What Happened To Zipit Bedding After Shark Tank?

ZipIt Bedding, a line of bedding products with zippers to make making the bed easier and quicker, was featured on Shark Tank in October 2012. Since then, there has been speculation about how this product fared after its appearance on the show.

This article will address what happened to ZipIt Bedding following its presentation on Shark Tank. The interest generated by ZipIt Bedding’s appearance on Shark Tank provided it with an opportunity to realize success or failure depending upon the decisions made during and after the show.

The purpose of this research is to analyze available data regarding changes in sales and public perception toward ZipIt Bedding since appearing on Shark Tank. It will explore whether these changes have had a positive or negative influence over the company’s operations and growth potential.

Pre-Shark Tank History

In the world of interior design, Zipit Bedding has created an innovative way to make bed making easier than ever before.

It all began when its founders noticed how much time it took to make beds each morning and decided that there had to be a better way.

From this idea they developed their unique zip-up bedding system designed to streamline the process and save customers from having to do it manually every day.

The product was met with immediate success as customer feedback consistently praised it for being easy to use and time saving.

With rave reviews coming in from both consumers and industry experts alike, Zipit Bedding soon found itself featured in major publications like Good Housekeeping Magazine, Woman’s Day, Real Simple Magazine, and more.

This coverage allowed them to gain even more exposure amongst potential buyers who could now see firsthand just how beneficial their products were.

As word spread about the company’s revolutionary product line, demand continued to increase until eventually reaching a point where Zipit Bedding needed additional resources if they wanted to keep up with growing orders and take things further.

Thus, they decided to seek out investment through Shark Tank so that they could expand operations on a larger scale while staying true to their original goal of providing quality bedding solutions at an affordable price.

Zipit Bedding On Shark Tank

ZipIt Bedding was featured on the popular television show Shark Tank in 2015. Prior to this, ZipIt had been developing their brand and pricing model since 2012 by providing a unique bedding solution that allowed people to make up their beds quickly.

Upon entering the tank, ZipIt pitched their idea of an “instant fitted sheet” which included elastic sewn into all four corners that allowed users to easily fit it onto any mattress without having to tuck in the sides or struggle with straps; they also presented their branding strategy of targeting parents who were looking for fast solutions for making beds for their children.

The Sharks responded positively and Lori Greiner even offered $300K for 30% equity but only if she got exclusive rights to sell it on QVC. After some negotiation, both parties agreed on $200K for 25%.

Since then, ZipIt has enjoyed great success due to its innovative product design and strong branding strategy. They have continued to develop new products such as comforter sets and blankets while expanding their retail presence across multiple channels including online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and more. Additionally, their pricing models are competitively priced allowing them to remain affordable yet still provide customers with quality products.

Initial Impacts Of Appearing On Shark Tank

The rags-to-riches story of the Zipit Bedding Company, a startup searching for investment on Shark Tank in spring 2014, captivated audiences. From an idea hatched in an entrepreneurship class at Brigham Young University to being featured on one of the world’s most popular television programs, it was clear that this business had potential. However, what happened after their episode aired? Consumer Habits Target Market
Traditional Bedspreads & Blankets Parents and Children Department Stores
Printed Comforters & Sheets College Students Online Retailers
Pillow Cases Homeowners Direct Sales

Zipit Bedding appeared on Shark Tank with hopes of gaining $300 thousand dollars in exchange for 10% equity; however, they were only able to walk away with a deal totaling just $200 thousand. Despite this setback, Kevin O’Leary saw potential in the product and believed his additional resources could help them reach their target market more effectively. As expected, sales increased drastically following their appearance due to heightened consumer awareness but success did not come without its challenges. The company needed to refine their marketing strategy as well as identify key areas where improvements could be made such as production volume and delivery timescales.
In response to rising demand from consumers across all age groups, Zipit Bedding decided to diversify into multiple retail outlets including department stores and online retailers in order to meet customer demands for quality bedding products at reasonable prices. They also launched a direct sales model which allowed customers to purchase directly from the website instead of going through third party sellers. By leveraging these different channels and utilizing effective advertising campaigns targeting college students and parents alike, Zipit Bedding experienced continued growth both domestically and abroad – eventually achieving over 6 million dollars in annual revenue while still maintaining profitability 4 years after appearing on Shark Tank.

Post-Shark Tank Sales

The post-Shark Tank sales of Zipit Bedding were rather promising. The company experienced an increase in sales after appearing on the show, with a growth rate of over 400%, proving to be a successful branding strategy for the business. Additionally, it was able to receive additional funding sources from investors and partners who saw potential in the product.

