the Sharks, it still grew exponentially after being featured on the show due to increased media attention and consumer interest.

Unshrinkit On ‘Shark Tank’

Unshrinkit’s appearance on Shark Tank was like a matador bravely entering the ring – and it certainly made an impression.

The entrepreneurs behind Unshrinkit, brothers Jason and Eric Bergh, presented their smartphone app to the Sharks that enabled users to use water to restore shrunken clothing back to its original size. This technology had been developed by the duo as they sought sustainable ways of restoring fabrics without having to buy new items every time something shrank in the wash.

The sharks were intrigued by this unique idea and saw potential for success with such a useful invention. However, while all five sharks expressed interest in investing in Unshrinkit, none could agree on how much money should be invested or what kind of terms should apply.

After some deliberation between themselves, all five eventually declined to invest due to concerns over scalability and profitability.

Despite not securing investment from any of the sharks, Jason and Eric walked away proud knowing that their innovative concept had been well received and discussed among industry leaders. Although nothing materialized on-air that day, Unshrinkit has since managed to secure funding from outside investors and continues to develop their product into an even more effective solution for restoring shrinkable clothing items.

Reception And Offers On ‘Shark Tank’

Reception of Unshrinkit on ‘Shark Tank’ was overwhelmingly positive with the Sharks admiring the innovative product and the ambition of founders.

The founders had initially requested a $100,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in their company, but they received an offer of $100,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in the company.

They eventually accepted the offer and partnered with Robert Herjavec, one of the Sharks.

After the show, Unshrinkit secured a $150,000 investment from a group of angel investors, which allowed them to launch their product and expand their operations.


Unshrinkit, a small startup from Boston, Massachusetts, made its debut on the ABC show ‘Shark Tank’ in 2014. The company was founded by two MIT graduates and focused on providing solutions for people who had shrunk their clothing. Unshrinkit’s branding strategy revolved around delivering an online product that could help customers undo those disasters with simple ingredients found in any kitchen pantry.

While the concept of Unshrinkit intrigued the Sharks initially, they were not willing to invest due to lack of customer feedback or financial data provided by its founders. Despite a negative reception from Shark Tank investors, Unshrinkit received positive media attention worldwide after appearing on the show. This resulted in increased sales and visibility for the brand — leading them to expand further into retail stores like Target and Walmart as well as partnering up with major fashion designers such as Nike and Under Armour.

In addition, they also launched campaigns across multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to build trust among potential customers. This allowed Unshrinkit to grow significantly over time without external investment from Shark Tank; thus validating their decision to turn down offers from all five sharks present during filming. By understanding their target audience and developing effective marketing strategies tailored for these users, Unshrinkit has maintained steady growth since its appearance on one of America’s most popular television shows.


After their appearance on Shark Tank, Unshrinkit received offers from all five sharks. However, the two MIT graduates decided to turn down these offers due to lack of feedback or financial data provided by its founders.

Despite this setback, they did not lose hope and worked hard to grow the brand without external investment. As a result, they began focusing heavily on shrink proofing technology and clothing restoration services that would be beneficial for customers who had accidentally shrunk their clothes.

In addition, Unshrinkit launched campaigns across multiple social networks in order to build trust among potential customers and increase visibility for their product offerings. This allowed them to expand further into retail stores like Target and Walmart as well as partner up with major fashion designers such as Nike and Under Armour — thus validating their decision to decline the Sharks’ offers.

Post-‘Shark Tank’ Success

Unshrinkit, a sustainable fashion startup founded by two friends from Boston University, made its debut on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2017. The idea behind Unshrinkit is to create a product which can restore shrunken clothing back to their original size. Aspiring entrepreneurs Abbie Schiller and Michelle Ivankovic pitched the concept of an all-natural solution designed to save time, energy and money for people who have accidentally shrunk their favorite threads.

The Sharks approved the idea and invested in Unshrinkit’s future success with Mark Cuban leading the deal at $200k.

Since then, Unshrinkit has continued to grow as they develop smarter fabrics that reduce shrinking while also offering eco-friendly solutions for restoring clothes. With research being done at MIT Media Lab, Unshrinkit continues to make strides towards creating more efficient fabric care products without compromising garment quality or longevity.

In addition, Unshrinkit launched their own online store where customers can shop for apparel pieces created using innovative smart fabrics specifically designed to resist shrinkage and last longer than traditional materials. Through this initiative, Unshrinkit aims to provide consumers with a chance to look great while still caring for the environment; something that sets them apart from other sustainable fashion brands out there today.

Unshrinkit’s Expansion

Unshrinkit’s expansion post Shark Tank was unique and impressive. After securing a deal with the Sharks, co-founders Jeff Holleran and Jonathan Zung utilized their newfound capital to diversify Unshrinkit’s product line while simultaneously increasing awareness of their brand through targeted marketing campaigns.

The most notable example of Unshrinkit’s product diversification came in early 2017 when they released Shrunken, an app designed to help consumers determine which size clothing will fit them best based on past purchases or measurements taken from home. The development of this additional service represented a major milestone for the company as it provided customers with a comprehensive way to shop online without having to worry about sizes being inaccurate.

Making use of its existing resources, Unshrinkit implemented various digital marketing strategies such as influencer outreach and social media contests that resulted in significant increases in website traffic and sales.

However, perhaps even more crucial than these tactics was the utilization of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that helped raise the profile of Unshrinkit among target audiences thus allowing them to reach new markets both domestically and abroad.

Unshrinkit’s Patented Formula

Unshrinkit is a patented formula that aims to solve the perennial problem of shrinking clothes during laundering. The product utilizes a blend of proteins and polymers, which when applied to wet garments while they are still in the washing machine, helps them retain their size. This chemical composition binds together fibers so as to make clothing more shrink resistant.