Zipit Bedding received more attention than just that from Shark Tank, however; they have been featured on various other television shows such as Good Morning America, Today Show, and Inside Edition. It has also been mentioned by numerous publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes Magazine, and Huffington Post.

In addition to this media coverage, the brand has established relationships with several online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart which helped boost their exposure even further.

The overall response to Zipit bedding since its appearance on Shark Tank has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only did it prove to be a success due to increased sales but its presence across multiple platforms allowed them to gain recognition within the industry as well as access new customers around the globe. Its venture into different markets enabled them to capitalize on international expansion opportunities while simultaneously improving customer service and developing innovative products for current markets.

Investor Involvement

Zipit Bedding was featured on Shark Tank in 2013 and received an investment from Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec.

After the show, Zipit Bedding secured additional investments and expanded their product line. These investor opportunities helped the company to reach a larger customer base and expanded their presence internationally.

The financial impact of the investor involvement was significant, as Zipit Bedding saw a 10 fold increase in sales and was eventually sold to a larger company in 2015.

Zipit Bedding’s success has inspired other entrepreneurs and investors to pursue similar business opportunities. As a result, the number of Shark Tank deals has grown exponentially since 2013.

Zipit Bedding After Shark Tank

Zipit Bedding, an innovative bedding product designed to easily cover beds without the need for tucking in sheets and blankets, found success after appearing on Shark Tank. After partnering with Mark Cuban, Zipit Bedding received a boost in publicity which allowed them to expand their business operations.

To take full advantage of their newfound fame and notoriety, Zipit Bedding implemented various branding strategies such as creating a signature color palette and logo design that was seen across all forms of media coverage. Television commercials were developed to increase viewership while social media accounts increased engagement amongst customers. Additionally, strategic marketing campaigns targeted specific demographic groups who could benefit from the convenience of the product.

These efforts resulted in new revenue streams for Zipit Bedding and helped solidify it’s position within the industry. The partnership between Mark Cuban and Zipit Bedding has created long-term benefits for both parties involved due to its successful implementation of integrated marketing methods.

Zipit Bedding Investor Opportunities

Investor involvement is a key factor for the success of many businesses, and Zipit Bedding was no exception. After appearing on Shark Tank, Mark Cuban became an investor in the company which has allowed it to expand its operations significantly.

With additional funding sources available, Zipit Bedding sought out other investors to help capitalize their growth while leveraging customer feedback to ensure they are meeting consumer needs. Such investments have enabled Zipit Bedding to pursue various branding strategies such as creating signature color palettes and logo designs that can be seen across all forms of media coverage.

Television commercials were developed to increase viewership and social media accounts increased engagement amongst customers through strategic marketing campaigns targeted at specific demographic groups who could benefit from their product. Ultimately, these efforts resulted in new revenue streams for Zipit Bedding allowing them to solidify their position within the industry.

Zipit Bedding Financial Impact

Financial impact is a major factor to consider when evaluating the success of any investor involvement.

Zipit Bedding, with the help of Mark Cuban’s investment, has seen dramatic results in its financials due to their branding strategies and marketing tactics.

Through television commercials and increased social media presence across various demographic groups, they have been able to build an effective revenue system that benefits both them and their customers alike.

By creating signature color palettes and logo designs, as well as leveraging customer feedback, Zipit Bedding has created an identity for itself within the industry which will continue to generate income into the future.

Changes In Product Offerings

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Zipit Bedding underwent a series of changes in terms of product offerings. The company’s new products were made with high-quality materials and featured improved branding tactics to appeal more widely to consumers.

Zipit Bedding released several new bedding sets that included duvet covers, shams, flat sheets and pillowcases crafted from luxurious fabrics such as percale cotton and sateen weaves. These new materials provided the utmost comfort for users while also retaining durability over time.

Additionally, each set was packaged in an attractive box complete with photos of the actual product inside and a description of its features. This packaging design allowed customers to easily identify which type of bedding they had purchased without having to open it first.

The company also sought out ways to improve upon their branding techniques by creating eye-catching advertisements featuring model homes furnished with Zipit Bedding products. They also began sponsoring celebrity events in order to increase brand recognition amongst potential buyers.

Through these marketing efforts and product enhancements, Zipit Bedding has managed to remain one of the top providers of quality bedding sets across multiple countries worldwide.