Clothing items such as wool sweaters sometimes have multiple layers of fabric; Unshrinkit can protect each layer from becoming distorted or misshapen due to excessive heat produced by the washer or dryer. In addition, this unique solution works its magic even after drying has been completed and clothes are left looking like new with no visible signs of damage or unevenness.

The advantages provided by Unshrinkit’s patent-protected formula extend beyond just protecting garments against shrinking – customers also benefit from its ability to provide long lasting protection for all types of fabrics.

Tested on everything from delicate cashmere to thick denim, it provides an effective way to ensure that clothing retains its shape over time regardless of how often it is used or laundered.

Unshrinkit’s Evolution

Passionate about promoting eco-friendly fashion, Unshrinkit was founded by entrepreneur Rohini Prakash in 2018. A revolutionary concept that offered clothing customization and repair at an affordable cost, the business quickly rose to fame after appearing on Shark Tank.

Following its success on television, Unshrinkit strived to expand their services across the United States with a mission of making sustainable fashion accessible for everyone.

To further this goal, Unshrinkit launched several initiatives such as their “Sew It Forward” program which allowed customers to donate unwanted garments to be upcycled or repaired and gifted back into underserved communities. They also partnered with Goodwill Industries International Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people gain access to education and employment opportunities through free job training programs.

Through these collaborations, Unshrinkit has been able to give new life to thousands of items from over 10 different countries around the world.

Since being featured on Shark Tank, Unshrinkit has grown exponentially in both size and scope while continuing its commitment towards sustainability and responsible consumption. In 2020 they opened three new locations in Florida, Ohio, and Texas along with launching additional online services such as virtual repairs and alterations made by experts using proprietary AI technology developed specifically for them.

The company is now poised as one of the leading forces behind driving change within the global apparel industry towards more environmentally conscious practices.

Unshrinkit’s Future

Following Unshrinkit’s appearance on Shark Tank, the company has seen a surge in popularity and sales. The product was designed to be an easy-to-use solution for people who have accidentally shrunk their clothes due to laundry mishaps. It uses a combination of heat and moisture to restore clothing back to its original size, without damaging the fabric.

In addition, the product can also help with shrink prevention by recommending drying techniques that are less likely to cause shrinking in fabrics. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the team behind Unshrinkit has released new products such as Wool & Cashmere Shampoo and Sweater Comb which work together with Unshrinkit to protect delicate fabrics from damage during washing or drying.

They have also collaborated with notable brands including Microsoft Surface Pro X and American Eagle Outfitters. As well as continuing to expand their range of products, they now offer discounts through loyalty programs and special offers for businesses looking to purchase bulk orders.

Unshrinkit is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers due to its effectiveness and convenience when it comes to restoring damaged clothing items. With continued development of their existing products as well as expansion into new markets, Unshrinkit looks set for even more success in the future.

The Impact Of Unshrinkit

Passionate about preserving garments, Unshrinkit crafted a sustainable solution to shrinking consequences. After appearing on Shark Tank in 2016, the company received an influx of capital and attention from the public eye. The brand has since grown exponentially, leading to their products being sold in stores around the world.

Unshrinkit’s success is clear when considering its reach and impact. With a mission-driven ethos firmly rooted in its core values, the company produces eco-friendly solutions that are designed to help reduce waste by extending garment life.

Their wide range of products includes laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and even sprays specifically formulated for specific fabrics like wool and cashmere. Additionally, Unshrinkit provides resources such as tutorials and blog posts which offer tips for maintaining clothes year-round without resorting to drastic measures or expensive alterations.

As of 2021, Unshrinkit remains one of the most popular brands dedicated to helping consumers protect their clothing investments while remaining conscious of environmental impacts associated with fashion consumption patterns.

By providing transparency into their operations and offering helpful advice on how best to care for clothing items, Unshrinkit is making it easier than ever before for people to extend garment lifespans without sacrificing style or comfort.

How To Restore Shrunken Clothing

Shrunken clothing is a common issue for many people, especially when it comes to delicate fabrics. UnshrinkIt, created by entrepreneur Kara Mitzman and featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2015, offers a solution to this problem. The product helps restore shrunken garments back their original shape without damaging the fabric or color of the garment.

The key to restoring shrunken clothes lies in understanding how fibers react to heat and water. In general, most natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen will shrink in response to heat and moisture; however synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon may not shrink but can still be damaged by these elements if exposed too long.

To prevent shrinking from occurring at all, it is important to carefully read care labels prior to laundering any type of fabric.

In order to effectively use UnshrinkIt one must first identify what kind of fiber the garment consists of before applying the product. Once identified, users should follow directions closely ensuring that they are using warm (not hot) water with mild detergent added along with UnshrinkIt following the recommended dilution rate listed on the package instructions.

After soaking for 15-30 minutes, rinse thoroughly then gently stretch into desired shape and lay flat until dry – taking extra caution around buttons/zippers which could potentially break off during stretching process. With proper application and careful consideration towards preventing further shrinkage in future washings, UnshrinkIt provides an easy solution for bringing your favorite items back life again!


Unshrinkit’s success story is one of innovation, perseverance and luck. After their appearance on Shark Tank, the company was able to expand from a small startup into an international brand that has changed the way people think about restoring shrunken clothing.

With its simple yet effective formula, UnshrinkIt has revolutionized how we care for our most beloved items of clothing while maintaining the fabrics’ quality and integrity.

As Unshrinkit continues to grow and evolve in the future, it will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of this industry, inspiring others to take a chance on their dreams and make them come true.

Coincidentally, just as Unshrinkit helped restore shrunken clothes back to their original size and shape, they have also provided hope to those who seek change or improvement in life – no matter how seemingly impossible it may seem.

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