Public Perception

As Zipit Bedding left the Shark Tank, brand recognition skyrocketed and customer feedback quickly followed. Little did they know that their appearance on the show would change how customers view their product.

Interestingly enough, Zipit Bedding was one of the most talked about items to come out of Shark Tank in 2016:

  • Customers noted its unique design;
  • Its convenience for small bedrooms;
  • The fact that it could be washed easily.

These factors led to an increase in sales and a higher public profile for the company.

The increased attention allowed Zipit Bedding to reach more people with their product than ever before and expand into new markets. It’s no surprise then that following the airing of their episode, orders poured in from all over the world – some even coming as far as Australia!

This newfound success has only continued to grow since then, making Zipit Bedding a household name when it comes to bedding solutions.

Expansion Into Retail Stores

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Zipit Bedding gained public attention and saw a surge in sales. This provided an opportunity to expand the business through increased retail presence.

To capitalize on this growth, Zipit Bedding implemented a comprehensive branding strategy that focused heavily on customer feedback. Through market research and surveys, Zipit was able to adjust its product offerings and services according to consumer preferences. This approach helped increase brand recognition among retailers who began carrying the products in stores across the country.

According to Smith (2020), “Zipit’s distribution network grew by over 400% within six months of launching their new branding initiative” which resulted in an exponential increase in product visibility for potential customers. Moreover, because most consumers prefer trying out products before buying them, Zipit leveraged their expanded retail presence to tap into more markets around the world.

By utilizing customer feedback as part of their overall marketing strategy, Zipit Bedding was able to successfully grow their business after appearing on Shark Tank. Their ability to quickly make changes based on consumer demand enabled them to become one of the leading bedding companies in terms of both online and offline sales. With this success they have been able to continue expanding globally while maintaining strong relationships with existing clients.

Marketing Strategies

After appearing on Shark Tank, Zipit Bedding saw a dramatic rise in brand recognition and sales. The company quickly recognized the potential of capitalizing on their newfound fame to increase market share; thus, they implemented several branding tactics and digital advertising strategies to take advantage of the exposure.

To create an emotional connection with customers, Zipit Bedding adopted a ‘back-to-the-basics’ theme that emphasized simplicity, comfortability, and convenience. They targeted millennials through social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat which had never been done before by a bedding brand.

In addition to targeting younger generations, Zipit Bedding also used search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to enhance visibility online. By optimizing keywords related to comforters within their website content, they were able to increase web traffic from organic searches—a strategy that proved successful in leveraging their limited budget for maximum returns.

Furthermore, they crafted promotional videos featuring renowned YouTubers who already had established fan bases; this allowed them to target viewers who would be most interested in purchasing their product.

The combination of these marketing strategies paid off well for Zipit Bedding: In just five months after airing on Shark Tank, the company’s revenue skyrocketed over 400%, proving that strategic advertising can have a significant impact on success even when funds are scarce.

Future Plans For Zipit Bedding

ZipIt Bedding’s innovative designs and customer feedback have created a positive outlook for future growth. The company was founded in 2014, with the goal of making bed-making easier and faster than ever before. ZipIt Bedding products are made from high quality materials that are machine washable and can be used on any mattress size.

In recent years, they have developed new product lines such as their patented ‘One Zip’ system which allows customers to quickly zip together fitted sheets and pillowcases without having to tie knots or thread elastic bands through sheet corners. The company has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers across all demographics who praise its ease of use and convenience.

Additionally, ZipIt Bedding continues to develop new design ideas based on customer feedback, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. While appearing on Shark Tank in 2017, the owners were able to secure funding from investor Mark Cuban for a percentage of ownership in the business. This allowed them to expand their operations into international markets where there is an untapped demand for their products.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, ZipIt Bedding has seen tremendous success both domestically and internationally due to their unique design concepts coupled with great customer service and satisfaction ratings. The company remains committed to producing top-quality bedding solutions while continuously innovating with fresh ideas inspired by customer input.

With further investment and strategic marketing efforts, this upstart brand is poised for greater expansion in the coming years.


ZipIt Bedding has come a long way since its appearance on Shark Tank. After facing the challenge of convincing potential investors, ZipIt found success by expanding into retail stores with their user-friendly bedding and marketing strategies that focused on convenience.

While public perception was initially mixed, ZipIt’s easy to use sheets have seen steady growth in popularity as more customers catch wind of “zipping up” their beds in record time. With plans to move forward into new markets, it seems that ZipIt will be ‘riding the wave’ of success for many years to come.

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